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Exploration of How Music Heals with Jan Cercone

Becoming Light Blog with Jan Cercone ……music is universal, soothing and affordable. Music is good medicine! Cheri Gross of Paramount International Interviews Jan Cercone on the Healing Power of Music Check out our informational interview at this link  Topics Covered in this Recording….. – How you can use your Creative Imagination to boost your artistic work into the Zone. – How Artists Can heal the world thru Music  to bring a new consciousness – How Sound and Music impact our emotions, and energy field Sound and Music shape the experience of our daily life. Thru understanding the landscape of our vibrational world we can make adjustments and protect our sensitive natures from overload.  This awareness leads us to enhance our lives by surrounding ourselves with the sounds of nature, loving voices and safe environments where we can flourish. The ancients knew this. The lyre soothed the agitated king, shamanic healers chanted and drummed while invoking the healing powers of the gods they believed in. Pythagoras trained his followers to heal with a simple seven stringed lyre. And now in 2014, musicians are taking to the bedside like never before in modern history to deliver profoundly healing music on a variety of instruments.   What is old is new again, and science, technology and spirituality are meeting up through healing music. Just watching this amazing video of sung tone turned into color shows the advances we have made in making the invisible comprehensible! Sound Made Visible Video Because humans entrain with the music and the musicians they hear, there is a great potential to bring very high healing vibrations through at concerts simply by setting an intentional field. The future is here and Quantum Healing is quite accepted now. Just think what we artists can accomplish now that we understand our masterful use of Sound, light and color can transform human consciousness for good. We can decide which emotions to experience and use binarual beats to shift our brain into the creation “zone.” All Available on youtubes at no cost. Maybe you would like to participate in some way in this work, or just learn a bit more about it.  Perhaps you are already a musician and would like to perform in Healing Concerts and the new Events that fuse Healing and Music? Check out Paramount booking where Cheri Gross is bringing new initiatives and I wrote the Sound Healing Protocol for her Musicians. I hope you have developed an interest in looking into the possibility of expanding your music work.  You have more resources than ever before to explore this wonderful world of service through music. Good luck becoming a Sound Healer! AND…..you can join my new Membership Program that...

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