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How to Cope with Ascension Symptoms….and Special Bonus “Being Light” Formula!



Hello Community!

Here is a free up-to-date  List of How to Support your Body while you are going through the Ascension Process of “Spiritualizing Matter” which is YOU…. Your physical body needs to have all the right chemicals, light, liquid nutrition and positive thinking right now to keep the electro-magnetics all flowing in the right direction.

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Now here is how I suggest you stay balanced and sane during your period of

“Awakening to your Divine Essence”

     Blessings and Welcome,

Jan Jorgensen Cercone RN, MA, CMP


                “How to Cope with Ascension Symptoms as you

                                               “Become Lighter”

1.      Drink lots of water to keep your electrical system protected

2.     Bathe in natural salts  

3.     Find a crystal to protect your energy field, find just the right one   

4.    Grounding Tuning forks…  C, or an archangel, or C Sharp

5.     Sit still and breathe. Meditate, still the mind

6.     Drink electrolyte drinks, without sugar

7.     Get into nature, with bare feet on the groud. Get away from EMF

8. Laugh and Sing a lot, while Dancing!

9.     Read  “What is Light Body”  a channeled book by Archangel Ariel

10.  When uncomforatable, ask your angels and guides to  neutralize the

Process and balance the energies.

11.     Find others to talk to about what you are going through

12.   Stay away from negativity,  people, TV and the mass hysteria

13.   Develop Ritual and simplicity in your home and routine to allow

For your nervous system to have rest

14.  Ask for guidance, you do not have to feel alone. In meditation

Ask to be shown the easiest best way always

15.   Trust the process…you signed up for it

16.   Be hopeful and assured it’s all heading in the right direction with a

Wonderful outcome and have gratitude.

17.   Ask to be shown your specific role in the new divine plan for earth

18.   Rest when you are tired, do not push yourself

19.   Get help clearing the more difficult energies you are struggling to clear

20. Move your body, get massages

21.   Essential oils, in the bath, on body pulse points

22.  Come to Sound Healing Circles

23.  Listen to relaxing music

24.Practice Positive affirmations

25.  No artificial products in or around your body

26.  Join a group to connect with others who are moving forward

27.  Wear sacred jewelry that reminds you of your divinity!!


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….the SECOND COMING is thru YOU, are you Ready?

and now a BONUS…

How to get aligned and stay aligned with the simple Be the Light Formula

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 Yes, Use this Process everyday to Release that no longer serves you, and to bring in what you wish to experience. It is very powerful and can help you feel safe and sane and stable during anything!!

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Jan Sara Jorgensen Cercone

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