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Quantum Future Envisioning Circles

Quantum Future Envisioning Circles


For Messengers and Visionaries for the New Paradigm

Quantum Future Envisioning Circles

Would you like to influence future outcomes by gathering more information that is inspirational and will help you make better choices today for a better tomorrow?

Through quantum field laws of physics (the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy) we can find a point on the future timeline and travel there. We can access and retrieve important relevant information and bring it back, from the future!

join us:

weekly free Be the Light Meditation at 9am pst at this link:


IN-PERSON Circles First Saturday of the Month by invitation, or rsvp at Meet-up    Donations accepted

10-11:15 am   211 Taylor Port Townsend 401C

Meet-up link to reserve

or email to attend:

Stillpoint Port Townsend

Stillpoint Port Townsend


At the Circles we do this…

  1. Drop into a light trance using simple breathing and sound techniques
  2. We ASK and INTEND to move onto another zero point on the timeline grid
  3. We simply observe, receive information
  4. We come back into circle and share our findings, discuss the meaning and what it means to us personally!

….from recent attendees….

    “I saw myself leading the healing retreats I am always dreaming about”  in the year 2042

    “I was encased in a black soft sac, pink inside, I wonder if I was in a womb about to be born again?”

   “One hundred years from now we are THERE, and all quite harmoniously flowing and there is no strife or angst….nobody wants to live on the old earth plane as there is a new reality.”

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Preparing for the Circle:

  • try to be on time and arrive with time to get prepared
  • no need to be on camera
  • bring a journal and be in a quiet space
  • after a 30 minute meditation you can take part in community discussion

All sessions are recorded and you can watch them at the Youtube Channel:  LINK

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