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Women’s Gathering Legacy Lodge in Olympia with Jan




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 September 11 and

September 12 Women’s Weekend in Olympia

Saturday September 11 Voice Release 10-4    $55   in the forest

About Voice Release

THIS ONE IS FULL: Sunday September 12 Intentional Creativity Painting Waterside  11-4:30   $55

Painting on Meet-up:  LINK about the painting

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You can come for the weekend or just attend one of the sessions if you wish.   note. Only saturday is available as of Aug 30

This is a small gathering for those in the SOAR Community or word of mouth.

Walking in the forest, Energy activations, bring walking shoes.

rsvp to:

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Painting with Jan


Bird from Voice

Voice Release

  0                      Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP, PHN

Hostess for the events

is a Visionary Messenger

supporting you to find your way home through the arts!!