WOW Conference on-Line March I’m Speaking at!

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Join me at the Women of Wisdom Conference in March!

Celebrating Spirit of Women
United We Are One!
Special Guests
Terry Tempest Williams and Luisah Teish
March 11 – 14, 2021 Art by Magda Petrou |
ARTIST STATEMENT: Women gathered together in peace, harmony and meditation.  Rooted at the center yet connected to higher sources as well.
All the elements are present; Air, Fire, Water & Earth.  Plus the unseen realms of Above and Below.  Just like the Flower of Life – the Seed represents Creation.
At the center of this mandala is the Seed, a blueprint of connection that women bring forth to life.  A spark that Unites Us All recognizing We are all One.

Registration is now open!  Information LINK

There is nothing more wonderful than gathering with like-minded souls. You will be able to join with amazing women from the comfort of your home. ON Sunday afternoon I will share:

How the Divine Feminine will rise up and SOAR.

SOAR Logo...Sounding Our Authentic Resonance

SOAR Logo…Sounding Our Authentic Resonance

Soar means:   Sounding our Authentic Resonance. it is OUR time to lead and acknowledge our gifts and each other now. We have templates of how to get in a circle of connection and invite you to list your home or center for visiting kindred spirits. We are better together and can share our expertise in

  1. Sustainable living
  2. Leadership Arts
  3. Art and Creativity

The New Paradigm depends on us creating Community!

I will present videos and share screen and ask you questions. Join me!

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Jan Jorgensen Cercone is a Registered and Public Health Nurse with a Masters Degree in Political Science, with a Public Administration focus. She is a multi-faceted Jan Jorgensenleader in the expanding field of Quantum Healing. An author, recording artist, professional singer, profound intuitive healer and educator, the primary focus of her work is supporting the healing of earth and her people. Also an author and recording artist, Jan’s visionary, interdisciplinary work as a change-maker and leader in the Divine Feminine field has caused her to take on many roles. Offering a unique new model for complete healing, Jan founded the Song and Spirit Center, Solara Center, and META Center.  Jan’s long-term mission to build a new foundation for healthcare and Eco-Communities that can be replicated in communities worldwide has led her to establish the SOAR Initiative for Women’s Leadership. A leading force of the shifting paradigm, Jan and her unique vision are a focal point for community transformation. She developed a Being Light Coaching program with world wide clients. She teaches them to be masters of their own energy to heal and create. She recently added Intentional Creativity painting to her tool kit.

Contact Jan: 707-206-5068