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What does “Becoming Light” Mean?

Are you an Artist, Healer, Teacher or Visionary? Welcome to the place that knows YOU are the answer for Three things that open the gate to authenticitythis off-balance world.  Churches, Society and your own family have failed to bring you the truth about Source, your real Power and rights…..making everyday Miracles ordinary!!

Imagine having  tools and information to dis-create that which does not serve you, and a way to bring into your life that which you need to do be your total authentic self. Time to Lighten Up….seriously!! We are spiritualizing matter, and that is you…..and it’s a path…one where initially focus on your emotional pain, which holds the codes for where to go for healing, your perceived limitations as that is the area that is asking to  be re-calibrated.




  1. Painting Therapy and Creativity using the Intentional Creativity Method…very healing

2. Visit Jan in person at her office for a profound  healing  Experience of Sound.Print Personal Healing Visits with Sound, Coaching

3. Voice Release, Women’s Empowerment Coaching

$ 88 for 45 min  $150 1.5 hr in person or over the Internet  (paypal, charge or check)    3 – 45 min sessions is $220

Portacle Sessions   

call to schedule:  707-206-5068


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Aligning yourself at the Light Loft in Nevada City

Aligning yourself at the Light Loft ___________________________________________________

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  1. Join the Intensive 3-month Being Light  Coaching Program Align your Physical, Spiritual, Relationship, Work parts to bring you the life you desire!  Interactive Exercises, Group chats, Results!                                     

2. VIP program..for those desiring an immediate intensive time of healing, restoration. We custom create your healing path together at your place or mine over a time period that serves your needs.

Speaking and demonstrating the power of Sacred Sound at Shinobeau's home for 12 women in circle. Photo from Wag More Bark Less, article by Kay T Ananda

Speaking and demonstrating the power of Sacred Sound at Shinobeau’s home for 12 women in circle.

 the SOAR initiative

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  Women’s Voice Release Circles  simple processes to free our voices in circle together, you can invite Jan to your established group or create a Circle for this magical interactive workshop!!!



Every Becoming Light activity has a core of the 3 Point Be the Light meditation Process that protects your energy field and allows you to bring in beautiful High frequency healing energies. This is how the ancients healed and we can do it easily. Time to apply the Becoming Light “Bliss Ball” on your everyday quagmires, problems, and confusions. A vibrationally based process, we simply use our consciousness to command in an orderly 3 step process how to smooth and shift the most significant areas in our lives:

Physical     Relationships   Work     Spiritual Connection


How do we “Run energy?

We use the 3 Point Process to Harness our own Divine Energies

 fancy be the light

Transform the Body             

            – harmonizing the bodily frequencies                                                                          Rainbow

            – aligning your circuitry to Spirit

            – releasing Chronic pain and emotions

       Find  Connection to Source

             – still your mind and find peace

             – learn to let spirit set the route

             – release resistance and fear

             Open to “Heart” Relationship

             – release the structures of false thinking

             – re-fresh your capacity to feel and love

        Right Work                   

             – re-define yourself  to your truth

             – stop looking outside yourself

             – gain clarity and peace


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I have been enjoying the expanded, amazing benefits of our second session together and wondered if I could schedule another, as I continue to rise up and through, and my art is turning too and moving into a very high place. My body craves these sessions: it’s better than a massage, in a way, Spiritual Soulfood that has physical lasting vibrations. Thank you so much. And please let me know if you think a third session would be too much.    Kat, Oakland, Ca

Your Beautiful gift of Sound Healing which I experienced with you yesterday was beyond words. Never have I felt so accepted, nourished and loved at the Soul Level.  The frequencies are still resonating within me. My Voice is resonating more normally. My gratitude is boundless.  Joan B.

circular artwork above by Rowena Kryder, Flower of Life by Katie Cercone

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Women in the Media will Rule…Softly but Strongly

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Women in the Media will Rule…Softly but Strongly

The Western Woman will lead the world home……. to sanity. She will do it first by talking around the kitchen table with other awakening women. As they share and speak there will be a growing sense of how far things have wandered from truth and goodness and then they will decide they have to do something. They will hold a circle, then a gathering. And then they will go out to speak to an authority for change. Guess what? The women will sit at the tables of “the authorities” at first. But the authorities are SO mired in the status quo details of the old programming their meetings seem fruitless, heartless and purposeless. So what do we do?  We must take the reins of power into our own hands, or more accurately, our MOUTHS. We can trust ourselves to say the Truth. The Truth compass seems broken in the present media as special interests and mono-owned networks screech drama and broken systems day and night. But there is big Hope! Here in America on THIS day we can still speak up and paint, sing, or speak the Truth in empowering ways. And interestingly, it is the recent welling up of narcissistic leadership that has poked us into action. And the recent exposure of sexual-harassment has opened a new chapter in the media as well. There is movement occurring. It is inspiring to see 600 women attending the Indivisible Women meeting in Nevada City and the subsequent preparedness of members running for local office. Something BIG is happening. A stepping forward. It is not that women have been excluded from the media…but the door is open only as wide as the status quo allows for how they look, act and report. But that is changing. Look at the POTUS spokesperson…a woman. But not a regular media woman. You know what I like about Sarah Huckabee? She speaks in an assured voice, no matter the content. She pauses, takes hold of the current of conversation and makes her points powerfully and unemotionally if emphatically. I forget she is a woman. What does that mean? it means she does not play to others in a way that emphasizes her need to be accepted by others, or demure or move or present her external self as an attractive vulnerable female as our society often expects of newscasters.  She is an extremely powerful woman and gender-less. I do not agree with her but I respect her ability to hold her power no manner what. How often I turn on the news to see coifed, stiff, face-lifted heavily made up anchors in tight dresses with archetype feminine postures. That is all fine if that is their authentic choice,  but are they being real or are they forming themselves into an acceptable template? Jacky Rosen, a Nevada Representative,  caught my attention recently with her down to earth feminine frankness by stating that yes, it is the feminine wisdom that is needed. She says it right out. Hearing her speak after the Las Vegas shootings was refreshing and real, like a mother who is saying what we are all thinking. We must stop the NONSENSE, and get real. And see the social flows that are all created by righteous old standards that serve the wealthy and entitled....

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Within Your Voice Lies the Power of Heaven

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Within Your Voice Lies the Power of Heaven

Within your Voice Lies the Power of the Heavens By Jan Jorgensen Cercone   Creator of the Scientific Spiritual “Voice Release Process” Author of Passion Healed Me, Finding my Voice at Midlife Your health, vitality, relationships….your entire life is within the scope of your voice. Your voice is the ultimate creation tool. It creates in every moment naturally as you specify your choices and desires. We can consciously amp up the awareness of our “voicings” to deepen the connection of our communications with what we really want. It is the ultimate example of the Law of Attraction. We vibrate out through our voice what we attract in. Did you know we can plot your whole body vibratory, or musical frequency pattern? Then we can see how you interact, or attract in other people who have the opposite patterns of yours. By changing your voice vibrations you will change the players who come into your life naturally. How do you change your voice vibrations? By re-tuning yourself through healing old matrixes and beliefs. Your voice will hold the new more balanced vibratory pattern that is more attractive to other healed people. You can also re-vibrate your pattern with tuning forks, toning and humming. Change the pattern, change your physical health and relationship profile. Other things I have learned about the voice include:   Access Divine Power through your Voice You are extremely powerful. What are you creating each moment? When we combine the Sound Stream with intention, our breath and then words we have a loaded opportunity to do good, or not. Speaking is a voluntary activity that instantly aligns you with Divine Cosmic Energies. The zodiac forces are the consonants and the planetary forces are the vowels…so each word is an expression of cosmic formative forces…you are creating with your voice. The breath process ensouls us and we vibrate with all the galaxy when we speak even a simple word. Now that should inspire you to “lift” up your speaking to a place that is positive and life-enhancing. Each word counts. And the self talk we have in our heads is perhaps the most powerful. We are the children of our creator, and we do create with our free will. Align with the Divine and each day will bring miracles. Use affirmations and begin the day with stating what you desire to give and get.   Access the Power of your Voice for Health When working with Women and their Voices I see the connection of the underlying inability to sound their voice and tell their own truth and its effect on long term health. Shutting down the complete spectrum of ourself, or hiding our true self by not speaking the truth will make us weakened and eventually sick. It is this disconnect that has disempowered us. Computerized systems shows the C note is low among women who subjugate themselves over and over which correlates with thyroid disorders. Their immune systems fail. Cancer can take hold with no buffer of immunity. We know how we got here…. conflicting societal expectations and security needs, along with our childhood programming. But now is the only place we have choice. Just recognizing that growth is needed is the place to start. I have developed some principles for vocal health which is mental health...

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The Sound of Abundance….is the tone in your Voice!

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The Sound of Abundance….is the tone in your Voice!

The Sound of Abundance matches the Tone in your Voice! – Re-setting Your REAL Money Attraction Compass for 2016…… – Finding your dominant frequency for Wealth thru your VOICE You are just thinking about sitting down and making the “List”…you know, the list of the golden bank account goals for the New Year. You might even specify an amount and see the checks being written out to you as some visualization gurus instruct you to do. But the murky underpinnings of change will override your best intentions. Why? Thinking the same thoughts and setting the same intentions will not make you richer or prosper anymore in 2016 than 2015. Simply because we are creatures of habit and make our decisions based on our “inner” landscape of feelings and most of what we do is below our conscious level Our underlying intentions are not really clear to us so we can’t create powerfully in a new direction! And most of our choices around money are rooted in fear due to our parent’s messages of lack and scarcity.  So, until we approach it VIBRATIONALLY….as an attraction vibrational field issue we will have the same thing over and over again.  My computerized Voice Bio program can pinpoint the harmonics of your voice that tell the world your inner story of not good enough, don’t expect to get money or your fears and resistance around money. If we worry about money we have a high F sharp and everyone “feels” it around you. Your Voice is your calling card to the world and until you change the harmonics you will not attract or manifest.   How do we override our innate harmonics determined by the powerful primal need to be consistent and safe with our pattern of limiting thoughts? We need to hit the actual Vibrational root of the thought that supports the beliefs that activates the behavior. We can Sonically re-pattern our natural GPS system towards a new goal.  It’s not easy at first because we must stop the thinking and go into the still place of nothing as the Buddha suggests. THEN and only then with the slate clear can we use our own Voice, our own sonic amplifier to engage our entire body, heart and soul in the process. We can Release and Re-set if we have a “process” to lay down new tracks!! By repeating new instructions to the body we can bring in a new Dominant frequency. One that is an attractant to only resonant receivership.  But first, we must release the inhibitors. Let go of the limiting structures within us. Here is the blueprint for this re-patterning through Sound…using your own Voice.  Watch this informative Video for more information: Press this Purple bar LINK below to order your own How to Cd!   State the Affirmations with certainty and authority. To Tone the Sacred Seed syllables is to use an ancient re-patterning method that requires a calm presence and gently slow sounding on one tone. So here is the recipe for “Sounding Abundance” Prepare:  Take 3 slow deep cleansing breaths Repeat the Sacred Seed syllable slowly 10 times:  “GUM”  which removes obstacles of all kinds   Let’s Begin State the Affirmation for the Base Chakra 3x:  I am Resourced and Safe Tone the Sacred Seed Syllable LAM...

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Choosing a Business Coach for Healing Practitioners… Meditation with Jan Cercone

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Choosing a Business Coach for Healing Practitioners… Meditation with Jan Cercone

How to Find the Right Business Coach for Healing Practitioners when there are so Many Sales Pitches out there!! So…you are listening to spirit and walking your path now. You got your certification and are anxious to set up a practice and get going. But you find you are a bit perplexed by how to “sell” a God-given gift you have. You start looking around and see there are many business models and you are thinking…geez, do I have to do that? to get clients. You watch your friends, ask questions. Some of them are in high-end sparkly Coaching programs promising 6 figures and you are really turned off. Especially when they invite you to attend or sign-up as they benefit. Is everyone selling themselves out? Who can you trust? These last few years I began to investigate quietly this growing market for Emerging Healers and Artists looking for ways to create sustainability. It has attracted quite a few “sales-type” entrepreneurs who see the trend and these individuals have adopted the wording and specificity to speak to this market. Often, the marketing is fear based and shaming and when done in high-powered settings there is a “sign-up” or lose type mentality. It is exhausting, depleting and leaves everyone feeling the opposite of empowered. There are Coaches, like George Kao and Francois Levannier who had their own purifying spiritual awakening and deliver services from their mastery and goodness. There is Sahar Nafal who is creatively weaving together two worlds at once. She has crafted a business that delivers gold…she delivers Women to Themselves, in safe, supportive community through her gatherings and trainings and simultaneously has created her own successful business infrastructure. Perfect balance of the masculine focus and financial systems and the circle concept of inclusion, collaboration and feminine connection. I have been publically humiliated when I asked a simple question at the mike at training in Monterey. Anyone is prey to a person on stage “selling” their program while projecting problems and issues onto their participants. I recoiled as my question was distorted to make a “case” for her fixing solutions. People are commodities in these settings, examples. So if you are seeking to sustain yourself and want to choose wisely what do you do? 1.   Ask questions. Ask your friends and associates the results they have gotten and how much it cost…financially and emotionally. 2.   Attend events with an open mind and do not buy if you are not fully certain. Stay calm and do not get swept up into “buy today” pressured   scenarios. 3.   Set your budget for Business planning and Coaching. 4.   Find your Style. Many of the weekend programs feature templates that do not work for your personal style or perfect clientele. 5.   Go inside yourself often, meditate and create your “resonant tone” that will emit a question into the universe that will be answered affirmatively. It will come to you without pressure, bonus promises, deals or hype. 6.   Find other successful practitioners and talk to them. 7.   Be authentic and develop your own signature …then find the business expert or coach that matches you. We are all on a learning curve here so there is no right or wrong. No judgment. As I have seen a lot of people get into...

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Releasing Loss, Grief and Sadness with Jan Cercone at

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Releasing Loss, Grief and Sadness Meditation and Energetic Cleansing These are challenging times and we are being required to see our losses differently, with a new perspective so they don’t traumatize us so deeply. It is human to lose, have heartbreak, stumble with disappointment but when we accumulate layers of unresolved grief and sadness there is no room to be present to any moments of joy. It becomes difficult to imagine a happy relationship, or finances as we long for an earlier time…. and we develop an anticipatory sadness which is called fear. I have lost a twin baby, a marriage, had huge romantic heartbreak, and loss of self at times if I am being totally honest. These are significant times to re-create ourselves in our own divine image and we have to lose what doesn’t fit or work anymore. That’s a lot!! In this meditation we begin to go to the energetic root of old hurts and losses and make room for new experiences. I use the 3 Point Be the Light process and you will find that if you sit still, listen and guide the energies as instructed you will feel and enjoy a relief from the heaviness in your heart, lungs and body. To become open and engaged in life again, and turn back the clock on aging and disease we just need to access energetic purification and it then settles into the physical body. I hope this helps. I also hope it helps you see that loss is always a difficult lesson and holds a seed for new life and growth. It makes us softer, more compassionate towards others and supports our living a more simple life based on new principles. We can’t evade loss but we can “re-frame” it with contemplation to make a peaceful bed for it so we can live with the lessons until it’s time to get out of that bed and get on with our lives. Enjoy more insights in this 30 min. Video     If you are experiencing deep sadness, trauma, and emotions you are having difficulty handling, I suggest you work with the Be the Light Meditation process found in my free Youtubes. Our Membership Circle features healing, a weekly Lesson and more.  Don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance in person or through an internet session. Loss is one of the most difficult things we face and we can move through it with support and tools. Join her FREE weekly Chat Room on Wednesdays at 9am. Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Vibrational Specialist with a focus on supporting people to be who they really are. Her creative processes clear and heal the Body, Mind and Soul. She is an Omnium Graduate, Avatar, Minister, Uncovering the Voice Graduate, and International Workshop facilitator and Tour leader to Sacred Sites. She founded the SOAR Women’s Leadership Initiative and can be found at the Light Loft in Nevada City, Ca.  ...

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The Harmonics of Immortality

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 “The Harmonics of Immortality” Leave it to the baby boomer generation to figure this all out. We don’t want to age or not feel good. Is it really true we have a certain number of breaths in our lifespan?  I don’t think so.  Our generation has broken the container of limitation. Some of us are actually feeling  younger and more full of vitality than ever. We now have science and meta-physics to support us. Yes, we now know that stress causes cortisol and it shortens lifespan and telomeres need lengthening!  Toxins and poor eating and exercise habits top the list for most but there is something SO fundamental we sometimes Miss it. Our Very Thoughts about our body, our state of consciousness and the resultant thoughts are the true determinants for aging…or not!!  It’s an inside out job! We can re-program cells to clear and regenerate!!!! We change our VIBRATION thru out thoughts to a new Harmonic Profile!!! ……..yet there are definite periods where I hit a wall of low vitality. Why? Because my thoughts drift into a different frequency band. I entrain with the general social consciousness bubble. Or drink a diet root beer. We need tools to “pop” out of our perseverative natures to focus on the fearful what ifs.   I developed the Be the Light Meditation process and in 10 minutes I can re-focus and re-set.  Simply set a sacred space, call in my guides and make an intention. Never fails me. And I can direct energy to any organ, tension or thought field. My age and how I feel is my complete responsibility and creation, for better or worse! You can do this too. It’s simply focusing and using Vibration with our minds, or our consciousness to guide the processes within our body. And it is EASY once you get it. It is exacting consciousness processes that we use that keep our cells clearing, regenerating and repairing to any age level. Only when we fall into the hands of low vibration emotions or people for too long do we sag a bit!! I often say, what if we ALL did this work all the time? What if everyone stayed vibrant? A new paradigm!!  The ancient Essenes and Egyptians practiced complicated processes to keep their body youthful. We can reverse our beliefs and bathe our  bodies with positive results that are beyond what we had imagined due to the acceleration of consciousness on the planet now.  So it was very heartening to see this article on my iphone  shared by Plant Harmonic specialist Bruce Hasuschild via Vidya Frazier: An ultra-sound confirmed that a 65-year-old woman regenerated, within two months, her uterus and right ovary which had been surgically removed when she was 30. A man with a gangrenous varicose ulcer was advised urgent amputation of the leg but went instead to the cell regeneration clinic in Moscow and recovered by 80% within one day. He was monitored by medical diagnostic equipment while undergoing the treatment. Another woman, suffering from diabetes, who had lost her eyesight, recovered her vision. Yet another woman discovered that her teeth had regenerated. As a physician of energy medicine for many years in Australia, Dr Hazel Wardha (PhD, Monash University, Australia), naturally became curious about such dramatic outcomes. She consistently observed...

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The Vibration of Truth

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The Vibration of Truth

Helping Humans Celebrate their Divinity!!   How to discern what is true in our confused world…… I would like to talk about truth. You know it when you hear it,…because you Feel it. It just “rings” (vibration) in your body. Amid the seduction, salesmanship and manipulation of almost every person, corporation and business our hearts are so hungry for truth and goodness. We are starving for a correction. It’s here. The wake-up call of humans calling out the fakes, the users and the smoozers. The big espresso of our times. We “see you” and you know it.   Feels like a tsunami of truth is washing over mankind now. No leader, country or person is immune to this as one by one we discover, like the emperors nakedness…reality is NOT what we were programmed to think it was. Our tame behavior was crucial to prolong it. But that time is over and we are  finding the truth is bursting everywhere. And things you believed in are melting, and your beliefs are melting and it’s all because of ONE thing. The Divine Plan is having it’s way with this wayward little planet and her people.’s well underway and this plan is built on the principles of creation:                                                                           Truth…beauty…love…goodness It’s as simple as that. Vibrate with those qualities and principles and you will easily attract in your new co-creation tribe. Staying stuck in business practices, relationships and confused alignments and your discomfort level will just rise and rise. Truth has an actual vibration. A confirming sense. Even if I read something brand new I don’t understand, I can tell if it’s the truth and my perceptual reality hasn’t caught up yet. It’s not what the internet says is true. Or your mother. It’s your navigational sense of truth in any given moment that will guide you to the next best choice to escape illusion. Truth is contagious Often outrageous at times   Takes courage to say truth among sleepers Truth will set us free, thank you Martin LK Truth is our best antidote to everything….It is the WAKE Up CALL!!! We don’t have to say all the truth we know all the time..just appropriately There is no replacement or compromise Science is divided on truth and facts So where do we find truth?…in the eye of our heart where there can be no violation or manipulation. Our inner, pure knowing. Non-negotiable. You are free in this space to discern. To see and know truth. It is a VIBRATION of peace and reassurance when you hear it.  So if you want to know how to discern truth…go into a meditation and turn off your mind. Just feel. Put the question in your heart. Look at the question through the eye of your heart. You will KNOW. Often people say they are amazed by the seemingly “wild” things I say at times, yet they never say it doesn’t “ring” true. I say, well if I lie I lose my Messaging Guest Pass from the creation team!! Now think of these terms…mis-truths, half truths, and how it brings up the vibration of MIS-trust, or missed trust. We cannot trust our experience if we are not based in truth....

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Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive…Tune Up with Jan Cercone

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Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive…Tune Up with Jan Cercone

Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive ….a timely blog written for our Being Light Coaching Community and beyond! You cannot divide your attention continually like a chariot driver with horses going into two directions and expect to get anywhere. Where your attention is, that is where you are. There are SO many ways to say this simple truth. Where we put the focus of our consciousness determines EVERYTHING.  Absolute fact. According to Einstein “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.” And this has everything to do with your spirituality. To be connected to our creator and the matrix, you will need to be anchored into the here and now to fully embody your full self and essence. The Divine you in a physical body in full operation.  The being that you are is SO powerful and alive and unstoppable and it is available to you at any given moment. You are at choice. You can Tune Out, or Tune  In. I am not talking about healthy day dreaming while we are in-between activities or resting or finding new solutions through fantasy and problem solving. I am talking about our confused usual way of creating conversation, projects, or work from a mind that is half present and distracted and worried about to do lists, money or any one of  the ways we humans experience constant stress and fear. To achieve, create and speak our truth we need to focus. To be in our body and feelings and to not be distracted. We cannot create from a place, or relate from a place of cohesiveness if we are not fully present. When we leave the ZONE of presence we divide our thoughts, our power and not only do we suffer but whoever is with us loses our presence as well. So often we “tune out” and let our consciousness move out of our physical space when we are uncomfortable or habitually absent. Often children will use this as a defense mechanism in an unsafe world and they don’t even know they are setting habits that will follow them into adulthood. Lets face the truth, it is painful to live and operate in a fear based world. Yet, if you are reading this you know you are not only “stationed here” as a change agent but you contracted to allow the transformation of the world through your active participation. So staying here, fully present is the best way to really find your sense of yourself and build a life that is truly you. Sourced from a oneness that is connected to the bigger grid of truth and reality. Something you can trust. Every moment we have a choice. Consider how many conversations and things your do everyday. Now think about how fully focused you really were. Dropping into the zone of full presence that allowed you to really feel and know at a deep level of aliveness you are connected to your spirit self.  I offer a third choice to the Tune Out or Tune In. You can Tune UP. Go vertical and get the calm,...

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Exploration of How Music Heals with Jan Cercone

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Becoming Light Blog with Jan Cercone ……music is universal, soothing and affordable. Music is good medicine! Cheri Gross of Paramount International Interviews Jan Cercone on the Healing Power of Music Check out our informational interview at this link  Topics Covered in this Recording….. – How you can use your Creative Imagination to boost your artistic work into the Zone. – How Artists Can heal the world thru Music  to bring a new consciousness – How Sound and Music impact our emotions, and energy field Sound and Music shape the experience of our daily life. Thru understanding the landscape of our vibrational world we can make adjustments and protect our sensitive natures from overload.  This awareness leads us to enhance our lives by surrounding ourselves with the sounds of nature, loving voices and safe environments where we can flourish. The ancients knew this. The lyre soothed the agitated king, shamanic healers chanted and drummed while invoking the healing powers of the gods they believed in. Pythagoras trained his followers to heal with a simple seven stringed lyre. And now in 2014, musicians are taking to the bedside like never before in modern history to deliver profoundly healing music on a variety of instruments.   What is old is new again, and science, technology and spirituality are meeting up through healing music. Just watching this amazing video of sung tone turned into color shows the advances we have made in making the invisible comprehensible! Sound Made Visible Video Because humans entrain with the music and the musicians they hear, there is a great potential to bring very high healing vibrations through at concerts simply by setting an intentional field. The future is here and Quantum Healing is quite accepted now. Just think what we artists can accomplish now that we understand our masterful use of Sound, light and color can transform human consciousness for good. We can decide which emotions to experience and use binarual beats to shift our brain into the creation “zone.” All Available on youtubes at no cost. Maybe you would like to participate in some way in this work, or just learn a bit more about it.  Perhaps you are already a musician and would like to perform in Healing Concerts and the new Events that fuse Healing and Music? Check out Paramount booking where Cheri Gross is bringing new initiatives and I wrote the Sound Healing Protocol for her Musicians. I hope you have developed an interest in looking into the possibility of expanding your music work.  You have more resources than ever before to explore this wonderful world of service through music. Good luck becoming a Sound Healer! AND… can join my new Membership Program that not only includes weekly healing thru the internet…but you will receive educational videos that take you step by step thru the many processes that I am an expert at!  Take a look here! Namaste,  Jan Cercone     Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary Sound Specialist with a focus on Health Care, Entertainment, Women’s Leadership and Divine Partnership. A creative Workshop facilitator, she also has a gift for healing through her voice and teaching others how to Guide the Energetic Field.  Jan is a recording artist, Omnium Graduate, Uncovering the Voice Graduate, and Director of the Solara Healing...

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I am Calm in My Core….and everything can just pass by

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I am Calm in My Core….and everything can just pass by

Yes I am the Calm in the Storm This week I found my head swimming…too much to think about. To do. And you know what? It will get worse unless I STOP and re-wind the spool of thread. Take a breather. That can include a little walk, touch a tree, or dance around the room. Look up from the computer for at least 10 minutes. Have something good to eat. And breathe. These little activities are just a circuit breakers though. It is the way we actually hold our sense of self we can correct. Imagine that you are not your thoughts or your busy list. Your physicality does not need to follow these prompts. You can instead imagine: –  Your core is stable and Calm – You have an endless core of energy that is resourced from above and below – Thoughts, people and tasks come and go…your CORE is calm and stable See how it good  it feels even just thinking about this. It feels like things can expand, that they will be ok. And it is just changing your perspective. I bet your muscles released a bit. I bet you just became a bit nicer to be around and have more of your own energy to give your loved ones, enhancing your presence with them. Yes, we can change in an instant. So the Theme this week for the Becoming Light programs is: I am Calm in My Center, My Core All Revolves around my Calm Core I am Strong, Safe and Stable at all times   Enjoy this I Am Calm in My Core Youtube Yes it is that easy. Now here is another thing to think about. Part of you is regular human. Part of you is morphing and waking up to be a light being to help create a new world. So, you are indeed experiencing new electro-magnetic very energizing fast thoughts and energies. The angelic and other realms are light speed. So give yourself some credit. You are simultaneously acting, thinking and behaving the best you can in this slower very dissonant world while taking in very high speed encodments, ideas and upgrades. No wonder your nervous system might feel like a bees nest sometimes. More reason to practice these grounding centering affirmations. They take the “attachment” and pain body aspect out of the equation. I used a Buddha idea and Eckart Tolle principle in that last sentence. Yes, release the sticky strong ideas and just let your core rest in it’s beingness at your core. Here is a little youtube above with the Becoming Light update for this week. It describes how we all affect each other and can grow and heal faster in community. We don’t have to be thrashed around by our wayward thoughts. We can get support, get vibrational alignment from someone else who has already mastered what we want to feel confident about. And we don’t even have to talk about it. These are attitudes based on vibration that yield to dominant thought. So let your Dominant thoughts revolve around the three sentences up above and have a blessed, stable grounded week. You never know what adventure is around the corner. So stabilize yourself and the resilience is there to take you through any wave easily. Namaste, ...

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