Intentional Painting Sessions…SEE the Light


Intentional Painting…SEE The Light

Sound HealerPainting is now incorporated into the Sound, Light and Color Healing methodologies of Sound and Light Healing Arts!  We are incorporating the beautiful Intentional Creativity methods of the Color of Women Program.

Access your deep inner seeing and bring forth that which you see with your Divine Eyes.

Join us for special Workshops….see below for new offerings…..Jan studies with Intentional Creativity Master Shiloh Sophia of the Color of Women program.

You do not have to be a painter. It’s experiential!!!

Register at:   or (707) 206-5068


Workshop Coming up:  Saturday July 7    10-3 with 45 min lunch break

The Intention for this Workshop is..  Finding your Voice with your Sisters

You can attend via Zoom for $35,  or in person for $60 special intro rate with a discount of $10 if registered by June 10.

In-person Attendance limited.  Get your large canvas, brushes and get ready and yes do email me

with your intention to attend.  I will bill you at paypal for zoom, or pay cash on the day of for in person attendees.

Watch this to see what our first-time painters created!!!


The Intentional Creativity process of painting

The Intentional Creativity process of painting

HOW does ART change your experience!  Here is the science

 Three things that open the gate to authenticity