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The Vibration of Truth

The Vibration of Truth

Helping Humans Celebrate their Divinity!!   How to discern what is true in our confused world…… I would like to talk about truth. You know it when you hear it,…because you Feel it. It just “rings” (vibration) in your body. Amid the seduction, salesmanship and manipulation of almost every person, corporation and business our hearts are so hungry for truth and goodness. We are starving for a correction. It’s here. The wake-up call of humans calling out the fakes, the users and the smoozers. The big espresso of our times. We “see you” and you know it.   Feels like a tsunami of truth is washing over mankind now. No leader, country or person is immune to this as one by one we discover, like the emperors nakedness…reality is NOT what we were programmed to think it was. Our tame behavior was crucial to prolong it. But that time is over and we are  finding the truth is bursting everywhere. And things you believed in are melting, and your beliefs are melting and it’s all because of ONE thing. The Divine Plan is having it’s way with this wayward little planet and her people. Yup..it’s well underway and this plan is built on the principles of creation:                                                                           Truth…beauty…love…goodness It’s as simple as that. Vibrate with those qualities and principles and you will easily attract in your new co-creation tribe. Staying stuck in business practices, relationships and confused alignments and your discomfort level will just rise and rise. Truth has an actual vibration. A confirming sense. Even if I read something brand new I don’t understand, I can tell if it’s the truth and my perceptual reality hasn’t caught up yet. It’s not what the internet says is true. Or your mother. It’s your navigational sense of truth in any given moment that will guide you to the next best choice to escape illusion. Truth is contagious Often outrageous at times   Takes courage to say truth among sleepers Truth will set us free, thank you Martin LK Truth is our best antidote to everything….It is the WAKE Up CALL!!! We don’t have to say all the truth we know all the time..just appropriately There is no replacement or compromise Science is divided on truth and facts So where do we find truth?…in the eye of our heart where there can be no violation or manipulation. Our inner, pure knowing. Non-negotiable. You are free in this space to discern. To see and know truth. It is a VIBRATION of peace and reassurance when you hear it.  So if you want to know how to discern...

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