STILL POINT…Harmonic Attunement Sound-Light Bath Experience

Harmonic Attunement Small

Welcome to the STILL POINT Harmonic Attunement Experience  in Olympia WA

  • Relax
  • Remember
  • Rejuvenate
  • SECOND Saturday of the Month in downtown Olympia!

Sit in a Circle Bathed in Harmonizing Lights, and be taken into a deep meditative state by a short Sound Journey.

We have created this experience for you at our Center in downtown Olympia WA. First you will be greeted and relax with staff as they explain the process. Make an INTENTION for yourself.  Then, enter the beautiful room of color and sound in silence and drop into a meditation for about 20-30 minutes  where you can magnify your intention.  We lead you into the meditation with delightful Sounds and bring you out with chimes, gongs and voice.

After the Meditation you can relax in our comfy lounge area. The whole process is about 2 hours, most people don’t want to leave!  Enjoy relaxing tea with other participants.

It is easy to reserve your space. At Meet-Up or call or text here: 631-5538578

Second Saturday of the Month.    10am to noon

take your chances on an empty seat by showing up at 119 Legion Way SW.

Experience it once a month!     $17.50 per person per session for all of 2019, or

Still Point Meditation

July 13          10am-noon

August 10     10am-noon

Sept  14         10am-noon

October 12   10am-noon

November   same times!!

Get information from a real person at:  631-553-8578

Please Pay at the DOOR, but please honor your reservation by letting us know Before the event if you cannot make it by texting:  707-206-5068. We really appreciate that!



Harmonic Attunement Room

Harmonic Attunement Room features Healing Paintings

Healing from the Fall Not for sale

Healing from the Fall

Specially tuned chimes help your body re-tune

Specially tuned chimes help your body re-tune


Manfred Blefert’s Anthroposophical gongs tuned to body ranges of

vibration evoke a sense of wonder and relaxation.

Join our Meet-Up Group for Updates and information!

Attend a one time talk:  the ARTS as Door to the Divine June 22, 2019 at 2pm

Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP, PHN  taught Sound and Vibrational Healing at the Sound and Consicousness Institute for years and has a gift for “hearing” the notes before she plays them. Because our body IS composed of patterns of frequency, we can introduce sounds, rhythms and tones that can shift painful emotions. It’s like an internal massage.

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I did not want the state of blessedness to end.”

—Pat RN, VoiceBio client