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Divine Time Circles Recordings with Jan

Divine Time Circles

 Thank you for being part of the Divine Time Circles Program.
  • you are finding your voice in the world and asking for what you want
  • you are seeing the bigger picture for a positive future and your role in it

These Videos hold the meditations and processes over three sessions to continue your personal process.

The Recordings are approximately one hour each, a 3 hour program in total.

You have either taken this class in person, or have purchased the set to watch, pre-recorded.

Listen and watch each Session YOUTUBE below  in a quiet non-distracted space.

Try to answer the questions Jan raises with the participants yourself, stop the video and then restart.  You will find there are times when Jan is talking to the live participants, and the the audio picks up after the conversation.

Enjoy. oh! please do not share these!! thanks, just for you.

Divine Time

Divine Time


Becoming a Creator Being using simple tools..

Workshop ONE

Overview of the Divine Plan and the  Be the Light Mediation Process
Sharing a bit about ourselves and creating a container of safety, community

– Divine Plan overview
– Description of the steps
– Healing  – resourcing – connecting to guides, source
– The Grid and your GPS system
– Vibration and Sound, how it factors in
– Stilling the mind, how and why
– Making an intention, I Ask and Intend

Group work:
Practicing and establishing a clear thought-free state
Q and A and sharing, for in-person
Homework suggestion, practice the meditation, here is a practice link:
Before class one: you might want to consider this Practice item or resources to enhance your first class experience, but not necessary

1. Learn about the Be the Light Meditation process:  explanation and practice video link
2. Consider buying this book “The Divine Plan 2012 and Beyond” by Caroline Cory


Workshop TWO

“Using the Be the Light Process to Shift Reality”

– Group check in and sharing for live groups

– Review the process, examples, how to word the intention
– Create an experience to “shift” something…VOICE RELEASE
– Your GPS system
– Take a journey within and without and find the zero points on the grid

Group Work:
– Choose a topic, subject to focus on, create a group intention and go through the process
Q and A and sharing
Homework suggestion, practice the Be the Light Meditation, continue some Voice Release

.Learn more about Voice Release here:  Voice Release Video


Workshop THREE

“Accessing the Grid with your GPS and become a Creator Being”

– Group check in and sharing for live groups

– Establishing your GPS system within the Grid
-What type of being are You?
-What is enlightenment?
– traveling – retrieving information  – going to your planet of origin
– connecting with other conscious beings in other dimensions
– Taking a Journey to your place of origin

Group Work:
– Sharing
Q and A
– Closing Meditation and Intentions

Continued exploration suggestions…..join our free Wednesday 9am pst Be the Light Meditations at this link

…….of course, this is an interactive course and these are only general guidelines, we will see where we all go together!!

If you took the class LIVE on zoom with Jan,

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Awakening, Activating, Aligning and Ascension!

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“Jan has the phenomenal gift of holding immense Light and bringing it forth to share in an amazingly grounded and easily understood manner. The Divine Time Circle was pivotal along my journey of self-discovery and healing. I learned even more about my purpose and how I am to share my gifts. Connection, clarity, and confidence are my biggest takeaways from this powerful gathering. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jan and all attendees!”

Hilary Brumley

Founder, Sound Healer, Vibrational Channel, Intuitive Holistic Wellness


A recent interview with Mystic Magazine can provide the container of where I am coming from: