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the second coming is you…on your spiritual path in Community Circle…are you ready?

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Yeah…you’ve landed. You are on your Spiritual Path and there are bumps and then ecstatic times! Sound familiar?  Well you are in the right place…..and here you have the opportunity  to be a part of a global community…

Are you feeling Alone or frustrated on your spiritual Journey and Need support? ….Our Circle is your answer for continuous information, sharing and connecting with Q and A, discussion, and Community. Really…just helping each other become who we were meant to be. We are the ones to create the New Paradigm, and we will do it in circles or communities.

Finding staying in your highest Vibration is a struggle?

We will do that weekly simply by your energetic presence in our Healing Circle

 Are you wondering how to keep up with it all with your busy life? JOIN our circle today….you don’t do a thing but receive!!! Like a blanket of insurance there when you need it…just email specific requests!!!



Healing Spiritual – Educational Community Circle

What are the Benefits of Being in Our Healing Circle?

   Stay tuned to your Spirit self    Remove Blocks to Healing  

Benefit from quantum Healing and it’s all Online!

   Enjoy Community Support at our Live Meditation Chat…  Wednesday  9:30-10:15

Restore and de-stress     

Maintain your Emotional Balance

 Receive Weekly Quantum Healing Sessions based on a THEME

Receive a weekly newsletter report

and watch a video made just for our community

The fee is $22 per month all automatic on paypal

Easy on PayPal, credit card options. You “lock” in your original investment for the run of Your Membership.   Have more questions? Email me at  

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 Are you feeling this is just right for you? Go ahead and join above and take a look at these wonderful benefits that are on-going:     – Special discounts on Events    –  Free Group Session   – Facebook Community Page        -50% off First Personal Session

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 I’ve created a INTERNET CIRCLE  to support you to stay healthy, happy and aligned with weekly healing meditations where you DO NOTHING but receive and most importantly I will teach you to how to heal yourself with simple powerful tools…through videos and special tutorials. Here is something to take that extra step for support and education on an on-going basis so you don’t have to worry, work so hard or feel “out of step” with the Small Member Boardwhole accelerating process as we move towards the new paradigm, it’s like insurance. 

 Join our Circle where healing is exponential thru the Quantum Field as we Become Light together!  These Healing Gifts were driven underground years ago.  You never lost the ability to heal yourself…but the process has been hidden by our social systems. Would you like to take your life back into the “zone?”  Join me and learn and grow and glow!!Quantum healing

QuestionHow does this work?

AnswerAfter doing years of group Healing and Energy work via the Web with students across the Globe at the Sound and Consciousness institute I realized we REALLY are connected and the intentional energy just resonantly connects through the ethers and was just as powerful if you are present or afar due to entrainment and consciousness Quantum Field principles.  Simply by dialing into your energy field via your name and photo I can access, communicate with and assist you to stay balanced. The Be the Light Phone calls and access to educational videos allow YOU to LEARN to do this and more!!  I will create a huge Poster with your name and birthdate and energy on it and we will go from there to see just what you need and how you are progressing…taking the survey to update your sense of inner movement. We will walk this path together in Community and create a new vibrant you that then effects your family, community and world. We are building bridges to the New Paradigm of aligned communities. Rudolf Steiner said the individual removes himself from the community to “find” himself then returns as a productive member.  If you are seeking comprehensive one-to-one coaching, speak to me about the new 3months Being Light Coaching Program or call me about  a personal package of appointments on the internet!!


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And a New Member speaks:

The attraction to joining an online community like yours is to be part of a spiritual circle that is not only local but sustainable too. I have already had healing sessions with you personally so i know the integrity with which you work and appreciate the guidance and trust that you will not only access our soul highest interest but keep us accountable too, which is part of the process. I know that working in groups helps the energy exponentially as well. I like the idea of having some one who is checking in for me on a spiritual level and keeping my energy clean, clear and current so that my life can move forward with joy and ease. I liken it to going to see the chiropractor for adjustments to gain better alignment, you help facilitate the fine tuning of our souls vibration to the highest energetic frequency to allow me to awaken my  life’s purpose and embrace my highest  potential. The weekly meditations and healings will allow my light to shine more brightly as my soul gets polished and any negative energy or debris gets to be polished off. Thank you for offering such a wholistic spiritual modality and necessity to our life’s in this important shift on Planet Earth. I am looking forward to our deepening journey and awakening to even more Joy and Love. Thank you Jan for making this type of Spiritual healing community available via weekly sessions.      Namaste, Cynthia   May 2014

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Dear Jan,
Thank you for Wednesday’s meditation it helped my body to release stress and my spirit to rest.
After it I felt like floating in heaven for the next hour then I felt so tired I had to take a long sleep. That night I couldn’t sleep, my bones hurt really bad, I had fever and I felt pressure over my head.  Though my body is feeling ache I’m starting to see messages, angels, I feel people and I’m flying in my dreams again, little by little. I was disconnected for the last 4 years, now I feel I’m getting together again.
I send you a big hug filled with love through the wind. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  Mariam, Member        5-2014

Well guess what? Your healing session really worked. I awoke the next day and was ready to move. Things seemed clear. Approach it as a typical project. Start it and move. You have a talent. You unblocked my energies. Your powers are strong and pure.  You have helped me so much.I have told 3 of my best friends about this experience Carry on Jan. You are one of the angels!
Love Pamela Dreyfuss, Santa Rosa CA
So many call themselves “healers,” it’s hard to know who can be trusted. In the past few months I learned that Jan Cercone is the “real deal.” 13 months ago I fractured my spine in 2 places. My MD recommended a series of exercises and nutritional supplements and he gave me a prescription for pain-killers. For nearly a year I’ve hobbled around with a cane to maintain my balance. Sometimes my spine has curved over so fiercely that my hands of light smalltorso has been nearly parallel with the ground. It was as though I was shrinking. After the second treatment with Jan I experienced a heavy weight being lifted off my spine, literally. I felt so grateful for the relief. I’ve gradually straightened up in the 5 weeks since the healing. Each day I notice I am straighter and stronger. Jan predicted my healing would take several weeks – and she was convinced my healing would happen, and so am I.
S. Hess,  SF Bay Area
My visit to you yesterday was amazing.  I was feeling off as I told you and being led or drawn to you at your shop was magical. When you truly need something the Divine provides. The energy I felt flowing through me was most healing. The rest of the day I truly felt as if I was in a dream. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you so much. I hope to come visit again soon.

                                                                                            Blessings!, Kathy K

  I have been enjoying the expanded, amazing benefits of our second session together and wondered if I could schedule  another, as I continue to rise UP and through, and my art, oh my art is turning too and moving into a  very high place. My body craves these sessions; it’s better than massage, in a way. Spiritual soulfood that has has physical lasting vibrations. Thank you so much. And please let me know if you think a third session would be too much, etc. Kat, Oakland Ca

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 Dearest Jan,  I was so moved by the music, singing and your beautiful voice.  I came to the retreat today seeking a healing as I am dealing with a huge legal difficult divorce proceedings with a huge meeting on Thursday, that had me rattled. After lying on the floor listening to your musical  gifts I felt so connected to my higher self that something shifted deep inside toget my courage to take care of myself in a new way.  A new path. Please put me on your email list as I would love to participate in your future classes or events.     Thanks, Karen

It has been a few days now and the profound experience of Sat. is still washing over me. On the physical level, I feel better, more energy. Emotionally I am still high.  It is wonderful to recognize the beautiful people I have in my life and to feel their love. Thank you so much for the work you do.    Margaret P.

I have heard her music-like some other realm…and when following her guided meditation recently I do believe I was “hit by lightning” or something similar was stimulated I my forebrain. She  uses quantum physics and the energy fields of our vibrations and frequencies to heal with sound. Sh works wih Hospice caregivers and medical staff.  I think you should all know about Jan Cercone and the work she does with sound at her Sound Healing Studio in Novato. Clare Grinsell, Unity Church

I want to thank you again and let you know that I experienced a big shift after our session.  The pain and suffering that was stuck in my chest was released and I was able to see things differently.  I was able to speak to my son about my heart and to release him to his freedom with love and joy.  I am so grateful for the grace, the miracle and to you for receiving me with compassion and depth of understanding.  For sharing your gifts and wisdom.   Susan


  “Your beautiful gift of Sound Healing  was beyond words.  Never have I felt so accepted, nourished and loved at the Soul Level. The frequencies are still resonating. My voice is resonating more normally. My gratitude is boundless”  Joan B

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