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Being Light Coaching and Certification Program

“Being Light” Coaching and Certification Program with Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP         3 Months to Lift-Off Personal and Spiritual Coaching Intensive Certification in using the Be the Light Re-alignment method A wonderful 3 month program based on the internet. Read all the details here at this link A...

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  How Can SOAR Serve YOU? Would you like to join the Global Circle of Women Connecting for empowerment and inspiration?   Let us know what your ideas and needs are here:    Take the Quiz just take this little quiz at the link and it’ll be sent back to...

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What We Do

Are you feeling the “Shift” and know you are part of the new Paradigm for earth and are longing for

answers, connection and support?   Join the growing Family of people speaking up to BE the Change!  Who are you and how does the creator see you?  Have Jan paint your SOUL PORTRAIT to get connected to your divine self!

 Three things that open the gate to authenticity

Three things that open the gate to authenticity

If  you are a Healer, Visionary or Artist… you are a messenger for the new earth!  Be Inspired!!  We provide Support and Inspiration to break down your walls to become WHOLE and to Lead for the New Paradigm no matter where you are  on your path! Learn about the Services Jan provides HERE.     Join our Painting Gatherings Perhaps you are ready for Jan’s 3-Month Coaching Being Light CertificationSOAR Logo...Sounding Our Authentic Resonance We share simple Energetic Tools  and Coaching at the Olympia Center to unlock your inner light. Subscribe to Jan’s Television Channel, Women Helping Women SOAR  on the internet.     Learn how to Release your VOICE with Jan.   Please join our Wed Am Free Meditations Resuming JUNE 1!  Join our Newsletter or the SOAR  Women’s Leadership Project,   Our New VIP program is for you if you are ready for Magic and Miracles. IMG_4280  Gift Certificates are available.  It’s time to reclaim our own ability  to heal ourselves.  Jan is an Educator, Speaker, Recording Artist, and Gifted Healer and has developed programs that are supportive and joyous for you on your path to complete wholeness and healing. Talk with Jan at this Phone Appt Link.   Learn more about Jan Here Enjoy her Ave Maria  A gift to you… free Meditation calls anytime.

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October 6, 2017 |

Women in the Media will Rule…Softly but Strongly

The Western Woman will lead the world home……. to sanity. She will do it first by talking around the kitchen table with other awakening women. As they share and speak there will be a growing sense of how far things have wandered from truth and goodness and then they will decide they have to do something. They will hold a circle, then a gathering. And then they will go out to speak to an authority for change. Guess what? The women will sit at the tables of “the authorities” at first. But the authorities are SO mired in the status quo details of the old programming their meetings seem fruitless, heartless and purposeless. So...

April 30, 2017 |

Within Your Voice Lies the Power of Heaven

Within your Voice Lies the Power of the Heavens By Jan Jorgensen Cercone   Creator of the Scientific Spiritual “Voice Release Process” Author of Passion Healed Me, Finding my Voice at Midlife Your health, vitality, relationships….your entire life is within the scope of your voice. Your voice is the ultimate creation tool. It creates in every moment naturally as you specify your choices and desires. We can consciously amp up the awareness of our “voicings” to deepen the connection of our communications with what we really want. It is the ultimate example of the Law of Attraction. We vibrate out through our voice what we attract in. Did you know we can plot your whole...

January 4, 2016 |

The Sound of Abundance….is the tone in your Voice!

The Sound of Abundance matches the Tone in your Voice! – Re-setting Your REAL Money Attraction Compass for 2016…… – Finding your dominant frequency for Wealth thru your VOICE You are just thinking about sitting down and making the “List”…you know, the list of the golden bank account goals for the New Year. You might even specify an amount and see the checks being written out to you as some visualization gurus instruct you to do. But the murky underpinnings of change will override your best intentions. Why? Thinking the same thoughts and setting the same intentions will not make you richer or prosper anymore in 2016 than 2015. Simply because we are creatures...

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