Sound Circles


                          Sound Circles ……

– relax and leave your troubles at the door         – find new hope and peace in your heart

– breathe deeply and de-stress

  – access your inner faith and fortitude naturally

“Your beautiful gift of Sound Healing was beyond words.  Never have I felt so nourished and loved at the Soul Level.  My gratitude is boundless”  Joan B.

Well guess what? Your healing session really worked. I awoke the next day and was ready to move. Things seemed clear. Approach it as a typical project. Start it and move.  You have a talent. You unblocked my energies.Your powers are strong and pure.  You have helped me so much. I have told 3 of my best friends about this experience. Carry on Jan. You are one of the angels!        Love Pamela Dreyfuss

Besides the powerful  voice healingwhich I received from you , I found the voice bio results to be right. Hui Sun

I want to thank you again and let you know that I experienced a big shift after our session.  The pain and suffering that was stuck in my chest was released and I was able to see things differently.  I was able to speak to my son about my heart and to release him to his freedom with love and joy.  I am so grateful for the grace, the miracle and to you for receiving me with compassion and depth of understanding.  For sharing your gifts and wisdom.   SusanSmaller Buddha bowl

    the SECOND COMING is YOU, bringing the Vibration of heaven HERE…….are you ready?


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