StillPoint…Inner Voyage with Sound and Light Healing Arts

Still Point Meditation

“StillPoint” Inner Voyage Sound Experience

with Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP, PHN, Rev

…an ultimate heavenly experience via Sound Light and Color to expand human potential and well-being in an exciting entertaining format

A futuristic interdimensional interactive experience to attune the brain, heart and breath to the pulse of the universal harmonics initiating a sense of ONENESS, hope and commitment for global upliftment

“An artistic fusion of prominent Futurist Artists, Sound-Harmonic Experts and Visual media projectionists” …a Staircase to Heaven

What…a 20-minute immersive Sound, Light, and Color experience within the Ayeh Sara Chamber, with an 8- minute preparation session, curated and developed by leading-edge scientists and spiritual initiates. Safe, enjoyable, expansive experience for all ages and health conditions or spiritual backgrounds in a small setting with Lights, Voice and projections.

Total experience time 30 minutes


  • –  Joy and Imagination activation, enter-trainment
  • –  Destress and Relax
  • –  Promote heart-breath balance
  • –  Subliminal Suggestions to Imagine health and vitality
  • –  Expand inner vision to see within and without
  • –  Hear the music of the spheres within
  • –  An initiatory Lightening up experience
  • –  Be inspired to expand consciousness creatively
  • –  Increase vitality, wonder and joy
  • –  Inter-active to increase commitment towards planetary upliftment
Stillpoint Port Townsend

Stillpoint Port Townsend

This experience is being creating and will be offered downtown Port Townsend initially. The prototype is being developed and tested and begins on March 4, 2023.