The 3 magic keys to Music and Sound Healing….raise your vibrations and dissolve headaches and grief!!



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       The world we all live in but rarely take the time to understand…I want to teach you to MASTER this field  of energy,  Your body!!

      thank you for joining me here…….my favorite topic of all….how all of the principles of

Sound, Resonance, Consciousness and Magic

all line up to bring you a bit of relief from a headache, a long-standing deep grief, a hip problem…I could go on and on here because this leads us to our first principle…

Vibration…Everything IS Vibration..Your Body is driven by our …Thoughts..which are Vibrations of Course!

Applied, focused, intentional thought is like a laser beam to change anything…and then add SOUND…a magic carpet.  So go ahead and enjoy this Free Video with just a few Gems on how this all works….


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Ok, you’ve watched the video…..

Now, in the 21st century we understand the Quantum Field…anywhere anytime our brains can connect with other people effortlessly by intention.  WE are like computers. The internet mirrors our connectivity through Resonance.   OK….Now you see and get it. So I have kind of created a no-brainer, stay aligned monthly Membership to Help you GET and STAY healthy in your body, mind and soul. While I will  be working on your field, I will also provide you with the information and tools to do it yourself if you wish to learn

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