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Trip to Southern France with SOAR Women’s Leadership

a place to learn the truth, and then go out in teams as an ambassador of truth to world-wide venues in teams

Tour to Southern France with the SOAR Program

May 22 – June 4 at Renne Les Chateau

with  Visionary Leader Jan Jorgensen Cercone and friends               Watch the Video of our 2015 Trip!!

13 days and Nights of Divine Inspiration and FellowshipLes Labadous for France trip

St. Sarah Gypsy Festival…walk to the Sea Ritual…learn how the Divine feminine planted seeds for us that are now blooming, through you!

Discussion…..”How we can step into the New Feminine Model of Leadership Powerfully”

Learn to Master your Energy field with Vibrational Education by Jan Jorgensen Cercone….”Align yourself with your highest Potential and then LEAD”

990101345_119Great French food and Local side trips… Hikes, castles, French meals, by Local tour Guide Jaap

Divine Feminine Exploration to find your OWN place in the story..deep guided meditations and circle sharing, alone time  Prepare yourself to Lead in the New Paradigm with new Attitudes…Learn about the Circle Leadership principle

We are right in the middle of the Cathar Country, where the Divine Feminine flourished and where the women brought Divine Energies to heal, guide and educate people. Our Local guide, Jaap, knows every church and grotto and where Mary Magdalene herself led healing. We are minutes from the Famous little hamlet where the Da Vinci Code was filmed and the mystery of the Divine Feminine became a house-hold concept. We pay as we go…appox $1,800 for for Rooming, meals and activities. Plane fare not included. Reserve your place now and learn more about our trip by contacting Jan at 707-206-5068.  See Registration Link below!

Renne Le Chateau Tour to France“Jan Cercone is a gifted healer and intuitive leader with a deep understanding of the sacred feminine energy. She is offering a wonderful opportunity to study leadership and the healing arts in this inspirational program for women amidst the stunning beauty of southern France.” Corrinne McLaughlin, Center for Visionary Leadership


Watch our Video Here of Our SOAR TRIP to France May 2015 Sarah for Website

Trip Itinerary Below!!!!

  WE will learn how to master our energy fields….and dive into these principles and topics in community



Sacred Divine Feminine with Jan Cercone at

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SOAR Core Training

Dear Jan

To be able to share just two days was  a gift for me. To be with women who are so gifted and dedicated to their individual goals in the light is completely over whelming and I savored every moment of the days we shared. I have never considered myself a leader or claimed that position in life. If it means that I am to be someone who might lead in any way I of course. will be ready to accept the challenge. Your leadership is an inspiration to anyone who follows the path of light.
                                                                                                                                                     Much love  LaVerne

I deeply touched by the genuine love and unity of spirit that was shared on this amazing day! Jan once again created an event to be remembered. Such an expansive experience…I’ve been floating the last few days. Supreme Love.   Thea Kynthia

Dearest Ones,

This ranks in the Top 10 of the coziest, most loving, magical, heart-opening weekends I’ve spent in my lifetime, and I’ve been part of a LOT of heart-opening gatherings..Thank you to each one of you for dancing in our exquisite mandala together.   Jan, thank you for creating the cosmic container.  Your vision is so deep and so clear.                      Blessings to all, Michele Hodah Heart

What an exquisite day! Being bathed in the feminine for 8 hours of bliss! Thank you Jan for hosting such an inspiring and deeply nurturing day!    Aimée Lyndon-Adams, Creating Alliances


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Journey to Southern France   

May 22- June 4  Trip Itinerary

A Splendid Tour to Southern France featuring the First International

SOAR training..”Sounding our Authentic Resonance”…

Leadership thru the Lens of the Feminine, Divine Healing Arts and Energy Instruction, Yoga, Hiking. Day trips to Churches and Divine feminine areas of interest.

Facilitators:  Jan Cercone,  Jaap Remeijer.       

The SOAR Training: Meditation, Awakening Exercises to instill and embody your highest Vibrational profile. 12 days of Joy away from your usual routine. Be immersed, and bathed with spirit of the Divine Feminine!

Jan’s cell:  001 707-206-5068

Arranging your flights:  Call Peter at 415-897-4405 or 1-800-874-7207

 May 22 Friday                                                                

 Arrive Toulouse. We will get everyone from the Toulouse airport to the Hotel in Toulouse..a historical and    beautiful roof-top town with a central canal, cafes. Dinner together at 8pm. Get a good nights rest. Take a look at our trip itinerary for updates.


   May  23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, June 1, 2, 3 

  Renne Le Chateau ……. Les Source at  Les Labadous Inn


  May 23 Saturday

Our first official gathering, we will meet in the Lobby to head for breakfast and review the days plans and begin to meet our fellow group travelers. A lovely countryside drive to Les Labadous with a stop at a French grocery to stock up on foods we like for between meals, our favorite foods. Stop for snacks, coffee. Upon Arrival we will unpack, have some free time to stretch before we meet with Dominique LaCroix and Gordon Lent…author, creators, engineers of the Divine Plan living in France!!

6pm French dinner in Les Labadous dining room.

7:30 Our first Circle to get acquainted and set our Intentions


May 24 Sunday

 We skip Breakfast….We leave quite early with either bag lunches or stop enroute for an early lunch to  attend The Famous Wonderful Gypsy Festival to honor St. Sarah. An exciting day in the crowds as they Celebrate Queen of the Gypsies with a walk to the Sea led by Sarah on 6 white horses… Like Carnivale. Little dark Sarah was the daughter of Mary Magdalene. Dinner on your own for the greatest culinary experience in little alleys with live music. Visit the Church crypt, enjoy church, people watching AND gypsy music.

10pm Sharp! Leave via our vehicles, from our pre-set meeting place to return to Les Labadous.


 May 25 Monday

7:00 Morning Yoga and fresh air stretch, mini hike around Les Labadous…you choose.               

8:00  Full French Breakfast at Les Labadous

9:00- 11:45  Group Circle…creating our trip and personal intentions together

12:30 Drive or walk up to Renne Le Chateau, the Magdalene Tower and Church and

Bring your own snacks, We visit the Da Vinci Code fame Village and have rose ice cream and coffee at Saniere’s garden under the fig trees. Explore. Walk the winding Roman road (10 min) or ride home.

6:00 Dinner at Les Labadous

7:30 Gather in Grand Room for Group Connection.  Beginning Discussion  with the Be the Light Process and Sharing


May 26 Tuesday

7:15 am Yoga, breathing, meditation up at the plateau below Renne le Chateau.

8:00 Breakfast in dining room

9:00  Living within our OWN Divine Energy field.

  Leave for a Day outing…, Renne le Bains,  Alet les Bains with local Shaman and Global Healer Diana Allen of Esperaza.

Lunch at Local café (not included) ….baths, bring swimsuit,

visit the Angel Sanctuary, local sites. San Salvye Church…

6:00 Dinner at Les Labadous

8:00 Gather to Share and Process the inner Journey…Using the Being Light Process

for personal, community and global change. Discussion and experiential. With Special guest David…Sound Healer extraordinaire!!


May 27 Wednesday

7:15 Yoga and breathing early am

8:00 am Breakfast in dining room

9:30- 11:30 am  SOAR Ambassador Training…Being Light and connecting with

 our Spirituality…Noon:  Leave for Afternoon adventure. Bring your snacks along

 to eat along the trip!     Cathar castles of Queribus or Peyrepertuse….stop at

 a beautiful church along the way…..(moderate hike).  Dinner out at_Bishops House? to be decided!!    Relax upon return for a free evening.


May 28 Thursday

7:15 Morning stretch….take a walk…you choose

8:00 Breakfast in Dining Room

10-12ish  Hike to the Mary Magdalene Cave across the Ravine. Moderate hike,

 This is where she performed healing on women.

1-3 Potluck Picnic lunch we create from our provisions.

3p- A Visit to local Stephen Marcus’s home….a restored 17th Century Winery…why he was drawn to this hamlet from his city home!

 6pm Dinner at Les Labadous

8:00  The SOAR program and you…. how to share you!!

… Presence…..Expressive Arts Processes and the Ambassador Program and special local guest to Meet and share their wisdom!


 May 29 Friday

Morning to Journal, wander, be in stillness

8:00 Breakfast at Les Labadous

Get Sack lunches and take off for the Visit to the Perillos Caves….made of crystal, it is the home of the Christ’s family when in transit, a very special holy place. We will stop at sacred places along the way. Beautiful scenery and meditation in the caves make this a very special day. We head off to the deep caves of Perillos, where the Holy Family took refuge, and work with sound, ritual and our voices to heal and expand the truth in all dimensions. We work with alignment in our work and mission.  Some say that Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea are buried there. We visit Opoul Castle and Tautavel. and have dinner out.

As an alternative you may choose to have a quiet day at Les Labadous.

May 30 Saturday

7:15 Yoga, breathing and offering from our group

8:00 Breakfast in the dining room

9:30  Optional Trip to local site… to  learn more about the Divine Feminine and Magdalene legacy…via Jaaps wonderful guidance. Perhaps mini lemon pies?

 Lunch out on our own in the town…

2pm Return to Les Labadous.. support for preparing your Ambassador Vitale…or statement..who you are, what you bring and how. Make a chart, song, poem..…an artistic rendering of this. 

6pm Dinner Les Labadous

7:30  Present your in Small groups…discuss how to create Community Circles anywhere.


May 31 Sunday

9:00 Breakfast

Off to the Esperanza Farmers Market and Church…a riverside sacred town.

2pm- 4pm  Meeting with the Locals…Theme: The Circle of Connection..…Local leaders in

 Spiritual Projects will be invited to meet with us and share in our circle. Free lunch and

 afternoon to continue conversations, visitations, create outings and lunch options with

 new and old friends. Good time for personal sessions, exchanges and plan making.

5pm Gather for Ritual on the Lawn …..Community Circle Sharing, all are welcomed

6:00 Dinner

Free evening to relax or…music together     



June 1 Monday

Leave early with sack lunch and snacks for a 2 hour drive to the picturesque Vernet les Bains for croissants and coffee on the square, then the Hot pools if enough time before a visit to the  Cave Grotto, home of the Magdalene Sarah Vision…a full day to Explore, sight see and have a glorious time!! Early dinner at VilleFranche, a medieval Village where a living community thrives in and ancient walls. We return late to Les Labadous.


June 2 Tuesday

7:15 Yoga, Walk

8:00 breakfast

9:00 SOAR meditations, nature walk. Free day to explore.

Or we create a group Option ……………………………….


June 3 Wednesday

8:00 Breakfast

  10am  a stop at  Carcassone  before visiting a Healing Farm in Toulouse… Visit, relax.

6:00 Last Dinner

7:30 Gathering for closing Circle…Sharing, goodbyes


June 4 Thursday… the Toulouse airport


Leave very early for airport for early flights…check out is 10am. We will

Get you to the airport very early…Drop-offs per agreements.


How to Text Jan in France:  707-206-5068 is my cell. Add 001 before the phone number.

To call home, be sure to add the 00 and then the 1 for USA.  So, 001 and then the number.

We are at:  11190 Aude France at the Les Labadous Inn

Phone:       =33(0)468 742 516

Email Jan at

Jan Cercone at

I deeply touched by the genuine love and unity of spirit that was shared on this amazing day! Jan once again created an event to be remembered. Such an expansive experience…I’ve been floating the last few days. Supreme Love. Thea Kynthia

Hi Jan,
First, thank you for generating such a wonderful experience for everyone by all that you do.  There is no better host/ess.  I see all that you bring together from facility to program to furnishings to artful arrangement to flyers and handouts to food to introductions to music and song to treatment to course material to connections.  You are truly amazing!  And to top it all off you make it look effortless, even when a glitch comes up and needs fixing.  And you are gracious to all your guests from presenters to attendees.  You are a marvel to behold in your element like that.  Gifted in ways most people couldn’t even guess beneath the beauty and joy of your singing and your smile.  It was a treat for me to experience this.
Thank you!   Love! Tish

Jan Cercone is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Political Science, with a  Public Administration focus. She is a multi-faceted leader in the expanding field of Quantum Healing. An author, recording artist, professional singer, profound intuitive healer and visionary, the primary focus of her work is supporting the healing of earth and her people.  Also an author and recording artist, Jan’s visionary, interdisciplinary work as a change-maker and leader in the Divine Feminine field has caused her to take on many roles. Offering a unique new model for complete healing, Jan founded the Song and Spirit Center and developed the Solara Center, where multi-credentialed providers delivered transformational services in a distinctly feminine setting.  Jan’s long-term mission to build a new foundation for healthcare that can be replicated in communities worldwide has led her to establish the SOAR Initiative for Women’s Leadership in France. A leading force of the shifting paradigm, Jan and her unique vision are a focal point for community transformation. She developed a Being Light Coaching program that is the core of the SOAR Women’s Leadership Training.  Books at, Cds at,

   We are the daughters of the Light…and promised to bring the Divine Back to earth!!

I turned the corner in the Grotto and there she was...and the iphone made her gleam in the flash. Limestone colorations became the Magdalene and her daughter Sarah, with a veil. A very important image.

I turned the corner in the Grotto and there she was…and the iphone made her gleam in the flash. Limestone colorations became the Magdalene and her daughter Sarah, with a veil. A very important image.

Soar activityTree at Ricks

IMG_6314Perillos Cave in Southern France...with Jan Cercone at