STILL POINT…ON-LINE Harmonic Attunement Sound-Light Bath

Harmonic Attunement Small

Welcome to the STILL POINT Harmonic Attunement Experience

ON- LINE from Olympia WA

  • Relax
  • Remember
  • Rejuvenate

It is easy to reserve your space. At Meet-Up

Second Saturday of the Month    10am to 11:00

During this Stay at Home period I will be doing a simpler version of the experience from home using a crystal bowl.

Just get yourself into a quiet space and download the Zoom program before the meditation.

and then at 10am just press this link;  Great way to get focused and lift yourself, and others through group intention for wellness and well-being.

Sit in a Virtual Circle  and be taken into a deep meditative state by a short Sound Journey.

Make an INTENTION for yourself.  Then enter into the sound of the crystal bowl and invocation. Sit in silence  and drop into a meditation for about 20 minutes  where you can magnify your intention. After the Meditation you can stay for Q and A or just spend some time integrating at home.  The whole process is about 1 hours, most people don’t want to leave!

Still Point Meditation



Harmonic Attunement Room

Harmonic Attunement Room features Healing Paintings

Healing from the Fall Not for sale

Healing from the Fall

Specially tuned chimes help your body re-tune

Specially tuned chimes help your body re-tune


Manfred Blefert’s Anthroposophical gongs tuned to body ranges of

vibration evoke a sense of wonder and relaxation.

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Jan Jorgensen (Cercone)  is a Registered Nurse, Certified Music Practitioner who learned about the power of Vibration, Intention and the Human Voice while working with Hospice patients. She is a Gifted Healer, Author, Recording Artist, Ominium and Avatar Graduate, Minister, and Visionary and Leader in Vibrational Just Jan at the Just Jan Set at Mountain Temple in Nevada CityTechnologies. She studied Anthroposophical therapeutic singing for 20 years and has performed extensively since the age of 12, including forming the Women’s Concert Series, a SF Cabaret Show, and Las Vegas show. With a focus on the Voice of the Divine Feminine, she developed the “SOAR” model to raise the vibration of the planet thru Divine Connection in Community Circles. She shares her inspiration through Events, Presentations, International Webinars, Tours, and Internet Healing and Coaching. Jan’s innovative work has been featured on National and local TV, Newspaper and Social Media. She taught at the SRJC and Globe Institute, and founded the Song and Spirit, Solara and FlowerSong Centers based on Cutting edge Technology and Science and Spirit fused Methodologies. Jan is a leader in the Divine Feminine re-birth.

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I did not want the state of blessedness to end.”

—Pat RN, VoiceBio client

  I have been enjoying the expanded, amazing benefits of our second session together and wondered if I could schedule  another, as I continue to rise UP and through, and my art, oh my art is turning too and moving into a  very high place. My body craves these sessions; it’s better than massage, in a way. Spiritual soulfood that has has physical lasting vibrations. Thank you so much. 

Kat, Oakland Ca