Wagon of Joy, Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour


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What do we all need more of?  JOY

It is our next step for creating a New World in CommunityScreen Shot 2022-08-05 at 2.02.14 PM

We can raise our Vibrations together thru the Arts…with INTENTION!

This is the place to follow Jan’sWagon of Joy Tour! have you ever just wanted to escape and live out your DREAM!!!

mine is to visit communities and share our efforts to bring about a better world. I will bring Intentional Creativity Painting, Meditation and Voice Release with Sound Healing.

I hope to meet you along the way….this is Part of the SOAR Template of connecting us!

Would you like me to visit your Community? Get on my calendar: SOARGlobalVision@gmail.com

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Queen of Juggling Plates

Queen of Juggling Plates

Preparation for the Journey beginning on August 24, 2022:


if you have a Community in Colorado or Arizona,  contact me SOARGlobalvision@gmail.com

August 3….is this really happening? time to get the gear ready and calendar going!

What will the Tour Bring to Your Circle

  • An inspirational talk to your community during service or other appropriate venue and time
  • Voice Release for releasing Fear from our Communications!
  • or Intentional Creativity Painting in Circle ..it is easy, therapeutic and fun
  • An afternoon of private healing, counseling appointments at the church or a local home
  • Providing a Sound Journey Event for the community

When I say “Circle” it can mean any established group you have at church, sisters or work, or why not create a Circle aout of your favorite friends. The intention is to leave you with the skills to set a sacred space, hold a Circle that is empowering and sacred for you to become who you really are!

Check out the Video!

Today…Countdown..August 8, 2022…Getting the Car ready…a methodical approach…

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What will happen on the Tour …….. Joy, color and sound

What:  A 2-3 three- workshop for all levels to explore the power of intention, and vision to co-create a new world….full of magic, sound, releasing our Voices!!

………Or a 1  1/2 hour  meditation Circle with sound guided meditation

Process:  We form a “Circle” through sound and meditation and then paint or meditate together  followed by a sharing. Bringing people to a unified shared happy vibration is the goal! The idea is to “pop” our usual routine and inject some color, inspiration and spark into our lives together. We can also choose to not paint, and simply use music and meditation to raise our vibrations!

The experiential session choices include:

  • Self exploration and expression through the Intentional Creativity Painting method
  • A connection to source for inspiration and envisioning a new brighter future
  • Establishing a Sacred, safe space in Circle to feel the power of group support
  • Opening and closing the painting circle with sacred sound instruments and song
  • Voice Release toning to clear our Voices to be belles of Truth!!

Why:  The Arts inspire us and when guided by intention can bring us into a hopeful state of seeing new possibilities. The process of working through the Intentional Creativity steps in a group is fun, easy and cathartic all at once. Jan hopes to lift the spirits and vibration of each Unity Community with her special mix of meditation, guidance and sound used during the painting process. Happy, lifted souls are poised to bring new ideations in circles of collaboration of new ways of being and creating. We need NEW formulas for community co-creation.



I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful time painting in the forest at your beach home in Olympia.  Being with such a connected group of women, who were so accepting, loving and kind was really exceptional. I have not removed the red thread. It makes me smile when I see it on my wrist.On another note, I watched and participated in your meditation last night. It was absolutely beautiful. I would love to thank you for that too. Angela 2021

“Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring Painting day I will never forget as long as I am alive! I am renewed to the very core of my being.”  Michelle 2018

Thank you Jan! It was wonderful learning about all the extraordinary information you taught us, and the sound circle and painting times were potent. I’m grateful I got to learn from you this weekend and I hope to again someday! Your presence speaks for itself in terms of the potency of the practices you offer. WOW workshop participant 3-2019

Contact to bring the Wagon of Joy to your Family, Community, or Church, Vet Group...or to donate to the Tour, the vision….to meet up along the way.


JOY Wagon

What an amazing evening you created at Unity in Marin last night. When you began the meditation I had a vision of being a mermaid, swimming playfully in the water. That was the start of a very magical evening. What an experience. What a blessing to have participated in something so wonderful. No wonder hallucinogens became so popular in the 60’s. I participated in a magical experience that impacted not only me, but my mom as well, and while being in a safe, caring environment. What a treat; I can’t thank you enough. Of course, now I’m spoiled. How do you top that kind of magic? Mary RN, San Rafael

We are finding that connection in Circles we are lifting everone up….ourselves, our family and then when we visit other countries we are cross-pollinating the Joy. SOAR Circles for the New World…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fpEGQxg1Zo&list=PLqlMnr1Dx4K3iNOesZoIyNwtvLCgfhxtE


Facilitator: Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP, PHN, Reverend has worked with groups providing workshops, Sacred Tours, education and inspiration globally. She weaves together spirituality and practical life issues creatively and honors each participants unique expression and journey. A Gifted healer and Founder of the SOAR Women’s Circles Initiative, she inspires people to connect with others through the heart for positive social change. Her mastery of the principles of conscious intention and vibrational healing are part of her weekly zoom Meditation and she was an instructor at the Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco CA. She has been a Radio and TV host, professional singer, author and women’s empowerment coach.  She is a credentialed Intentional Creativity Painting Instructor, Omnium and Avatar Training graduate and Uncovering the Voice Singing specialist. Her PhD focus is on researching the efficacy of her proprietary “Voice Release” for women to feel safe in speaking their truth. Soundandlighthealingarts.com

Set up needs: Tables or easels, water, chairs. Groups up to 30. Inside or outside, any time of day. 3-4 hour sessions or all day.

Bonus Activity: Jan can speak to the Community about the Power of Intentional Art to raise Consciousness for Positive Social Change

Suggested Reciprocity:  $20-30 per person fee paid by each participant is typical, with a percent donated back to Unity

Bio:  Learn more about Jan at this webpage Link


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