Being Light Mastering Intention Program

Be the Messenger you ARE…..

Find your Spiritual Connection,  Vibrant Health, Your True VOICE and Lead!!!!   


The Mission for the Being Light Mastering Intention Program is to support humans in the remembrance of their divinity and perfect health to prepare them to co-create the new paradigm!

Helping you stand in your power and truth…

and find YOUR VOICE!

– Develop the Inner and Outer Confidence you have been longing for

– Find your Voice of What is True for YOU

– Reduce Anxiety and the Emotional Roller Coaster by healing at Source

– Play better, Sleep Better and find your Passion again

– Look Good, Feel Good and know what you want and do it!

Jan on Zoom talking "Circles"

Serving YOU just happens to be my life purpose!

Go from 3D to 5D in quantum Speed!!!

If you are like me, you have probably tried numerous programs in an effort to bring you physical health, spiritual and relationship harmony all into alignment. We aren’t born with a manual explaining how to be a human, or as today’s spiritualChildSoverAnia climate calls for, how to be divinely human!!  the Being Light  intensive Coaching Program will smooth and uplift your process. We will learn the tools to heal and empower yourself and receive CERTIFICATION in the Be the Light simple meditation process to use in your world and practice as you complete the program. You become a teacher by example as you live a life of everyday miracles.  Through this completely internet based program I offer you an accessible format for a huge leap of success and healing on your spiritual path. Ten years ago I was lifted out of my life of wealth and security onto the spiritual path and I know how difficult it is to choose spirit over and over when the faith is thin.  So I developed tools to help myself and thousands of happy clients re-set themselves! Spiritual answers thru Vibration for Life’s problems. And Miracles too. Easy once you know the rules.

            Let’s change ourselves and then the world together so we can look back later and say..we did it!!

Would you like to hear from our Participants? Watch this Youtube!

I’m starting to see messages, angels, I feel people and I’m flying in my dreams again, little by little. I was disconnected for the last 4 years, now I feel I’m getting together again. I send you a big hug filled with love through the wind. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  ~ Mariam, Coaching Client

Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for people emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide. Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

Are you ready to Fly? Let’s begin

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3 Month Personal and Spiritual Coaching Intensive based on the Principles of Intention

Advanced Internet Healing for YOU and Instruction with

Certification in using the Be the Light Meditation Method

Option to Have your Soul Essence Painted

A safe, sane flight manual to walk your unique path as a Spiritual being with Confidence, Grace and Vitality…and then lead and teach others to find their way “HOME”… Imagine living and flying between heaven and earth calmly


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                                                                             Youtube about the Program

In this 3 month program we will work with weekly Themes to: 

– Identify where you are at in your Physical, Spiritual, Relationship and Career

  • Prepare you to STEP out powerfully into your Mission, freeing your Voice and Message!

– Specify your Goals and Create an Action Plan and a Daily Practice you can commit to

– Use powerful Intention Processes and visualizations to shift and inspire you

– Work together to monitor your progress and see that you meet your goals leading to Certification

     Humanity is lifting its collective vibration and you are the carrier of this new frequency for the New Paradigm. Yes, we are transforming!!  Hooray, but the path is not straight!! I have helped thousands “re-connect” to their simpler, truest self.  The hands of light smallBeing Light program can be tailored to your schedule and length.   From the bottom of my heart I offer you a full decade of my personal healing and process of self-actualization made accessible to you in this simple, life changing formula.   The personal attention assures your accelerated progress and profound breakthroughs to your highest, brightest self. Your commitment is Active Participation and desire to change.  Each Being Light member will receive a full 6 hours of personalized, one-on-one work catered to your personal healing menu….all via internet from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

   Is this the call you’ve been waiting for?  


Ask yourself…Am I ready to apply the Be the Light Processes for:

Transforming My Body

– Harmonizing my bodily frequencies to joy and vitality
– Releasing Chronic pain-emotional patterns to be proud of my body

Finding My Connection to Source

– Stilling my mind and designing my “action plan” for graceful, joyous living 

– Releasing resistance and fear to deeply surrender and be at peace

Opening up to Authentic Heart Relationship

– Releasing the structures of false thinking that keep me repeating the same habits

– Becoming authentic and trusting myself to experience real love

Creating Right Work for My Mission

– Bringing the New Paradigm in through my work

– Redefining myself according to my truth without compromise

 Using sound, meditation, counseling, healing sessions, and specialized assignments… We will work with your system vibrationally. I’ll teach you to apply the Be the Light process based on INTENTION to your everyday quagmires, problems, and confusions. We’ll sequentially work toward grounded, integrated enlightenment and overall sacred living. This work will teach you to “focus.”  Included in the Being Light program are personal and group healings in which I’ll demonstrate thoroughly the principles of my technique until you have mastered the art of self-healing. We will first stabilize your physical self, then connect you to YOUR source and then work on relationships energetically.  Finally, how you fit into the new world with your service and passion is our final module. You then receive a CERTIFICATION of your mastery to go out and share these techniques with others.


Program-Benefits-and-Cost Gifts of Enrolling in Being Light

A Full Evaluation of your Spiritual Process, Emotional and Physical levels

6 Personal 1hr Sessions via Internet for Coaching, Healing 

Join our Community for Free Sessions of  Group Meditations with Support and Q+A Wednesday mornings 9-10am

 Personal Evaluation, Action Plan and Accountability, Journaling to help you structure and meet your goals

Access to valuable tools, instructional videos, and other support resources

Free Be the Light CD set as part of the class curriculum

           Complimentary lifetime Sound & Light Newsletter and access to blog

    –  Certification so you may share this method in your life and work

     It’s time to spread your wings & find your True Self  

Would you like to have a brief talk over conversation?  LINK   

If you decide at any time the course is not right for you, you may cancel and receive your money back for remaining portion of the course. The value of this program is  beyond what money can buy. Are you ready to  come into alignment and find your wings?




Cost:   $1,200.00 for your 3 month Personalized Course with Workbook.

___ I am ready to “lift off” and have been given pre-flight clearance by Jan.  Please receive my full payment of $1,200 today to reserve my space in the upcoming session. I will email Jan and she will send me a pay pal invoice, or I will mail a check monthly, or I can pay the first month here as a deposit! on paypal to

__Check with Jan about a SOAR affiliation discount of $200

___Optional:  You may have your “Soul Essence” Painted by Jan using the multi-layered Intentional Creativity Method, or she can instruct you to Paint it Yourself.  $250

 I understand I may cancel at any time with full credit for the unused portion of the program.


Take the leap with me…with all my love, Jan


Jan Jorgensen Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a renowned gifted healer, or messenger, who breaks down complex esoteric spiritual principles Jan and Marsha at Solarainto practical everyday language. Her ability to run powerful Divine energies thru Sound and Consciousness  made Jan a popular instructor at the Globe Institute, Radio talk show host of “Everyday Miracles,” an Ambassador of Peace on her 2012 World Tour and a frequent festival and conference presenter. Featured on KRON Channel 4, National Puerto Rican Television and a frequent Radio guest, Jan focuses on educating and awakening humans and communities to the Divine Plan.  Also a popular recording and performance artist she leads Concerts, Ceremony and Sound Journeys worldwide. Her two Books, Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine and Passion Healed Me, support the emergence of Feminine Leadership.  Her current project, SOAR, is a global initiative to align women leaders in their mastery. She also developed a TV Host Training program in 2016.      About Jan Video

  What the Community is Saying About Jan

The attraction to joining an online community like yours is to be part of a spiritual circle that is not only local but sustainable too. I have already had healing sessions with you personally so I know the integrity with which you work and appreciate the guidance and trust that you will not only access our soul highest interest but keep us accountable too, which is part of the process. I know that working in groups helps the energy exponentially as well. I like the idea of having someone who is checking in for me on a spiritual level and keeping my energy clean, clear and current so that my life can move forward with joy and ease.                                                      ~ Namaste,  Cynthia

Hi Jan, You asked that we report if we had a moment of joy in our day after last night. I would like you to know I have been feeling love and joy ever since Ann and I left last night! I can’t wait to learn more. See you in two weeks if not sooner. Thank you for elevating me from my rut!!   ~ Love, Darcy

Well guess what? Your healing session really worked. I awoke the next day and was ready to move. Things seemed clear. Approach it as a typical project. Start it and move.  You have a talent. You unblocked my energies. Your powers are strong and pure.  You have helped me so much. I have told 3 of my best friends about this experience.  Carry on Jan. You are one of the angels!   ~ Love Pamela Dreyfuss

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Thank you for the session. It was great & I have been telling others. My tailbone issue left shortly after I left your place. Then within 6 hours I had an infection coming out in my tooth. It left by the next day. So thank you for the inspiration and help with regaining my health. Also thank you for the guidance on using my gifts.

                                                                                                ~ Mary Sherwin Ceglarski

Are you ready to Fly? Haven’t you waited long enough?

Graduates from our First Group!!