Celebrating the Bright Ones with VIDA Products


Celebrating the Bright Ones Collection

I paint Powerful Women, the Bright Ones. I capture their Soul Essence and then create

fabulous products with their essence at VIDA.

As an Energy Healer, I know the power of Vibration. By putting these women on canvas and sharing their essence with others everyone raises their Vibration…

Here are a few I am featuring presently on Social Media and my Newsletter.

Supporting My Community

Find These Fabulous Items at VIDA

Totally Katie for VIDA - Sign

Katie Cercone New York Performance Artist, Curator, Author

Bright Barbera

Barbera Ammahlia Berdner Shaefer Light Body Surgeon and Healer


Arian the Luminous

Arian Sarris LMFT, Soul Retreival and Educator

Martha Music at VIDA

Martha Music at VIDA


Katie K


website Mary