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How to Find the Right Business Coach for Healing Practitioners when there are so Many Sales Pitches out there!!

So…you are listening to spirit and walking your path now. You got your certification and are anxious to set up a practice and get going. But you find you are a bit perplexed by how to “sell” a God-given gift you have. You start looking around and see there are many business models and you are thinking…geez, do I have to do that? to get clients.

You watch your friends, ask questions. Some of them are in high-end sparkly Coaching programs promising 6 figures and you are really turned off. Especially when they invite you to attend or sign-up as they benefit. Is everyone selling themselves out? Who can you trust?

These last few years I began to investigate quietly this growing market for Emerging Healers and Artists looking for ways to create sustainability. It has attracted quite a few “sales-type” entrepreneurs who see the trend and these individuals have adopted the wording and specificity to speak to this market. Often, the marketing is fear based and shaming and when done in high-powered settings there is a “sign-up” or lose type mentality. It is exhausting, depleting and leaves everyone feeling the opposite of empowered. There are Coaches, like George Kao and Francois Levannier who had their own purifying spiritual awakening and deliver services from their mastery and goodness. There is Sahar Nafal who is creatively weaving together two worlds at once. She has crafted a business that delivers gold…she delivers Women to Themselves, in safe, supportive community through her gatherings and trainings and simultaneously has created her own successful business infrastructure. Perfect balance of the masculine focus and financial systems and the circle concept of inclusion, collaboration and feminine connection.

I have been publically humiliated when I asked a simple question at the mike at training in Monterey. Anyone is prey to a person on stage “selling” their program while projecting problems and issues onto their participants. I recoiled as my question was distorted to make a “case” for her fixing solutions. People are commodities in these settings, examples.

So if you are seeking to sustain yourself and want to choose wisely what do you do?

1.   Ask questions. Ask your friends and associates the results they have gotten and how much it cost…financially and emotionally.
2.   Attend events with an open mind and do not buy if you are not fully certain. Stay calm and do not get swept up into “buy today” pressured   scenarios.
3.   Set your budget for Business planning and Coaching.
4.   Find your Style. Many of the weekend programs feature templates that do not work for your personal style or perfect clientele.
5.   Go inside yourself often, meditate and create your “resonant tone” that will emit a question into the universe that will be answered affirmatively. It will come to you without pressure, bonus promises, deals or hype.
6.   Find other successful practitioners and talk to them.
7.   Be authentic and develop your own signature …then find the business expert or coach that matches you.

We are all on a learning curve here so there is no right or wrong. No judgment. As I have seen a lot of people get into programs and learn a lot and grow, and then develop their own thing. Yet, there is the other side of spending too much and getting little from those that study specific pitching techniques. These producers then attract customers who spend their savings hoping to be filled with what they need and feel cheated and embarrassed to at a deep level. People talk to me. One gave an organization $100 to simple go hug a tree…all coached in the priestess-spirituality tradition of empowerment. These high-pressure self-proclaimed “specialists” are into the new exciting sales opportunities next year, finding a new market. Just watch their track records.
So the answer is…. lets talk openly of what is happening by who and why. Look at the underlying intentions and ask yourself what is really valuable and works for the greater good towards reciprocal collaborative circle mentality?
We are morphing from a top-down authority and money system into a more equi-lateral feminine model of sharing and caring. Nobody takes home all the money.
WE all are asked to Live more simply. Share our individual mastery in circles of connected community.THIS is the basis of the coming ways and I think we are just right past the middle point in tolerating these high-powered schemes to sculpt beautiful Healing Practitioners into money machines. It just doesn’t work that way, it’s against nature. Enjoy this Meditation and Talk as part of the

 Free Weekly Wednesday Meditations:  

If you would like to learn more about the Emerging Circles of Feminine Empowerment you can join SOAR…an initiative that supports the formation of Circles of worldwide. Become am ambassador of profound change through truth…

                       The New Model..where everyone takes a turn sharing their Mastery…at affordable prices. At our SOAR gathering 9-2015IMG_8385600_442565428      ……and the Bright Side of Life with Sahar Nafal’s Community…in Circle, in Community Sept. 25 where  I facilitated the closing circle where we married Business with Spirituality. The Perfect match of energy to move forward powerfully with our work and message.



Jan Cercone is a Visionary Messenger working with those that are Awakening their Truth and Divine Essence to be of service in the New Paradigm. You can join her through Voice Release Workshops, Sound Circles, the SOAR leadership Program…Or become part of her Coaching Program for more personal attention.  She is in Nevada City at the Light Loft, downtown Nevada City.

Jan Cercone at

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Releasing Loss, Grief and Sadness Meditation and Energetic Cleansing

These are challenging times and we are being required to see our losses differently, with a new perspective so they don’t traumatize us so deeply. It is human to lose, have heartbreak, stumble with disappointment but when we accumulate layers of unresolved grief and sadness there is no room to be present to any moments of joy. It becomes difficult to imagine a happy relationship, or finances as we long for an earlier time…. and we on rock photo of me Ashlanddevelop an anticipatory sadness which is called fear. I have lost a twin baby, a marriage, had huge romantic heartbreak, and loss of self at times if I am being totally honest. These are significant times to re-create ourselves in our own divine image and we have to lose what doesn’t fit or work anymore. That’s a lot!!
In this meditation we begin to go to the energetic root of old hurts and losses and make room for new experiences.

I use the 3 Point Be the Light process and you will find that if you sit still, listen and guide the energies as instructed you will feel and enjoy a relief from the heaviness in your heart, lungs and body.
To become open and engaged in life again, and turn back the clock on aging and disease we just need to access energetic purification and it then settles into the physical body. I hope this helps. I also hope it helps you see that loss is always a difficult lesson and holds a seed for new life and growth. It makes us softer, more compassionate towards others and supports our living a more simple life based on new principles. We can’t evade loss but we can “re-frame” it with contemplation to make a peaceful bed for it so we can live with the lessons until it’s time to get out of that bed and get on with our lives. Enjoy more insights in this 30 min. Video



If you are experiencing deep sadness, trauma, and emotions you are having difficulty handling, I suggest you work with the Be the Light Meditation process found in my free Youtubes. Our Membership Circle features healing, a weekly Lesson and more.  Don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance in person or through an internet session. Loss is one of the most difficult things we face and we can move through it with support and tools. Join her FREE weekly Chat Room on Wednesdays at 9am.

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Vibrational Specialist with a focus on supporting people to be who they really are. Her creative processes clear and heal the Body, Mind and Soul. She is an Omnium Graduate, Avatar, Minister, Uncovering the Voice Graduate, and International Workshop facilitator and Tour leader to Sacred Sites. She founded the SOAR Women’s Leadership Initiative and can be found at the Light Loft in Nevada City, Ca.

Jan Cercone at

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The Harmonics of Immortality

Posted By on Jun 18, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.54.45 AM “The Harmonics of Immortality”

Leave it to the baby boomer generation to figure this all out. We don’t want to age or not feel good. Is it really true we have a certain number of breaths in our lifespan?  I don’t think so.  Our generation has broken the container of limitation. Some of us are actually feeling  younger and more full of vitality than ever. We now have science and meta-physics to support us. Yes, we now know that stress causes cortisol and it shortens lifespan and telomeres need Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.55.59 AMlengthening!  Toxins and poor eating and exercise habits top the list for most but there is something SO fundamental we sometimes Miss it.

Our Very Thoughts about our body, our state of consciousness and the resultant thoughts are the true determinants for aging…or not!!  It’s an inside out job! We can re-program cells to clear and regenerate!!!!

We change our VIBRATION thru out thoughts to a new Harmonic Profile!!!

……..yet there are definite periods where I hit a wall of low vitality. Why? Because my thoughts drift into a different frequency band. I entrain with the general social consciousness bubble. Or drink a diet root beer. We need tools to “pop” out of our perseverative natures to focus on the fearful what ifs.   I developed the Be the Light Meditation process and in 10 minutes I can re-focus and re-set.  Simply set a sacred space, call in my guides and make an intention. Never fails me. And I can direct energy to any organ, tension or thought field. My age and how I feel is my complete responsibility and creation, for better or worse!

You can do this too. It’s simply focusing and using Vibration with our minds, or our consciousness to guide the processes within our body. And it is EASY once you get it. It is exacting consciousness processes that we use that keep our cells clearing, regenerating and repairing to any age level. Only when we fall into the hands of low vibration emotions or people for too long do we sag a bit!! I often say, what if we ALL did this work all the time? What if everyone stayed vibrant? A new paradigm!!  The ancient Essenes and Egyptians practiced complicated processes to keep their body youthful. We can reverse our beliefs and bathe our  bodies with positive results that are beyond what we had imagined due to the acceleration of consciousness on the planet now.  So it was very heartening to see this article on my iphone  shared by Plant Harmonic specialist Bruce Hasuschild via Vidya Frazier:

An ultra-sound confirmed that a 65-year-old woman regenerated, within two months, her uterus and right ovary which had been surgically removed when she was 30.
A man with a gangrenous varicose ulcer was advised urgent amputation of the leg but went instead to the cell regeneration clinic in Moscow and recovered by 80% within one day. He was monitored by medical diagnostic equipment while undergoing the treatment. Another woman, suffering from diabetes, who had lost her eyesight, recovered her vision. Yet another woman discovered that her teeth had regenerated.

As a physician of energy medicine for many years in Australia, Dr Hazel Wardha (PhD, Monash University, Australia), naturally became curious about such dramatic outcomes. She consistently observed that the genetic program of a diseased organ could be altered to a positive state by transmitting certain energy frequencies with a strong intention, and this could result in the correction of all other imbalances in the body. She witnessed such results in her clinic through the use of Homoeopathy, Chinese medical acupuncture and Pranic healing. Yet, she had never come across outcomes as described above.

Cell regeneration – to the extent that whole organs which had been surgically removed – could be regenerated to full functionality in those who are receptive and believe that they can control the atoms in their bodies through specific techniques, was a reality and definitely not a myth. It was mind-blowing technology, as far as Dr Hazel Wardha was concerned.
As she puts it, the most exciting aspect of this methodology is that everybody can achieve positive results, not only in regard to organ regeneration, but also teeth, hair and regeneration of cells and structures, anywhere in the body, if they diligently practice the techniques and have a strong belief that this system really works.

These live testimonies are available on a documentary called ‘Light Of Eternity’ produced by Dr Arcady Petrov, a leading Russian scientist, who is the co-founder of ‘New Knowledge of Cell Regeneration’

Medical doctors and scientists, who participated in this documentary, stated that they were stunned by the positive and rapid outcomes of this new technology of cell regeneration. More so, as lay people, not trained in medical or natural therapies, achieved regeneration of their surgically removed organs and teeth and recovered from chronic conditions when they used the techniques on themselves and others.

Divine Man in his light...Jan Cercone at

Yup…these brave doctors and pioneers are quantifying and writing it and saying it in very concrete terms as part of the new Quantum medicine. No tools or machines, it’s people themselves that are regenerating cells and growing back a uterus. Remember Jesus said, “This too you shall do and more.” The people of his time did not have the sophisticated consciousness to harness the will and energies of our creator that we now have access too. It is a very feminine form of intuitive healing as it is a process that is non-invasive, complete and can flow from our creative imagination of seeing and holding YOU as perfect. Then this blueprint is projected out towards you and through entrainment and adjustment processes the end result is….PERFECTION. For left-brainers, there  ultimate techie tracking systems computerized to follow your results too!

My Voice Bio system can show you how much energy you have in your body and where it’s unbalanced.

Because such concepts and practices cannot be grasped, controlled and understood by a mind that holds profit, linear thinking and control as the primary goals in any objective it has been of course, not only mis-understoood but demonized by the authorities. They don’t want us to take back our power to heal ourselves. We always had this ability. We just forgot. But the Shift, the new awakening to many new ideations and initiatives and our overwhelmed and under achieving medical care system will give way to this higher truth. You can heal yourself when under the care of a guiding facilitator.

We always thought this would come in the future. But now, we know something beyond what we could previously imagine. All is vibration and we alter it with our intention. It is our intention, will and belief system that governs everything. Everything. And the medical system has been squashing as nonsense all the new technology to monitor and prove these successes. But, as it turns out we do not need the machines to prove it as the proof is in the seeing and believing. And we are doing it.

In spite of anything else.

Humans will survive and thrive on this planet because of our innate goodness and resilience and ability to recognize and build from TRUTH.

Now one last word…there is another simply way to stay young…just DO what you love and think about it a lot…and love a lot. Then you will not be shortening your lifespan but enhancing it by supporting good physical and emotional vibrational patterns..

                                                                                                Namaste,  Jan Cercone


Be the Light Method of Meditation and Healing

How Miracle Healing Occurs youtube &a…

Guidance for Reclaiming your Health and Youth:  Being Light Coaching ProgramScreen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.57.30 AM

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP, PHN is a Visionary using Vibrational Consciousness.  Speaker, Author, Recording artist.  707-206-5068.

excerpt via Vidya Frazier….related to Dr Hazel Wardha or Email for detailsShe has been licensed to teach Dr Petrov’s work globally and is the authorized publisher of his works in English (

Jan Cercone at

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The Vibration of Truth

The Vibration of Truth

Posted By on Aug 8, 2014

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Helping Humans Celebrate their Divinity!!


How to discern what is true in our confused world……

I would like to talk about truth.
You know it when you hear it,…because you Feel it. It just “rings” (vibration) in your body. Amid the seduction, salesmanship and manipulation of almost every person, corporation and business our hearts are so hungry for truth and goodness. We are starving for a correction. It’s here. The wake-up call of humans calling out the fakes, the users and the smoozers. The big espresso of our times. We “see you” and you know it.
  Feels like a tsunami of truth is washing over mankind now. No leader, country or person is immune to this as one by one we discover, like the emperors nakedness…reality is NOT what we were programmed to think it was. Our tame behavior was crucial to prolong it. But that time is over and we are  finding the truth is bursting everywhere. And things you believed in are melting, and your beliefs are melting and it’s all because of ONE thing. The Divine Plan is having it’s way with this wayward little planet and her people.’s well underway and this plan is built on the principles of creation:
                                                                       IMG_9224   Truth…beauty…love…goodness
It’s as simple as that. Vibrate with those qualities and principles and you will easily attract in your new co-creation tribe. Staying stuck in business practices, relationships and confused alignments and your discomfort level will just rise and rise.
Truth has an actual vibration. A confirming sense. Even if I read something brand new I don’t understand, I can tell if it’s the truth and my perceptual reality hasn’t caught up yet. It’s not what the internet says is true. Or your mother. It’s your navigational sense of truth in any given moment that will guide you to the next best choice to escape illusion.
Truth is contagious
Often outrageous at times
  Takes courage to say truth among sleepers
Truth will set us free, thank you Martin LK
Truth is our best antidote to everything….It is the WAKE Up CALL!!!
We don’t have to say all the truth we know
all the time..just appropriately
There is no replacement or compromise
Science is divided on truth and facts

So where do we find truth?…in the eye of our heart where there can be no violation or manipulation. Our inner, pure knowing. Non-negotiable. You are free in this space to discern. To see and know truth. It is a VIBRATION of peace and reassurance when you hear it.  So if you want to know how to discern truth…go into a meditation and turn off your mind. Just feel. Put the question in your heart. Look at the question through the eye of your heart. You will KNOW.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 5.02.24 PM

Often people say they are amazed by the seemingly “wild” things I say at times, yet they never say it doesn’t “ring” true. I say, well if I lie I lose my Messaging Guest Pass from the creation team!!

Now think of these terms…mis-truths, half truths, and how it brings up the vibration of MIS-trust, or missed trust. We cannot trust our experience if we are not based in truth. All is up for wobbly mis-undertanding, drama and mis-creation. More MISSED opportunity to drop in and work withing a deeper more nourishing reality based on actual truth. Keep thinking about this. It’s worthy of our thoughts.
Namaste……Jan Jorgensen Cercone
Jan Jorgensen Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary Vibrational Specialist at As an Author, Recording Artist, TV Host,  Inspirational Workshop leader she brings the magic of how to create with Intentional Vibration alive. She is the Director of the Solara Quantum Healing center in Pt. Richmond, Ca and has been on National TV, Radio and Newspaper as a recognized expert on Sound Healing.

Events – Education – Inspiration ….. New Vision through Vibration for Earth    The Solara Center – Healing – Women’s Retreats



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Large Sound and LIght...becoming light blogs

Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive

….a timely blog written for our Being Light Coaching Community and beyond!

You cannot divide your attention continually like a chariot driver with horses going into two directions and expect to get anywhere. Where your attention is, that is where you are. There are SO many ways to say this simple truth. Where we put the focus of our consciousness determines EVERYTHING.  Absolute fact. According to Einstein “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.”

And this has everything to do with your spirituality. To be connected to our creator and the matrix, you will need to be anchored into the here and now to fully embody your full self and essence. The Divine you in a physical body in full operation.  The being that you are is SO powerful and alive and unstoppable and it is available to you at any given moment. You are at choice. You can Tune Out, or Tune  In.

I am not talking about healthy day dreaming while we are in-between activities or resting or finding new solutions through fantasy and problemHeart Expanding at Nexus solving. I am talking about our confused usual way of creating conversation, projects, or work from a mind that is half present and distracted and worried about to do lists, money or any one of  the ways we humans experience constant stress and fear. To achieve, create and speak our truth we need to focus. To be in our body and feelings and to not be distracted.

We cannot create from a place, or relate from a place of cohesiveness if we are not fully present. When we leave the ZONE of presence we divide our thoughts, our power and not only do we suffer but whoever is with us loses our presence as well. So often we “tune out” and let our consciousness move out of our physical space when we are uncomfortable or habitually absent. Often children will use this as a defense mechanism in an unsafe world and they don’t even know they are setting habits that will follow them into adulthood. Lets face the truth, it is painful to live and operate in a fear based world. Yet, if you are reading this you know you are not only “stationed here” as a change agent but you contracted to allow the transformation of the world through your active participation. So staying here, fully present is the best way to really find your sense of yourself and build a life that is truly you. Sourced from a oneness that is connected to the bigger grid of truth and reality. Something you can trust.

Every moment we have a choice. Consider how many conversations and things your do everyday. Now think about how fully focused you really were. Dropping into the zone of full presence that allowed you to really feel and know at a deep level of aliveness you are connected to your spirit self.  I offer a third choice to the Tune Out or Tune In. You can Tune UP. Go vertical and get the calm, the focus and the navigation system to coordinate all the aspects of human presence into harmony and positive directionality!

We do not need esoteric years of spiritual training to find our way and we do not have the time or money to devote extensive chunks of energy to spiritualize our life by living in a temple or cave. We are needing real answers now,  when we need them while living in this reality that we wish to change. The fabric of reality that is a mis-creation at it’s core. The reason we are unable to focus is that we are out of alignment with our truth and the fundamental living principles based on vibrational divine alignments. We are distracted by fear which is an illusionary construct implanted by the egoic structuring of our functioning. This is all now up for re-organization and re-structuring on the personal, social and global levels. It’s been a long time coming for the pendulum to shift but it is indeed swinging back for earth to be in harmonic alignment with the galactic and universal tracks of  truth, beauty, love and goodness.

So when I say you can Tune Up instead of Out I am recommending you simply connect with your higher self who is connected to the creator all that is, and there you can have full brain full on focus, clarity and profound knowing. You do not have to splinter your thinking and be drained by second guessing and fear. Imagine a seasoned athlete beginning to take their first action as they slip into the “zone” of movement. Any second guessing or fear or confusion will trip them up. Or a musician begins their groove and their brain chemicals begin to allow them to shift into the zone and create spontaneously and deliberately. Imagine if they suddenly had their attention shifted by their crying baby in the front row of the auditorium. This divided attention would fracture the container of “connection” within and without that artist is experiencing. In your everyday life you can attain this seamless state of connection with the magic, the zone aspect simply by tuning your consciousness to your higher knowing and guidance that is always connected to source. The headquarters for this circuitry of connection is in your heart.

Our everyday habits create our reality. Was it Aristotle that said we become the thoughts we have over and over? Feels true. So why not lift our thoughts and ask our higher self for guidance and change our experience from distress to relief? Simply ask and intend to know and understand what is the highest, easiest approach to your life in every moment. And being present with THIS, this asking and listening and responding we can lift up our life experience to a new octave. A place of peace, surrender and ease that will not only bring a new joy and peace but will support you to live longer as well as your physical body balances out and heals. The higher vibrational “field” of your body, mind and spirit working together can elevate you and those around you for a more loving, quality experience of even the smallest aspects of daily living.  And the Change for the World begins with you. It is the only place it could ever begin.

The Three Point Be the Light Meditation process I work with is the core of every group, healing and presentation I participate in because it lays the foundation for this simple spirit connection. Here it is:

1.  I ask and intend to set a sacred space

2.  I call in my spirit guides and connect to my creator

3.  I make an intention and then allow the answers, energy and guidance to come.

We live in complicated, off-kilter times yet we have never had such an acute understanding of the energetic field and our potential to masterfully re-create reality on all levels. This too, you shall do and more is coming to fruition as every person has the ability to simply ask and receive higher guidance. The transformation of our human experience is accelerating as more and more people are taking the reins of their own life and destiny in their hands by understanding metaphysics and sustainable living principles.  It is actually very simple to turn our attention upwards to our creator and ask for the right answer as we keep our focus unwavering on the task at hand. No more confused energy, divided and spread out. We feel, sense and discern. Our attention stays permanently connected upwards and our pipeline to our highest best truth guides us effortlessly. Then we are attracted to and become attractive to others who are in their zone and we can create powerfully and seemingly effortlessly without ego or power in the mix. Our work and aim is to do good. Be of service. And feel good.

We are turning a corner together as more of us are “waking” up to the power of intention and coming together and using our prayer and meditation to  change reality. A Washington DC group filled a gymnasium and prayed and significantly decreased crime and experienced meditators can even change weather activity. Why? Because the speed and power of higher frequency vibration has dominion over earth-based density. That is how healing works overall. Lower vibrations (disease, disorganized systematic chaos…will entrain with and align with  more harmonic higher vibrations) The Quantum zone is scientifically validated and lets use this information to lift our lives and humanity beyond the illusion created by fear. If we can change anything and everything….lets do it. Let’s dream a new dream for us and earth with new focus, love and determination.  I invite your comments and please share your miracles of intention in the comment box below! We can inspire each other!!


Here’s a little Youtube to enjoy on this topic and do sign up for my mailing list at the link upper right…Namaste!

Every Wednesday I offer a mediation call to lean and master these simple steps to “Be the Light” and I invite you to join me.

Lastly, perhaps you would like to practice the Be the Light Meditation? another good youtube at this link.

Blessings on your journey to the light. It does not have to be so challenging. Tune Up, not Out.

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary Messenger specializing in Energy Heaing and Consciousness. She is an Omnium Graduate, Avatar Master and Stuided Anthroposophic singing for 30 years. An Ordained Minsiter, Recording Artist and Author, she offers inspirational Workshops and Events to inspire Divine Connection. She is a gifted Healer and Master at running energy and can teach you how.

She offers a 3 month Coaching Program for individuals seeking to become connected to their life purpose and truth.

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