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Who do you “Think” you are?

Who do you “Think” you are?

You are mistaken. No matter how you address yourself, see yourself or how others describe you. As your brain can only access 10 Percent of truth and comprehend and create a running movie based on this fraction of your true self. And others only see a picture of your true self distorted by their own filters. If we asked who are you REALLY…it would boil down to a vibrational composite that is spectacularly brilliant, votexing, and never stable. So, you could never even get a picture because it is in motion. What you can begin to comprehend is that you are incomprehensible. Your body is a dense “holder” of the real self which is pure consciousness with the physical as the anchor. And the thoughts, beliefs and happiness or unhappiness….guided by the thoughts by a usually runaway mind are then a rudder for the physical. Unfortunately, we accumulate lots of heartache, betrayal, anger, negative vibrational complexes that hover in the energy field or consciousness just waiting to come alive with a negative thought. Then there is a snowball effect unless you direct yourself. What you really are is light. A spectrum of light which can be expressed, modified and senses as sound and color as well. People who see auras or those new machines that can capture the aura certainly help us to know that this is true. Yet, the aura is an ever changing color wheel with our present emotional and thinking state. Our thoughts color the field ….and even one strong negative thought can knock out a huge blissful state.  When I was in Egypt my toning companion and I sought to have an advanced light experience so we followed the recipe with toning, phase shifting and elaborate repetitive chords from our voices with the intention of climbing of some sort of ladder to an experience of enlightenment. What happened actually surprised us both. Tired after 45 minutes of intense singing at the same time it felt like our Heads blew off, the tiny dark chamber lit up and we began a 5 hour period of ecstasy and bliss that was indescribable.  We laughed, people laughed at and with us similar to a drug induced high. Yet just by sound. We sat at the top of the Nile boat with wind in our hairs oblivious to thought or need. THEN, my friend took a trip to the restroom and came back with no smile. I said “what happened?” and he woefully said “I got mad at someone.”  Oh all that bliss traded for an argument. We repeated this experience a few temples and days later and yes, it happened again. He did the same thing. I asked...

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