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Are you a Visionary or Artist who needs clarity on your role in the Divine Plan?

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I am a Specialist using focused Vibrational techniques thru Sound and Spirit

Quantum Consciousness to co-create with SOURCE

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Meet Jan Jorgensen (Cercone) RN, MA, CMP, PH, Rev

 Visionary Messenger, Educator, Guide and Author

Jan Jorgensen

“I would like to teach you how to create miracles in your life”

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“And since my Voice Release Sessions with you so much has changed in my life…I am more calm and can express anger without fear. My Voice is at a lower pitch, people notice it. Thank you for helping me release deep pains in my heart.”  Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring Painting day I will never forget as long as I am alive! I am renewed to the very core of my being.”   Michelle H. 2018

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….from Pam Douglass Smith, Unity Minister of Port Townsend

If you want a truly spiritual companion to assist you in evolving your soul and expressing your deepest callings, Jan Jorgensen is one to trust.  As a Unity minister and Spiritual Pilgrimage Tour Guide, I’ve met many individuals with a wide variety of gifts and of clarity in their expression.  Jan not only has amazing talents but continues to evolve and integrate them.  Most of all, she listens to Spirit as she lovingly connects with others in authentic service through her sound healing, music, art and meditations.  In both private and group settings, she is truly a channel of Love and Light in these times of evolutionary shift for us both personally and globally.  If you have an opportunity to spend time with this dedicated Sister of Spirit, gift yourself with it.  It will bless you and send you forth to bless others.


Thanks again for the healing you did for me. My neck and shoulders are much more relaxed now and the energy flows easier. It has effects on my behavior. I feel freer to express myself. And I express myself more.  I am also now starting to see all the patterns, beliefs, and programs that are running in me and inhibiting my expression and also my success. So things are moving now. I feel optimistic and inspired. Thank you so much.

Satora O, Energy Healer, Founder of Quantum Energetic Realignment

Dear Jan,
Thank you for Wednesday’s meditation it helped my body to release stress and my spirit to rest. After it I felt like floating in heaven for the next hour then I felt so tired I had to take a long sleep.  I’m starting to see messages, angels, I feel people and I’m flying in my dreams again, little by little. I was disconnected for the last 4 years, now I feel I’m getting together again. I send you a big hug filled with love through the wind. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!         Mariam

rainbows and clouds

Well guess what? Your healing session really worked. I awoke the next day and was ready to move. Things seemed clear. Approach it as a typical project. Start it and move. You have a talent. You unblocked my energies. Your powers are strong and pure.  You have helped me so much.I have told 3 of my best friends about this experience Carry on Jan. You are one of the angels!
Love Pamela Dreyfuss, Santa Rosa CA

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I feel it deep inside of myself so much that it brings tears of joy to my eyes. The sound bath was beyond what words can express. I was re-born and filled with rapture, peace, and delight. I did not want the state of blessedness to end.” —Pat, Voice BioAnalysis client

  I have been enjoying the expanded, amazing benefits of our second session together and wondered if I could schedule another, as I continue to rise UP and through, and my art, oh my art is turning too and moving into a  very high place. My body craves these sessions; it’s better than massage, in a way. Spiritual soulfood that has has physical lasting vibrations. Thank you so much.  Kat, Oakland Ca

My audience loved Jan Jorgensen’s compelling presence! Warm-hearted and clear, she created a genuine connection with the audience and between audience members. She was interactive and the energy in the room was rich and vibrant. What I loved about Jan was how she embodied what she taught, in every moment! I got such wonderful feedback from the audience after the event, I will truly be honored to have Jan Jorgensen on our stage again. – Jessica Hadari Founder, FEM Talks Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators

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 Dearest Jan,  I was so moved by the music, singing, and your beautiful voice.  I came to the retreat today seeking a healing as I am dealing with huge legal difficult divorce proceedings with a huge meeting on Thursday, that had me rattled. After lying on the floor listening to your musical gifts I felt so connected to my higher self that something shifted deep inside to get my courage to take care of myself in a new way.  A new path.    Thanks, Karen

I have heard her music-like some other realm…and when following her guided meditation recently I do believe I was “hit by lightning” or something similar was stimulated I my forebrain. She uses quantum physics and the energy fields of our vibrations and frequencies to heal with sound.  I think you should all know about Jan and the work she does with sound at her Sound Healing Studio. Clare Grinsell, Unity Church

            Jan Jorgensen Cercone is a Registered and Public Health Nurse with a Masters Degree in Political Science, with a Public Administration focus. She is a multi-faceted leader in the expanding field of Quantum Healing. An author, recording artist, professional singer, profound intuitive healer and educator, the primary focus of her work is supporting the healing of earth and her people. Also, an author and recording artist, Jan’s visionary, interdisciplinary work as a change-maker and leader in the Divine Feminine field has caused her to take on many roles. Offering a unique new model for complete healing, Jan founded the Song and Spirit Center, Solara Center, and META Center.  Jan’s long-term mission to build a new foundation for healthcare and Eco-Communities that can be replicated in communities worldwide has led her to establish the SOAR Initiative for Women’s Leadership. A leading force of the shifting paradigm, Jan and her unique vision are a focal point for community transformation. She developed a Being Light Coaching program with worldwide clients. She teaches them to be masters of their own energy to heal and create. She recently added Intentional Creativity painting to her tool kit.

Contact Jan: 707-206-5068

SOARGlobalVision@gmail.com      Soundandlighthealingarts.com

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