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Be the Light Divine Alchemy Cards

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Card proposal 1

Be the Light Alchemy cards are magical, profoundly powerful divination cards for all people, all ages seeking answers and reassurance on their path. Practical, yet spiritually infused messages reassure and delight the seeker to dive deeper into the answers that will allow them to expand their sense of divine self and refine their approach to life, relationships and work. The Cards are created from Visionary Jan Jorgensen’s original Intentional Creativity Paintings developed over a decade of teaching spiritual principles through art. The Cards can be used without the book as the Artwork, Title, message and affirmation are stand alone for profoundly accurate insightful readings. The book can also be enjoyed alone with the images and messages. A how-to use the cards section and background on the development of the project is included in the book.

The Cards….

About the 48 Divine Alchemy Cards:

Top side:

  • –  Themed grouping listing
  • –  The card’s focus and title
  • –  Original paintingBottom side

Back side:    Message for the Card – Affirmation


About the Cards

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How to use the Cards

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Themed Categories relate to  how our evolutionary transformations are occurring through these processes and commitment to expanding our choices through aligned divine consciousness.

  • –  Know Thyself
  • –  Health and Healing
  • –  Relationship
  • –  Mission and Work
  • –  Global Transition
  • –  Divine Feminine Leadership

The Individual Card Titles
The progression of the cards from self to global are stair-stepped and inclusive to provide a blueprint of self-directed information the inquiry invites. The card is pulled to “match” the question of the seeker.

Know Thyself

  1. Your Timeline from birth to now
  2. Remembering your Divine Blueprint
  3. .Re-claiming your Potential
  4. Moving on from Drama Trauma
  5. Finding your Zero Point thru Meditation
  6. Connecting with Source by Listening
  7. Finding Joy Again
  8. Your Next Best Step

Health and Healing

1. Healing the Spine and Nervous System 2. Healing the Emotional Body
3. Healing the Heart from Betrayal
4. Healing the Endocrine system5. Healing Control issues
6. Healing Autoimmune issues 7. Healing Anger and Grief
8. Healing the Mental Body

C. Relationship Cards

1. Loving yourself
2. Intimate Connection
3. Family Healing
4. Community Cohesion
5. Communication
6. Your place in the Universe
7. Forgiveness
8. Meeting Others in Resonance

D. Mission and Work

  1. Defining your unique Gift
  2.  Imagining it all working out
  3. Attracting the Resources you need

4.Finding your Tribe of Kindred Spirits

5. The Perfect Service in an Imperfect world

6. Removing Perceived Obstacles to Success

7. Standing in your Power

8. Feeling Calm, Trusting and Peaceful

Global Transition

  1. We are One
  2. Ending Hunger
  3. Ending separation from Source Globally
  4. Finding your role in the Divine Plan
  5. Speaking Truth to Authority
  6. Being sustainable, resilient and afloat
  7. Living with Nature in Grace and Harmony
  8. Pledge for everyday living choices in the light


F. Divine Feminine Leadership

1. Be a Visionary
2. Live from your Heart
3. Follow your Passion
4. Call in the Angels
5. Own your Authority
6. Commune with Divine Mother

7. Find your Voice of Light

8. Be the Light