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Living Tone as Healer…Rudolf Steiner was so brilliant!

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Music…..Inspired by Anthroposophy             by Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP

The Living Tone, or the “tone beings” are welcomed gently as the singers effortlessly float the most exquisite soft, yet clear, radiant vocal tones.  The space is soft as well, the geometrically rounded arches within the room and the mottled rainbow colored walls bespeak of a special space.  Soon, piercing, yet pleasing, tones ring from the metal gongs made according to Anthroposophic priniciples.  (which includes periods of buriel within the earth).  Intelligent individuals discuss the effects of changing orchestra tuning from 4430 to 440 and the effect on the human nervous system.

     This is not a futuristic occurance, but a group of present day workshop participants eager to learn and apply the principles of tone and musicality that the great philosopher Rudolf Steiner laid the foundation for many decades ago.  The singers, teachers and musicians who are in attendance will adapt their new skills and awareness and take the magic back to their communities where children, the elderly and colleges will benefit from this “therapeutic” aspect of New music. 

     The musical Impulse, as it is called in Waldorf school/Anthroposophical circles is timely for our society. Rudolf Steiner prophesied that our materialistic, sensory overloaded numbed   society would be in great need of the new music and his spritiual/scientific methods would be of value to re-connect the human inner core to a more natural, healthful rhythmic state and being.  The musicians thus schooled in these principles would be enlightened initiates and spread the seeds of healing tone through vocal, instrumental and instructional work.  That within the work is carried the seed for human transformation.  The new impulse takes the form of Schoolings, or courses given by advanced teachers, on various fronts.  The Erythmy study is based on movement and rhthynm, restorative and inspirational.  The Lyre is the gentle chosen instrument that has been embraced by the Anthroposophists and it’s reincarnation in the last century was achieved for this very use.  It’s design and unique pure tone qualities are a living breathing extension of this work’s essence, bringing the inaudible to the audible…then back again.  The National Lyre Association of America meets regularly to promote and enhance this forum.  “New” instruments are used. The gongs are most wonderous, with their heavenly base notes and shimmers of overtones.They are available, to the connected and economically able, and come in every note and size. Rods, small chimes, and other instruments are also used in the workshops of tone and color, an extension of vibratory healing tone. 

     The developing school of “Uncovering the Voice” is another branch of this work.  It is this schooling, developed by the opera singer Werbeck Svardstrom that became my “spiritual path” for 25 years. The training that allows the singer to literally uncover, lift the veil from, the musculature/ego bound human voice to reveal the tone beings through pure sung tone in all their glory.  Theresa Shroeder Sheker, initiator of the Chalice of Repose project that assists the dying in musical vigil, states that the voice actually launches from the larynx, an alter of alchemy, where the oxygen, carbon dioxide, the intention of the singer…..all combine in such a way as to render a heavely sung tone. A golden moment of soul meeting the physical allows an outpouring of healing bliss for the singer and receivers.

It is this tone, when it is heard by the human ear, that creates a profound response in the listener, a sense that one has “returned home.”

    The study of the Human Voice and how we can diagnose imbalances in the body and apply corrective exercises is the Core of the Therapeutic Singing Program pioneered by Thomas Adam of Germany. I was fortunate enough to bring him here with a colleague and study with him for 4 years to understand the phonetics component coupled with breathing, movement and the astrological components of the human energetic field. In Germany, the Voice Therapists work alongside the physicians to re-work the bodily matrix through prescribed programs. Working with the Voice  Bio technology developed by Kae Thompson I began to see the exact frequency correlations within the human voice and states of imbalance or disease in the human body. How working with tri-tone frequencies could actually “re-set” the energetic patterns back to a healthy vibrant state. Science proves what we intuitively know when ascertaining the exact area needing a shift within the human energy field through sound. Not wishing to be bound by the confines of a particular modality, I began the extensive search of how to spiritualize matter through tone through the world of Sound Healing and skipped the actual certification for the course.

For beginning Sound Healers or those interested in pursuing the magical world of Sound and Healing I recommend the following:

Rudolf Steiner for your foundation for the cosmic magic, science and truth and Joshua Leeds for a scientifically based rendering of this field in a thoughtful, comprehensive applied way.

 Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary with a focus on the re-balancing of human experience towards joy and wellness through New Models of Health Care and Sound and Light Entertainment Experiences,  Women’s Leadership and the exploration of the New Relationship Paradigm. She is the Director of the Solara Healing Center, is a gifted Healer and Educator and was certified in the Uncovering the Voice Method of Singing. She is an Avatar Master, Omnium Graduate and teaches workshops worldwide on the Healing Power of Sound.   

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