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What's New? Box 1. Being Light Coaching Program 2. Take a Quiz on How you are doing on YOUR Spiritual Path 3. Receive and Learn to Heal through Sound with our New MEMBERHIP Circle!

Being Light Coaching and Certification Program

“Being Light” Coaching and Certification Program with Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP         3 Months to Lift-Off Personal and Spiritual Coaching Intensive Certification in using the Be the Light Re-alignment method A wonderful 3 month program based on the internet. Read all the details here at this link A...

Where are you at Survey…a free tool for clarity

  Spiritual Path Assessment Pop Quiz!! Ready for Something New? Every Day is a new opportunity to Wake up and change! Would you like to take a look at your life with new eyes? 10 quick questions…to new insights… new choice..    Take the Quiz just take this little...

Membership Becoming Light Circle

Welcome to the Newly Created Membership circle….the why and how of it                                                                           ...

What We Do

Are you feeling the “Shift” and know you are part of the new Paradigm for earth and are longing for answers, connection and support? Are you here to make a difference?  What if…The SECOND COMING is YOU…are you ready?

Deep20Dive  If  you are a Healer, Visionary or Artist… you are a messenger for the new earth!  We provide Support and Inspiration to break down your walls to become WHOLE and  to  Lead for the New Paradigm no matter where you are  on your path!  We teach simple Energetic Tools to unlock your inner light. Jan’s Television Channel, Women Helping Women SOAR helps you get your Voice and message out Globally as a guest or show host!!   Jan’s Latest CD, Sounding Abundance helps you become sustainable!   Learn how to Release your VOiCE with Jan.   Please join our Wed Am Free Meditations!  Join our Newsletter or the SOAR  Women’s Leadership Project,    Release Your Voice in her powerful workshops.  Perhaps you are ready for Jan’s 3-Month Coaching Being Light Certification Program or would like to join our Becoming Light Membership Healing Circle,  Our New VIP program is for you if you are ready for Magic and Miracles. IMG_4280  Gift Certificates are available. It’s time to reclaim our own ability  to heal ourselves.  Jan is an Educator, Speaker, Recording Artist, and Gifted Healer and has developed programs that are supportive and joyous for you on your path to complete wholeness and healing.  Learn more about Jan Here Enjoy her Ave Maria  A gift to you… free Meditation calls anytime.

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January 4, 2016 |

The Sound of Abundance….is the tone in your Voice!

The Sound of Abundance matches the Tone in your Voice! – Re-setting Your REAL Money Attraction Compass for 2016…… – Finding your dominant frequency for Wealth thru your VOICE You are just thinking about sitting down and making the “List”…you know, the list of the golden bank account goals for the New Year. You might even specify an amount and see the checks being written out to you as some visualization gurus instruct you to do. But the murky underpinnings of change will override your best intentions. Why? Thinking the same thoughts and setting the same intentions will not make you richer or prosper anymore in 2016 than 2015. Simply because we are creatures...

September 30, 2015 |

Choosing a Business Coach for Healing Practitioners… Meditation with Jan Cercone

How to Find the Right Business Coach for Healing Practitioners when there are so Many Sales Pitches out there!! So…you are listening to spirit and walking your path now. You got your certification and are anxious to set up a practice and get going. But you find you are a bit perplexed by how to “sell” a God-given gift you have. You start looking around and see there are many business models and you are thinking…geez, do I have to do that? to get clients. You watch your friends, ask questions. Some of them are in high-end sparkly Coaching programs promising 6 figures and you are really turned off. Especially when they invite you...

September 24, 2015 |

Releasing Loss, Grief and Sadness with Jan Cercone at

Releasing Loss, Grief and Sadness Meditation and Energetic Cleansing These are challenging times and we are being required to see our losses differently, with a new perspective so they don’t traumatize us so deeply. It is human to lose, have heartbreak, stumble with disappointment but when we accumulate layers of unresolved grief and sadness there is no room to be present to any moments of joy. It becomes difficult to imagine a happy relationship, or finances as we long for an earlier time…. and we develop an anticipatory sadness which is called fear. I have lost a twin baby, a marriage, had huge romantic heartbreak, and loss of self at times if I am...

June 18, 2015 |

The Harmonics of Immortality

 “The Harmonics of Immortality” Leave it to the baby boomer generation to figure this all out. We don’t want to age or not feel good. Is it really true we have a certain number of breaths in our lifespan?  I don’t think so.  Our generation has broken the container of limitation. Some of us are actually feeling  younger and more full of vitality than ever. We now have science and meta-physics to support us. Yes, we now know that stress causes cortisol and it shortens lifespan and telomeres need lengthening!  Toxins and poor eating and exercise habits top the list for most but there is something SO fundamental we sometimes Miss it. Our Very...

August 8, 2014 |

The Vibration of Truth

Helping Humans Celebrate their Divinity!!   How to discern what is true in our confused world…… I would like to talk about truth. You know it when you hear it,…because you Feel it. It just “rings” (vibration) in your body. Amid the seduction, salesmanship and manipulation of almost every person, corporation and business our hearts are so hungry for truth and goodness. We are starving for a correction. It’s here. The wake-up call of humans calling out the fakes, the users and the smoozers. The big espresso of our times. We “see you” and you know it.   Feels like a tsunami of truth is washing over mankind now. No leader, country or person...

July 17, 2014 |

Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive…Tune Up with Jan Cercone

Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive ….a timely blog written for our Being Light Coaching Community and beyond! You cannot divide your attention continually like a chariot driver with horses going into two directions and expect to get anywhere. Where your attention is, that is where you are. There are SO many ways to say this simple truth. Where we put the focus of our consciousness determines EVERYTHING.  Absolute fact. According to Einstein “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This...

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