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Enriching your Life through the Power of your own Voice

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        The “Sound” of Healing


                  …enriching your life through the power of your own voice


     Once thought of as New Age, the ancient methods of Sound Healing are now finding applications in traditional healing settings worldwide. Can tuning forks re-align spinal energies? Why does toning with crystal bowls seem to unleash the soul? How does it all work?  Sound healing occurs when we use intentional vibratory means to rebalance a matrix. A matrix can be a physical or emotional problem, or blockage in the natural “vibrational flow.” The ancients knew our emotions and feeling world is closely linked to our physical health. They used  rattles, voice and rhythmic chant to sooth and shift energy naturally. There is an inner-connectivity that is difficult to describe in logical terms; it’s all about energy.  We are constantly living and interacting within a larger contextual energetic, or vibrational, world. The nature of this reality is called “field and flow.” When we are healthy, we are flowing with nature and our emotions and our field is vibrant.  Contractions in these patterns can cause densities (inflammation,sclerosis) Applied sound shakes up and re-organizes your vibrational pattern.   One way to access this information accurately is to measure the frequencies within the voice!!


  New Sound Healing Methodologies Compliment Medicine

     Modern computer sound technology allows us to graphically plot the VOICE frequencies to see just how well we are maintaining our personal “field.” The Voice Bio shows us how our daily choices of energy input: emotions, food, computer EMF, create our own individual wave. The frequencies correlate to music notes. Often, women  low in the note of C have a depleted thyroid!!  No C note or B with high E indicates a potential  pre-cancer profile.  Each pattern can be turned around with Sound Therapy, through the voice. Sounding, or toning the notes you are low in will re-balance and correct the pattern. Correct the pattern, release the disease pattern. Sound and energy medicine will eventually replace pharmaceutically driven health care


The Power of Your Own Voice

     We are always communicating, even before we open our mouths We sub-consciously project our energy out into other people’s fields when we speak to them. We become transparent as our emotions, intentions, and love or fear are mirrored to them in our communication.  One program, called Voice Mapping, allows us to pinpoint just which parent we have patterned our voice/emotions after. These holding patterns of tension can be released through new frequency therapy so we don’t have to attract customers to play-out unfinished business with. You will attract happier partners, and customers who match your new vibration. A relaxed, confident voice of feminine authority is irresistible.  It is interesting to note that we will tend to attract a primary mate, clients and friends  who carry an opposite frequency vocal wave, to support and nurture our resonance.  Science has proven all of this!


 Release your Voice to Unleash your Sensuality

     Second chakra blockages are often reflected within the voice. Deadened passion creates a flat voice with a type of “lid” on it. Both cry to be released and healed. My first jazz singing teacher instructed me to sing through the vagina to empower my singing voice by relaxing at my core. How can you enhance your energy field through your voice?  Sing, tone, or chant daily for a dose of daily harmonic vitamins. Learn to release your emotions through your voice by sounding them (in the shower is great) Get the pelvis rocking. Hum to babies. Experiment to stretch the parameters of your vocalizations to therapeutically ignite new relationships within your muscular/nervous system.  Anthroposophically inspired “Therapeutic Singing,” though the work of Rudolf Steiner, is a new form of medicine that diagnoses and treats through vowel, consonant and breathing therapy. Singing therapy is a natural way to tune up.


        Speak your Truth to Heal Your World

Lastly, learn to value the power of your own voice and words as the magnification of your essence, or presence, in the world. When we speak, we employ the creative manifesting power of intention through our Will. You will manifest that which you sound, you already do! Remember……


         – Slow down your communications with compassionate heart thinking


         – Be authentically real even when it’s scary. Turn your life around with a shared    

                moment of truth or a timely question.


– Keep your self talk positive and affirmative. Pray to lift your vibrations.


– Consistently employ your voice to serve your highest good by building better relationships with all in your world, including you.


 Let your voice “sound” your truth…. and heal the real you. So go ahead and Enrich your Life through the Power of your OWN voice and  echo yourself out into the world as a change agent of light!!

Jan Cercone RN, MA, Music/VoiceBio Practitioner,  Specializing in re-balancing women’s health and spiritual ascension. Workshop leader, International speaker, Author/ Recording artist. Her Women’s Voice Release is a powerful tool for women to re-find their voice and empowerment. Jan is the Director of the Solara Center. She authored “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” to assist women to articulate to their partners what they are going through as they progress through their Spiritual Awakening!

Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

Jan Cercone’s story of leaving safety and tradition to find her own voice and wings is an inspiration to women. She offers a heart-centered message full of hope.” Marci Smirnoff  #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason.

Jan Cercone’s work brings in intuition and sound healing science to help women use their voice to empower themselves.” Steven Halpern   Grammy nominated recording artist and sound healer

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan Cercone. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I did not want  the state of blessedness to end.”

 —Pat RN, VoiceBio client

“Jan has an extensive background in Music as therapy. She combined lecture,interactive musical activities, and  color in combination with music into her class. She was wholeheartedly involved, inspiring, motivating and joyful in her presentation.” K.M., SRJC

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