Journal of the Pandemic Experience

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March 11, 2020

Day 7

Just today it went from Epidemic to Pandemic. It was coming.  I feel my partner and I were ahead of the curve at every juncture. the initial impetus was…Get supplies, hunker down and keep your vibration high. We have some boxes checked in the high risk category.

I abruptly shifted the painting courses and meditations to ALL on-line last Tuesday. Strangely, I think it went better than regular classes. Now a week later most gatherings are being evaluated and or cancelled I see on the news.

People made fun of those getting supplies. But as a Public Health Nurse I knew what was coming. I knew the lines that must be drawn for social contagiousness…before it’s too late.    And as a skeptic of this world I also realized that this toxic plague might be of human origin, intention and agenda.

This experience now going on our first week of cutting off contact with the everyday world has many benefits. Like:

saving gas

eating very healthfully with no eating out, losing weight and bloat

more gardening and spending time in nature, collecting wood in our forest for the fire

using the food saver vacuum packer, when I cook a good amount thus being thrifty and honoring food

Finding new ways to say hello to family, actually talking to them more on phone and facetime

Today my next door neighbor and I have an idea to meet at the mailbox and have a chat! She is getting her pantry all cleared out

Because I have TIME.

For painting, sewing.

Time to ponder the bigger meaning of this, How we are all connected. How some people make decisions based on their own beliefs and desires rather than the Public Health Professionals.  I did a little litmus test by having that last client come to work with me in the center. Twice she coughed without covering her mouth and the spew was like a slow moving nightmare in my mind…..was I sitting the protocol 6 feet?  And we had even AGREED to use our best behaviors to not spread anything…just in case. As a nurse I know it takes awhile for people to learn new habits and the protocol for this virus is pretty strict as it sets in.  No more clients. Boarding up.

So…..I decided to get busy in a new way. Devoting myself to creating healthier habits and more focus on the gifts I do have to work with energy. And powerfully Connecting with others on social Media in honest, non-provoking ways. Took a movie of our garden to sent to my sister who is in a high risk area staying home and isolated.

Time. To relax. Sleep 12 hours. Replenish my immune system.  We have it all on the counter..zinc, vitaming D, etc and do take these things to support our systems. There have been a few exhausting experiences that I of course enjoyed doing recently so I am and was tired.  The Conference took me to zer0-point of the Virus in Kirkland and Seattle while the virus was silently spreading.  Time to think about that. Time to remember my sister in Oregon called alarmed there were low flying helicopters all over.  I saw one even on the freeway darting down and flying sideways after a brief hover.  Things are happening. Above and below actually.

I watched how our president cares more about numbers and his re-election and still has rallies past the point of endangering others. Recklessness.  Last night I had a rendevous with him in my dreams, a full day of complete travel together where I showed him love and the world thru my eyes. He changed his clothes and his face became soft and his eyes sensitive and he thanked me for being his guide for the day.  A transformation in the dreamworld. “In my Dreams” you might say!

Now each day the cases grow of the Virus and Deaths.  Decisions, should my grandson come visit?  Flights are $100 from New York!   No. Should my partners grandson? No. No exceptions as they might carry it. A death sentence at worst and a who knows?    People are in their homes now as people over sixty are told to not even go out around Seatlle.  Sick ones are kept in one room and served by one person who must study isolation protocol. Hospitals overflowing. This is just the beginning.

On my weekly meditations I always say….well the answer to anything is just Be the Light. And keep the focus on communing with source for answers.  Never have I been called to this in such a strong way. During a dream I was shown the Tibetan Bell. I used it in the painting class, and in the personal session for a client last week. The Bell of awakening, a reckoning, a calling Home to a higher way, a different way of processing not just global pandemics but how we even LIVE. How we do business, healthy, and shopping and entertainment.  They are all built on money, power and manipulation. It is all SO clear to me this week.  So I called a Council of 8 wise women and me began our Circle of meditation today.

I also offer the StillPoint Meditations, on Meet-up,  with instrumental voice and sound the second Sunday of the month, now on-line in the zoom room to all.  And of course the weekly Be the Light Meditations for those I have worked with over the years. Be the Light Wed am Meditations Library, if you have LOTS of time!  Today’s topic and youtube is called:  Meditation during the Pandemic!

This is the year of the great divide. Seeing the dark (fear based reality)  for what it is and what it creates. It is up to US to bring in the new creations energetically…and then they will be formed into this dimension. We know things are created as thought first in the etheric  and then materialize. It’s time to use these universal truths to the greatest degree possible.  We can create miracles equal to our intention to. By accessing forces within high vibrational fields we only imagine at present. I have TIME now to do this.   It is all choice. Fear, or using our tools of creation.

I had this thought…the toxic masculine is having die-off, like when you de-tox your body and it hurts so awfully at first. We are having a dis-manteling of the present systems and dis-orientation and shattering is part of the re-organization.  Earth is shaking off the fleas that are parasites. It’s all a metaphor and process and we all played our part in this re-orchestration. So lets get on with it.

May this is all a drama to push us towards more truth and benevolence as a Global Family. Pushing those with creative skills and gifts in the spiritual realm to get activated. One World. One Health system. All are our brothers and sisters.

On a practical level, we sit down for all meals. Kind of old-fashioned slowness as we experiment with different herbs, savoring the fresh vegetables I learned to blanche and freeze. Appreciation. And my guy came up with a great idea for today, lets go clamming in the Puget Sound and have clams tomorrow.

See the Artwork on Top? The grandmother watches as the earth burns off the old…the crust must be released of old energy.

Tomorrow is another day.

More later.

Jan Jorgensen