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Voice Work with Jan for Speakers…..Find your Voice, Find your Life

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Voice Packages

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 Special Voice Package with Jan

                      ….find your Voice, Find your Life

Three 75 min Sessions one on one via internet or in-person with Jan

– Analysis of your Needs and Personalized Voice Plan

$1,200 Value


Identify your style and fear triggers when communicating


    – Learn ways to expand your comfort zone speaking

              Voice Release – Release stuck emotional patterns that affect your Voice

– Pre and post session evaluations

Extra bonus items……….

30 min follow up appt

“Find your Voice, Find your Life” Booklet

   Sounding Abundance CD Link

“Passion Healed Me” book by Jan

       Attend Weekly Free Meditations

        Learn the simple “Be the Light Process” that is life changing

Integrating Sound Bath at each sessions close


The perfect compliment for Women Rising to their Voice of Leadership

Free Complimentary Exploration  Session with Jan

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Voice Release package  with  PDF

Find your Voice, Find your Life

“I don’t have the words to express my joy for meeting you and having experienced your amazing voice and voice-bio session a week and half ago.  I had an incredible emotional breakthrough with my husband the following weekend when we went away for a night– my heart had cracked open and much love and re-connection occurred for us. 

Thank you!  Dana, Hair Stylist


About Jan……

Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CmP learned about the power of Intention, Vibration and Healing working with Hospice patients. If we can help people die, releasing fear, with sound processes can we help them LIVE and overcome fear of speaking?  YES!!  Jan is a Master and  taught students world-wide at the Sound and Consciousness Institute how to heal with their Voice and developed the “Voice Release” method after years of scientific spiritual inquiry. She has led tours to Sacred Sites, Led Women’s Circles and is a popular workshop presenter, Radio Show Host and Producer of the Just Jan Internet Women’s Show. Jan was trained in the Avatar, Omnium, Therapeutic Singing healing methods and develops Centers based on Vibrational healing to support Women in becoming whole and healthy with Voices that can change the world.   Working with Sahar expands Jan’s work to the larger wave of awakening women who are becoming Empowered Leaders.


Learn more about Voice Release …..

What is Voice Release??

 – do you have trouble speaking your truth to others, get fearful and pull back?

– did you know these vibrations are present in your voice and broadcast out your fear and create more of what you don’t want? you are creating resistance to your message as you speak?

– have you had a me singinghard time asking for what your want your entire life? Voice Release will Open your Voice, Heal your fear and allow you to attract what you are needing and wanting into your life!

Voice ReleaseGives You Your Voice, Soul and Passion Back   Does this resonate with you? Then join me and other courageous people taking the “manhole” cover off your Voice and self-expression and come for a day of opening the mother of all nozzles of truth.. your VOICE.

I developed this method after 20 years of studying Fear as a neurological response, Therapeutic singing techniques, and vibrational healing technologies. It fuses scientific tracking of the Voice, vocal toning with a spiritual process of clearing.

How it works:  We enter a light meditative state. You enter the feeling state of when you feel blocked. You sound a vowel and I perfectly lock my voice “into” this exact frequency profile and provide a phase shifting pattern to release the stuck, or trauma energy. We go back and forth on tone and vowels and often there is a profound sense of a release or dissolving of an energy block.