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I invite you to….take back your power to

Heal Yourself by learning to “run energy” powerfully and effectively.

Are you an Artist, Healer, Teacher or Visionary? Welcome to the place that knows YOU are the answer for Three things that open the gate to authenticity this off-balance world.  Churches, Society and your own family have failed to bring you the truth about Source, your real Power and rights…..making everyday Miracles ordinary!!

Imagine having  tools and information to dis-create that which does not serve you, and a way to bring into your life that which you need to do be your total authentic self. Time to Lighten Up….seriously!! We are spiritualizing matter, and that is you…. BE the Solution.




Visit Jan at her office for a Private Appointment in Olympia, Port Townsend, or On-line session LINK for appt      

  1. Voice Release Sessions, Workshops
  2. Intentional Creativity Painting Sessions

   3.Women’s Circles in Port Townsend

– small groups, for dedicated beings familiar with Energy attunement,

Port Townsend first Sat of the month 10-11:15 Circle info LINK

email to attend:

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Individual sessions are $100-$250 per session depending on the time/modality

 in person or over the Internet  (paypal, charge or check)

call to schedule all of the above:  707-206-5068

or email at:


for those seeking profound change and support…..

The New ERA Mentoring program


Talk with Jan to see if the Program is right for you, LINK

2. VIP program..for those desiring an immediate intensive time of healing, restoration. We custom create your healing path together at your place or mine over a time period that serves your needs.

Additional Offering: Speaking Engagements, Inspirational Group Sessions, Voice analysis and Bio-Feedback entrainment are called computerized Portacle Sessions

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Being Light Coaching Group Graduation Party....Jan Cercone of

The first Be the Light Coaching Program graduation


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  Women’s Voice Release Circles  simple processes to free our voices in circle together, you can invite Jan to your established group or create a Circle for this magical interactive workshop!!!


Every Becoming Light activity has a core of the 3 Point Be the Light meditation Process that protects your energy field and allows you to bring in beautiful High frequency healing energies. This is how the ancients healed and we can do it easily. Time to apply the Becoming Light “Bliss Ball” on your everyday quagmires, problems, and confusions. A vibrationally based process, we simply use our consciousness to command in an orderly 3 step process how to smooth and shift the most significant areas in our lives:

Physical     Relationships   Work     Spiritual Connection

How do we “Run energy?

We use the 3 Point Process to Harness our own Divine Energies

 fancy be the light

What is covered in the 3 Month Coaching program:

Transform the Body             

            – harmonizing the bodily frequencies                                                                          Rainbow

            – aligning your circuitry to Spirit

            – releasing Chronic pain and emotions

       Find  Connection to Source

             – still your mind and find peace

             – learn to let spirit set the route

             – release resistance and fear

             Open to “Heart” Relationship

             – release the structures of false thinking

             – re-fresh your capacity to feel and love

        Right Work                   

             – re-define yourself  to your truth

             – stop looking outside yourself

             – gain clarity and peace

 6.  Do you still think this is possible to shift something through conscious art?

—(Answer from Tish McNamara…client of Jan’s who had her Soul Portrait painted with a Be the Light Session)

Absolutely!  There are infinite methods for evoking healing and change.  God is unlimited; Creation is unlimited; Creativity is unlimited.  What it takes is sincerity, integrity, imagination and opening to the Divine.  Jan has made of herself a wonderful conduit through her life of spiritual explorations and dedication and now has found a mode of work that is truly inspired and unique.   I am particularly impressed with the process she uses, the layering and the multiple facets/modes of approach.  The setting of an explicit goal, the time allotted (neither too short nor

too long), the parts of the process, the checks and measures, and the physical product are clearly and discretely defined, but the means of reaching them is not just a single session nor even a single type of treatment.  She uses layers over time, allowing and bringing through genuine perceptions and interpretations in the form of art that can be reflected upon again and again.  She elicits and encourages thought and focus.  She provides so many forms of feedback — the gorgeous art, the journal that records the insights and perceptions she had while making it, the phone consultation and the questionnaires to bookend the project.  There is depth and there is beauty and there is extra-sensory/inter-dimensional perception all together.  Ahhh… and there is

when we are criticized we wilt...she can absorb the pain

when we are criticized we wilt…she can absorb the pain

something special that is desperately missing or depleted from our lives and society on the whole, and that is HONORING.  What Jan is doing is honoring, greatly, the person she is working with, producing in the end a reflection of the self the person has yet to see, through Jan’s own inner eye and insight.  Anyone who brings more honor into the world has a very special gift and mission.  I have seen innumerable modes and processes and techniques for energy work, for healing, for self-improvement across many cultures and countries.  Each has been impressive and effective in its own way.  I LIKE the way that Jan is doing this the best of all so far.  What is more, her painting of the subject in this spiritually oriented way accomplishes and reveals something all the spiritual teachings try to convey – that you and I are one.  There is something of each blended into this one image and that includes or emphasizes, perhaps, the large one-ness within us.  I can see all that in the image at the same time.  It’s a great visual model of that teaching.

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I have been enjoying the expanded, amazing benefits of our second session together and wondered if I could schedule another, as I continue to rise up and through, and my art is turning too and moving into a very high place. My body craves these sessions: it’s better than a massage, in a way, Spiritual Soulfood that has physical lasting vibrations. Thank you so much. And please let me know if you think a third session would be too much.    Kat, Oakland, Ca

Your Beautiful gift of Sound Healing which I experienced with you yesterday was beyond words. Never have I felt so accepted, nourished and loved at the Soul Level.  The frequencies are still resonating within me. My Voice is resonating more normally. My gratitude is boundless.  Joan B.

circular artwork above by Rowena Kryder, Flower of Life by Katie Cercone

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