Trip to Paris and Southern France Fall 2019

Two trips of a lifetime can be combined or enjoyed separately….

Paris & Chartres followed by Southern France-Ariege and Languedoc


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Madonna in Paris

Paris & Chartres

Painting with the Black Madonna

29th September to 2nd October 2019


Anouk Sophia and special guest

Jan Sara Jorgensen

Our itinerary brings together wisdom left hidden in plain site in the City of Light. The ancient city that once held the Temple to Isis, and still carries the name of the Parisii, the Celtic people who venerated the Divine Feminine as divine mother and named their city ‘Par Isis’ House of Isis.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 8.17.59 AMWe will weave the illuminated art works of renaissance masters in the Louvre with their translation of Mothers of divine birth, Anna, Mary Mother, Mary the Magdalene. We will visit the Egypt session of the Louvre to further align with the teachings of antiquity the ‘Neters’ or cosmic forces of Egypt. Chartres holds many mysteries, including the path of the labyrinth, the path of initiation, the dance of beloveds and unification of polarity, relics, Holy Well and Black Madonna’s. On returning to the capital city we will walk the ley lines network from the Obelisk of Luxor, bring our last offerings to La Madeleine and end our sacred journey by the Crystal Pyramid. There will be opportunity to paint and commune with sacred creative energy under the guidance of our fabulously talented Jan Jorgensen.

Day 3 – 1st October – Paris

Visit to the Louvre’s Egyptian section, visit to the Italian Renaissance paintings, walk on Place de la Concorde where the alignment of major Ley lines are harnessed by the Luxor Obelisk, walk to the church of La Madeleine then on to Les Jardin the Tuileries, finishing at the Louvre Pyramid where we will close the journey. Farewell dinner and night in Paris.

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2nd October – Departure – Travel to the Languedoc or you make your way to the airport for your departure home.

Please note this Itinerary is a framework and is subject to change. I have planed many sacred journeys by now and know that both the group and the guidance may divert us into magical synchronistic findings and experienceSacred France


Painting with the Black Madonna

& the Magdalenes

Ariege and Languedoc

Trip to Southern France Fall 2019

Trip to Southern France Fall 2019


Anouk Sophia & special guest Jan Sara Jorgensen

2nd to 8th October 2019

6 nights

Day 1 – 2nd October – Toulouse Airport – You may be travelling with us from Paris, if not, arrive in Toulouse before midday, or arrive a day before. (if you land later than 1pm, we can assist with private taxi). We will collect everyone and drive together to our accommodation in the mystical Languedoc Region. You will have time to rest, unpack and take a walk, perhaps, around the countryside before we join as a group for our first official gathering & welcome dinner at 7pm.

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Day 2 – 3rd October – Morning visit to Alet Les Bains, ancient Essenes/Judaic village, the tranquil ruins of the Abbey, walk past the house of Nostradamus, ancient Mystic.

Afternoon – Rennes les Chateau, Visit the Magdalene Church, Sauniere’s Villa, Museum and gardens of–Mary, all ancient Celts/ Visigoth grounds.

Lunch in Rennes Les Chateau at the “Le Jardin the Marie”, time for visiting, taking in all the beauty and remembrance stored in this most sacred valley. Dinner in B&B.

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Day 3 – 4th October – Rennes Les Bains

We will visit ‘Fontaine Des Amours’ in Sougraine for water initiation, and after a time of communing with the waters we visit the ‘Seat of Isis’ Source of The Goddess/Isis, here we connect quietly to the ancient stone.

Called by the locals “devil’s chair” is a power spot said to be a place of Isis Initiations. Here we sit silently and reconnect to our own inner wisdom and trace through the ancient symbolism carved on the rock and offer up, devotion to the place, to our Soul and to the running sacred red spring along the way. We will have time to walk around the river Saltz, visit the hot springs and have early dinner at the Pizzeria on the square. Evening in B&B.


Trip to France with Anouk and JanDay 4 – 5th October – Esperaza Sunday Market, Limoux & Carcassonne – We visit the beautiful Black Madonna at the Notre Dame the Marceille Church, to whom so many healings are attributed in the area. We will visit the main square in Limoux and perhaps sit in a cafe on our way to Carcassonne, the Gallo-Roman medieval fortified town. Dinner in Carcassonne. Return to our B&B.

Trip to France with Anouk and Jan

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Day 5 – 6th October – Montsegur

We travel early to Montsegur –The last Cathar stronghold. We will create ceremony here in remembrance of the ones that walked down this hill for the last time in service to love.

We will bring a picnic and share it together at the base of the mountain in the spirit of the Cathars. If you feel you cannot climb to the top of the mountain it is optional to stay and wait for us to descend whilst you behold the eternal views. Dinner tba

Day 6 – 7th October- Vernet les Bains & Villefranche. We leave early with pack lunch and snacks for a 2 hour drive to the picturesque Vernet les Bains for croissants and coffee on the square, then the visit the hot pools if enough time, before we visit la Grotte des Canalettes, home of the Magdalene Sarah Vision. Early dinner at Villefranche, a medieval Village where a living community thrives within it’s ancient walls.. Return to Rennes Le Chateau… and have rose ice cream and coffee at Saniere’s garden under the fig trees, enjoying any lasting moments with the valley of set intentions for the return journey and what we wish to create in our home environment and our community.

This part of the world is magical and peaceful and it beckons to return. Celebration farewell dinner in the B&B.


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Day 7 – 8th October– Departure home. We will arrange for your transfer back to Toulouse airport in the morning.

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This is a tentative schedule, we are inspired by the Divine Feminine in all ways.

Jan will weave in the profound “Intentional Creativity Painting” methods from Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Women program to help us visualize and form our inner integration of experiences in the land of the Sacred Feminine. Journal, Paint Boards and supplies are prepared in a packet for your use for $45. We will weave introspective painting themes into our itinerary including plein air sessions at Chartres and Renne Le Chateau when possible!  Bring home a memorable masterpiece of your inner journey with the Black Madonna.

We will meet everyday for sharing our experience of the previous days and feel into the next steps. We are carriers of the Codes in our DNA and we seek to alight with the web of life for the return of a time of renewal and resurgence of all that is sacred within life.


This is a journey of the heart, be prepared to meet your truth, welcome your truth and delight in your truth.

Once we you see clear, you cannot return to what was, only the present moment will guide you into more of your own knowing. We are walking these lands as embodiment of our fullness, earthed, grounded Sovereign Self. The Divine Human.


The word history stems from store or something ‘stored’, as much as history is conjecture there is a seeking for truth, a resonant memory carefully saved, engraved in the lands for posterity, for a time you have prepared for your return in this time… and recover.

May this be the time for your return!

We will gather together to align with the vibration of love in its original matrix of oneness through the loving connection with the waters and stones, the memory keepers in the lands once walked by the Magdalenes, Cathars, Templars and so many who upheld the way of love. We will connect to sacred earth energies, electromagnetic alignments and Earth Guardians.

Are you ready?

The entire trip (flights not included)  is 3,600 euro.

Pricing breakdown….

Paris and Chartres only: 1388 Euros   Includes 3 night in 3 star Hotel in fashionable 6’emme quartier in St Germain Des Pres, day entry to the Louvre Museum, Cluny Museum, return Train fare to Chartres, all guiding, teaching, sharing and support. Meals are up to your choice, not included for flexibility

Meals and breakfast are included for the four nights Southern France at Les Labadous

Not included: flights or transfers to or from airport.


To book your place on this sacred journey please get in touch by email:

I don’t take more than 8 people so if you are considering joining I suggest you connect early. I look forward to our informal consultation to share and discuss the practicalities of this adventure with you.

Blessings on this journey!


For love,

Anouk Sophia

Copyright 2019 all rights reserved

Jan and Anouk


Anouk Sophia is a mystic, gentle and powerful teacher, devoted writer and teacher of Wisdom & Alchemy of the Feminine. She travels across sacred earth with small groups, sharing her passion for earth temples and places of great remembrance. At the core of her teaching is the honouring of the Journey of the Soul in alignment with cosmic laws and the Earth. She is currently residing between Luxor in Egypt and Southern France.

Jan Jorgensen (Cercone) leads women on inner Journeys towards Divine Consciousness thru Education in Sound Studies, Intentional Creativity Painting, Events and Workshops. A Leader in creating new Initiatives for Awakening, she presently lives in Olympia, WA and co-founded the Meta Center and the Harmonic Attunement Experience.    Video of a Trip Jan led to France in 2015


       Painting the Madonna in France



This trip changed my life! Jan guided me to see the unseen feel and vibrate to the secrets of the Sacred Mother! Do not miss it!