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Posted By on Feb 13, 2014


SOAR…Sounding Our Authentic Resonance

Joining with other Women in Sacred Retreat to Find YOUR Voice

 “The essence of the Divine feminine is her powerful voice of truth”

There is a revolution on this planet and it is occurring through the Voices of the Awakening Women. Mothers, Sisters, Healers and Visionaries who are hearing the call to step up and become who they promised to be to help shift the earth and her people back to her senses. As each woman becomes aligned with her intuitively guided higher self all her actions and decisions become purposeful, passionate and joyful.  Naturally,her rising vibration effect her family, community and global activities.

The Goal for SOAR is to have Workshops to facilitate and support the empowerment of Women. Through song, ritual, movement and sharing we make a circle of safety where each can emerge and birth her own divinity and Voice of authority. You can join us at our retreat/workshops by watching your newsletter and following the events page.

The Long Term Vision is to create a roster of Women in their Leadership Mastery who will go out in the World Visiting Circles of Emerging Leaders. We will model and enhance the Principles of:

      Natural Healing Arts and the ARTs

      Sustainable Living Principles

      Leadership and Empowerment

A Mystery School will be developed to create the possibility for many women to gain skills, confidence and the tools needed to be part of this team of Awakened Feminine Ambassadors. We are seeking funding for a lovely Inn in Southern France for this purpose.

                                   The Soar Vision Youtube    Soar Gathering Women

Dear Jan
To be able to share just two days was  a gift for me. To be with women who are so gifted and dedicated to their individual goals in the light is completely over whelming and I savored every moment of the days we shared. I have never considered myself a leader or claimed that position in life. If it means that I am to be someone who might lead in any way I of course. will be ready to accept the challenge. Your leadership is an inspiration to anyone who follows the path of light.

Much love

Dearest Ones, This ranks in the Top 10 of the coziest, most loving, magical, heart-opening weekends I’ve spent in my lifetime, and I’ve been part of a LOT of heart-opening gatherings..Thank you to each one of you for dancing in our exquisite mandala together.   Jan, thank you for creating the cosmic container.  Your vision is so deep and so clear. Blessings to all, Michele Hodah Heart

Dear Sisterhood of the Heart and Soul,

Thank you for your beautiful PRESENCE and open hearts to give , receive, co-creating  setting a  beautiful energetic tapestry  of leadership in such a joyous love field way.
Each of you have touched my heart with your courage , tenderness and  vulnerability.
I am grateful for this opportunity to get together in such a Sacred way.
Deep gratitude for Jan Cercone to have listened to the call , trusted and obeyed the guidance of Spirit to hold the space both physically and energetically for this gathering to unfold.

Jan led us with the rains of love and kindness, and set a beautiful example for Woman’s leadership .
Jan Cercone  navigated  the logistics and interactions ,maintaining her poise , calm ,fun authentic SELF.
What a beautiful leader! Inspiring by BEING!!!
Throughout the weekend , I watched her expressing the message and the needs that would arise with  clarity , gentleness and Heart connection.There are Mighty shifts, interruptions and terminations along with Mighty birthings and blessings that will occur simultaneously internally and externally throughout this year…Participant Feb 2014 workshop

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