Day 21 of Staying at Home

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After the first few days it felt like we had been in our staying home mode for a month already. Now at day 21 we feel like we have been basically inside forever on a cruise ship out to sea. We can’t get off.

We watched our neighbors and family have their own decision timeline for when to stay in. Some balked for a variety of reasons. One neighbor still sneaks out to McDonalds. With our infinitely creative human imagination we now have delivery services from large companies: Amazon and Target. We are looking at a 9 month period before vaccinations and the hospitals are fillilng and peoples’ lungs are filling and dying. Society is clean out of alcohol wipes and manufacturers are making face masks at their factories and toilet paper is a prized commodity.

Unemployment is rising wildly. Our president wants to open things back up by Easter and the health officials are saying 2-12 months. Conspiracy theories are flying and the air is cleaner because life has slowed down. Dolphins are swimming in Venetian canals. People are saying maybe grandparents should sacrifice themselves for the economy.  My sisters’s husband demands to get his diet coke habit fed at 2 liters a day and that chew tobacco stuff and commands my sister to go risk her life to go get it, or he threatens he will go out and risk both their lives. I am noticing that we all are looking in the mirror of the life we have created with who. When I was in second grade Miss Cline would make me stand in front of the triple mirror for awhile to consider what my behavior had caused. I feel we are back in 5th grade.

My partner is his usual loving self, and we alternate from fun humorous activities to bringing up our habits we can’t stand.  He just admitted he hates it when I smack gum. I do some gardening for fresh air and sometimes a neighbor appears and we keep double the social distance and say how weird it all is, but somehow kind of nice too. I did a meditation yesterday and it was entitled the Best of Times from the Worst of times. It’s like a personal, social, and global re-set of immense possibilities. Will we rise to the occasion to re-organize our systems to be fair and sustainable. Or are we being quarantined to fulfill some unknown agenda to control, contain and chip?? or whatever??? It is this huge unknown that I think fundamentally is shaking people’s confidence in our government. As they couldn’t even follow protocols that seem to be efficient in other countries. We are not who we thought we were as a leading nation in functionality and our leadership is divisive and untrustworthy.

How will people pay bills moving forward? Will the economy tank? How will our nation fare? How long will it last. No easy answers. I worry about my 30ish kids who are making their way in the world and this has a great consequence for their growing careers.

For myself personally I have never felt so relaxed. A deep level of non-business is dawning on me and it’s hard to get mobilized to do anything. I just sit in wonder. I look out the window at the sunset. Check facebook to monitor the outrageous, crazy, mean and stupid posts.  Everyone is at their own level of reaction and understanding. When I asked myself what is the best thing I can do? I feel like creating a Council of high vibrational women who are good at energy moving was the most useful thing I could do. So I did, and we meet weekly to actively Pray for beneficial energy movement. I continue my weekly meditations and got a new wonderful clear microphone. But the fun thing is meeting with my sister Martha to choose one person to energetically pray for their well-being. And we visit. Last week I had a fun social hour Zoom party with my older sister in Kirkland. She is really tucked in for safety and doing well. We enjoyed the happy hour a lot. I continue to paint those little Amazon delivery packages and put labels on them: Light Bulbs, Medicines, and then there is one for my chocolate stash that says “Private” and “replace what you take” on the other side! I am running out of dark bars and am not wanting to break into the milk, but adorable, chocolate Easter little chicks or sheep.

Some days I say ENOUGH TV ….as they recount the infection and death rate and unemployment rates….and just put on music.  I painted yesterday morning and asked to see the face of God and a woman swathed in white light emerged on the canvas. I signed up for an akashic reading on FB, not sure why. The woman called me an hour too early today and I realized she was fairly new at this and I said to myself that this will be interesting. But I knew there was a gift in it, not just giving her practice. When she opened the records and what came forth felt more like a soul retrieval activity…seemed to go along with the whitish woman painting.

So I am feeling my intuition is deepening, I can hear words and numbers before people say them with good accuracy. So much just BEING time. Very little doing. Meals are discussed and lots of creativity goes into these main activities of the day.

We are extremely blessed we recently acquired the house next door to ours, as property was originally configured so we can go back and forth from our main home and then to what we call our “vacation home.”  We are in deep appreciation every minute.  My youngest is happily tucked into her studio catching up with sewing and tending her large plant collection.  My NY daughter is in place in a highrise Lower Manhatten with a 3 year old but they get out to the park between the two bridges. Everyone is slowing down and relaxing. Trying to get comfortable with the profound unknown. My son is working from home as an attorney and all travel is curtailed. We met on zoom and told jokes and had a tour of the plant jungle in Hollywood at your youngest’s studio.

So that is today. I feel something big is on it’s way. As the words I got from spirit for this whole things are:

Tribunal, Reckoning, Julilation   and also….Help is on the way.


More later