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About Jan

About Jan Jorgensen Cercone RN, MA, Certified Music Practitioner, Public Health Nurse, Minister, Priestess PhD

“Healing from the Heart of God through Sound, Science and Spirit”

Messenger and Visionary for the New Paradigm

“Anchoring the Light on Earth thru the Women’s Voices of Truth”

Certified Intentional Creativity Painting Teacher

  ~ Vibrational Field and Healing Specialist Educator ~ Speaker – Women’s Media TV and Radio

 ~ Divine Feminine Leader ~ Author ~ Recording Artist ~ Workshop Leader ~ Minister

Jan on Zoom talking "Circles"

Jan on Zoom talking “Circles”

I am renewed to the very core of my being. And since my Voice Release Sessions with you so much has changed in my life…I am more calm and can express anger without fear. My Voice is at a lower pitch, people notice it. Thank you for helping me release deep pains in my heart.”  – Michelle H 2018

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I did not want  the state of blessedness to end.”

 —Pat RN, VoiceBio client

“What a delightful presentation and wonderful, uplifting data you’re bringing to the world, right when we need it most. You’re a wonderful presenter and we’re so grateful for you taking the time’  Judy Kitts, Interview June 20, 2023 Foundation for Mind Body Research

Jan learned techniques to move Energy and release Fear while working at the bedside of Hospice patients and teaches groups, institutions and people how to “re-set”.  It’s time to “lighten up and power up” into the mission your were born for. Lets run Joy into our life practice and TV Puerto Ricorelease the old patterns and energies of sadness, anger and confusion.

    She  is a  Specialist in helping people release resistance to standing in their power. She uses Science AND Spiritual Principles to open your inner doors.  Jan is a Singer Sound Specialist and a multi-faceted Leader in the expanding field  of Vibration and Quantum Energy Transformation. As a “Messenger” of these new principles, her gift  is to make the esoteric simple and fun and empower Community Leaders to employ these tools in powerful Circles for Change. She initiatives Creative applications for Healing and Aligning Individuals in Health, Entertainment, Education and Women’s Leadership. In 2018 she added “Intentional Creativity” Painting to her tool kit for Women’s Workshops. Jan is an Author, Recording artist, Professional Singer, Profound intuitive healer, and recognized Visionary who is focused on one thing…supporting the transformation of the earth and her people to a higher path. Like a Flower of Life Geometry, we are creating Circles of Light with our Tribes to light up our communities! Her Women’s Leadership project is called “SOAR.” Learn more about Jan at this interview on July 10, 2023

  Recordings: As Above So Below, Grace Thru Song, Song Thru Spirit, Awakening, Activation, Aligning and Ascending on Amazon.

  • Queen’s Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour Circles
  • Voice Release
  • Intentional Creativity Painting
  • Sound Experiences
  • Empowering Women to Lead
  • Education on Sound Healing
  • Using Your voice for Sound Healing
  • Teaching how to set a sacred healing space for the highest outcomes
  • Removing Fear and Disease from your body and Voice

Overview SOAR foudation


  • Producer SOAR (Sounding Our Authentic Resonance) Gatherings, Events, Tours, Videos
  • Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour Fall 2022 and Winter 2023
  • Developed Priestess Program in Marin, CA. 12 women ordained at the Isis Temple
  • Producer Women’s Voices Performance Events x4 at the Nexus SF Bay Area
  • Be the Light Coaching and Manifestation Program at Sound and Light Healing Arts
  • Collaborations and Programs with:
  • Development of the OZ Foundatin and SOAR Template for Global Community

Sedona Center for Global Christ Consciousness, Dynamic Energy Crystals Sausalito, Soul Connections Mt. Shasta, Sunrise Center, Global Healing Forum, Paramount International Booking, Soulful Leaders Community, Gather the Women, IONS, Magdalene Moon rise Services, Center for Spiritual Living, East West Bookstore, Fem Talks, Shasta Community, Gratitude Center, Keizer and Port Townsend Art Associations, Center on Aging, Multiple Hospices, Palm Drive Hospital, Awakenings Radio Show Event, Open Secret Bookstore, International Sound Healing Conferences with Globe, SF Expo, Peace Like a River Event, Ananda Center, For Goodness Sakes, Braveheart, Unity Church of Santa Rosa, Marin, Chehalis, Olympia and Napa, Lydias, Bright Side of Life, What Truly Matters, Paramount Booking, Jill Lublin’s Kindness Circles, Marci Sminoff’s VIP program, Women Entrepreneurs over 50, Peace and Justice Nevada City, Inner Paths, Quantum Love Foundation, Christy Michaels Divine Feminine Events, Crystal Chalice, Songbird Center, Hunting Happiness Project, SRJC College Senior Program, Hospice of Sonoma, Solara Center, Speak Your Truth, Autism Education, Goddess Collective, Awakenings Festival Puerto Rico, Pyramid Club in the Canary Islands, UNESCO, Steamboat Springs World Sound Conference, Music for Healing and Transition, and Ashland Peace Village Consciousness Festivals. Theosophical Foundation Portland.

Jan Co-hosted her radio show “Ordinary Miracles” and has been featured on Channel 4 Television, in Newspaper Feature Articles, is a frequent Radio guest,  and was a special guest on Puerto Rico’s major Television station opening the first Women’s Center. Her “Just Jan” Women’s TV show featured everyday women in heroic service. Her Weekly Be the Light Meditations encourage everyone to just be their best self and are free to all.

She has authored  and given talks on her “Passion Healed Me” and “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” booklets for clients to bridge the communication for the New Paradigm, and she writes frequent articles and blogs in her areas of expertise. You will enjoy transmissions and beautiful vocals within her many CDs.

November 2014 Jan received the We Care International Orphanages Organization Appreciation award: “International Ambassadress” for community education and development…aiding women and children living in disadvantaged communities around the world to make sure they receive education and resources…the world needs a true global teacher who has deeply lived, loved, and perceived the new universal, global currents which have seized this planet and humanity.

On-Going Projects:

Sound and Light Healing Arts, Education, Healing, Coaching and Speaking, Facilitating Quantum Future Envisioning Circles.  Director SOAR Divine Feminine Leadership Initiative. Tours, Workshops, Retreats, Intentional Creativity Painting Classes and Workshops, Queens Caravan, OZ foundation Networking.


The Recent Projects…

Chosen to be a “Spiritual Changemaker,”  a global organization March 2024

Meant for More Speaker    with Lisha Antigua    March 2024

Queens Caravan Spiritual walkabout Tour 11 events planned May-June 2024

Creation of a Sound Journey with Vickie Dodd at Creativity Cove March 2024

Co-Creating  Globally and Locally in Community Fort Worden, United Earth Community Web Platform   Feb 2024

Wise Woman Within Circle in Port Townsend with Clarie Sierra 2024

Commencement Speaker Gateway University Feb 2024

Leaders Edge Series Panelist, Global Dreamakers, Women Leading Change Now  Jan 2024

 Interview with the Theosophical Society of Portland Jan 2024

Interview with Lucas Root of Unveiling the Essence of Community and Leadership Dec 1, 2023

Developed and Launched Be the Light Divine Alchemy Cards, Amazon, Deckible December 2023

Speaker, Service Unity Church with Workshop October 2023

Co-Founder of the OZ Foundation  “Finding Community”

Creation of the Queens Caravan Finding Our Voices in Port Townsend August 2023

Guest speaker Unity of Port Townsend July 2023

Divine Time Educational Workshop on line  Summer 2023

Interviewed by Mystic Magazine July 2023

Doctorate Graduation, Spiritual Psychology at Gateway University July 2

Voice Release presentation:  June 20, 2023  Foundation for mind body energy research interview live stream

Podcast: The You World Order Showcase Program June 04, 2023Jill Hart 1Episode 18 Link

Unity Church Easter Divine Feminine Event Speaker April 2023

Guest on Soulful Community Zoom Event:  “Love” with Sahar Nafal Feb 24, 2023

Conversation with an Emerging Leader Shehnaz Soni, a NASA Aeronautical Engineer and Mystery School Leader Youtube

Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour THREE..across the US and Back April 2023

Sound Journey at Fort Worden in Port Townsend Feb 11, 2023

Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour TWO – January 2023

Mt. Shasta, Sausalito and Sedona Venues

Development of JOY Wagon, Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout, to give women their Voices back!  Tours June 2022

  • Bozeman Montana Women’s Meditation and Painting Event
  • Moab Voice Release Circle in Community
  • Pleasant Grove Women’s Circle

Co-Chair Into the Mystics Faire Unity Church Port Townsend October 2022. Interviewed 5 Healers, Speakers

Created the “Sisters Summit” weekend retreat for Leaders Spring 2022, a team of Teachers to form educational platforms and Conferences

Quantum Future Envisioning Circles with Women  in Port Townsend WA 2022

Interview with Swanette Kunz of Holistic Creators, Global Podcast  July 2021

Co-Facilitator Soulful Leaders Coaching Program with Sahar Nafal June-July 2021

Interview with Baylan Megino Founder and Host of the Leaders Edge June 2021

Expert Panelist at Sahar Nafal’s Soulful Leadership event Feb 25, 2021

Weekly Be the Light Meditations free to All on-going with Library of videos

Conference Presenter Women of Wisdom March 2021, 29th Anniversary based in Seattle

Presenter at “Moment of Peace” Internet Event with Magdalene Moonrise Group 1-31-21

Interview with WOW Founder Kris Steinnes, about SOAR with Jan Jorgensen

Interview with Lea Chapin at Goldylocks Productions Jan 2021: Sarah, Daughter of Magdalene

SOAR Interviews Spiritual Leaders:

Interviewed Lea Chapin, Minster and Magdalene Author, Vince Kramer Channels the Council, Sheznah Soni; Rocket Scientist Mysitc, and Anneke Koremans, France Ancient Tour Leader.

Produced zoom event: TONE us HOME, Voice of the Feminine Singing us to better outcomes Dec 21, 2020

Invocations for Jill Lubin’s Kindness Circles, Global sisterhood  2020 and Jan 2021

Produced Be the Voice of Calm, pre-election event FB and zoom  Nov 2, 2020

Anouk Sophia Interviews Jan Jorgensen...Divine Conversations  Sept 2020

Intentional Creativity Monthly Workshops through Meet-Up

Presenter:  Divine Feminine Activation Presenter   8-22-2020 with Christy Michaels in Marin, zoom to be broadcast in the Saturday Night Live programming with Debra Guisti and Scott Catamas, vast viewership up to 50k.

Presenter:  Feminine Frequency Festival with Jessica Hadari on FB  4k plus viewers, video widely seen on FB and

Co-Administrator The 108 Days Project, a Stillness experiment with Anouk Sophia. Interview:

Organizer and Producer SOAR Gathering Aug 12 and 26 on zoom, featuring Speakers for Connection and Inspiration   Leading thru the Arts, Divine Alignment and Sustainable Living, United in Community. and

Interview with Sahar Nafal, Soulful Leader CommunityAugust 2020


Produced 3 Pre-SOAR Event interiews with Sarah Boyd and Anneke Koremans fo France and Kristi Sullivan.  See Jan’s youtube Channel: Women Helping Women SOAR

Founder of Weekly “Council” of Women Roundtable discussion of world events and meditation during Pandemic March 2020

Provided Painting Workshop with Port Townsend Arts Association, Women’s Self Expression: June 2020

Panelist:  Enlightened Relationships with Christy Michaels of Marin County 2-20, and Opening Ave Maria Invocation for the Magdalene Easter Moonrise Service in Marin CA   2020

Presenter Sahar Nafal’s Soulful Leadership Community Zooms. Spring 2020 and  Opening Invocation for Jill Lublin’s Kindness Circles June 2020 and November 2020

WOW presenter for 2020 Conference Feb 14-16  “Finding your Voice”  Also on venue: Sera Beak and Jean Shinoda Bolen

Blog Interview WOW, Kriss Steinnes   Feb 6

Presenter Special workshops at Unity of Olympia: Painting as a Divine Activity and a Sound Journey Fall 2019

Spiritual Tour to Karnac France,  Paris, Iona, Renne Le Chateau France for investigation, study and journaling with Educator and Mystic Arian Sarris

Developed  StillPoint Harmonic Attunement Experience in Olympia WA.  Winter 2019 at the Meta Center, facilitate monthly personal vision sessions with groups.

Women of Wisdom PodCast  2019 Guest:   Zoom Video of Interview

Featured in Art Magazine..Top Ten Artists in NY

Speaker at Unity of Chehalia, Sunday Service October 7, 2018…”DeMystifying Christed Consciousness”

Workshop Facilitator Women of Wisdom  Seattle  March 2019.  ARTS…the Divine Door

Painting Workshops  Keizer Arts Center 2019

Owner of Women Helping Women SOAR internet Television Program…RHG network on Voice America. Weekly Just Jan show, Training TV Hosts and creating Inspirational Media for Women. 2017

Intentional Creativity Program with Shiloh Sophia 2018, becoming Certified for IC Guild Fall 2018

Teaching Intentional Creativity Workshops in Nevada City and Olympia WA 2018

Opened the Olympia Meta Center with Partner, Richard Lukens of United Earth Networks  June 2018 in Olympia Washington

Panelist on RHG Network Holiday Event program Pleasington, California,  filmed for Television.

Facilitator Events and Programs at the Mountain Temple Gallery, Nevada City.  2015-2018

Radio Broadcaster at KVMR Community Radio: The Solara Show. Celebrating Transformational humans  2016

Fall 2016   Public Health Nurse with Nevada County Public Health, CHDP department

Taught Classes..Voice and Sound Healing  SF Globe Institute 3x year to 2012

and other things previously….

Women Helping Women SOAR Internet TV Show “Just Jan”  and

Trainings 2017-18 and Solara Radio Show KVMR

Workshops, Developed BEING LIGHT PROGRAMS on the internet  with Programs at     Open Secret in San Rafael, CA, at the Light Loft in Nevada City 2014-2018

Extensive Tours, Recording, Immersive Events,  Interviews…..list available below for  2015

                         NorthWest Speaking Tour…Music as Healer   Summer 2013

                             Flowersong Store and Sacred Garden, Owner, Director 2011-2012

                             Events, Concerts, Education, Sound Circles

                             Song and Spirit Sound Healing Center, Director and Founder 2008-2011

                            Presenting cutting edge Sound Healing Treatment and Education

                            Personal and group Meditation and Sound healing sessions.

                            Immersive Sound, Light and Color Theatrical Events Bay Area 2010-2013

                           At Unity of Marin and the Nexus Performance Venues 2011-2013

                           Be the Light International Tour…Puerto Rico, France, Ireland, Turkey

                           Development of Sound Healing Protocol for Paramount Booking Agency

                           Radio Show Host :  Ordinary Miracles  2009

                            Facilitated Two Women’s Groups and Ordination as Ministers: 2011

                            Lead Vocalist: Sound of Love Concerts, SF and LA. Globe Institute

                            Interviewed on KPFA, Channel 4, Article two full pages Marin IJ 2011.

                           Co-Founder Sonoma County Sound Collective, providing sacred sound 

                           Singing for community and private events 2005-2010

                           Instructor, Sound and Consciousness Institute…

  Producer: Celebration of the Divine Feminine community event 9-05

  Gracekeepers Trio: performance, workshops, Community Singing (on-going)

Learn about Jan’s work with this Video Filmed at the SOA in Santa Rosa:   How Music Heals!

Winner of a National Leadership Award and a Music in the Schools Grant Jan is frequently sited as an expert in the field of Applied Sound as well as Participating as a leader in the World Sound Healing Conferences. She has shared the stage with Dr. Emoto, Jean Shinola Bolen, as well as luminaries and leaders in the Sound Field.

As a Registered Nurse she understands the systems and functions of health care and used this expertise with her Certified Music Practitioner Training to create Hospice Programs that brought the profound transitional aspect of music alive to staff and clients. Her work with Alzheimers clients as an adjunct instructor at the Santa Rosa Jr College gave her insight into the role music has with the brain, memory and cognitive function and consciousness. As a Cabaret Singer in SF and Las Vegas she began to use the “envisioning” processes of intention to realize that it is her own thoughts that guide the meaning and the receivership of the musical message. This led her to study and then teach at the Sound and Consciousness Institute in SF where she worked with students worldwide through webcasts and workshops where she dramatically demonstrated healing miracles through the use of safely guided vibrational processes. The Omnium Universe materials were incorporated into her healing methodologies as she began to recognize the ability to shift anything with focused, benevolent intention and it is her desire to teach everyone to do it for themselves.Nexus...Over the Rainbow

      Beyond this, her work with leaders in the field, composers, artists, performance artists and singers and healers has helped her see the web of change is coming through us and her role as a “center spoke” in the changes makes her an integrated informational point for the community. She participates in the Quantum Love Collaboration in the SF Bay area, art and music fusion events. For 20 years Jan studied the pure-tone Anthroposophical based singing known as “Uncovering the Voice” that allows one to spiritualize matter through prayerful merging with heavenly tone. Her concerts, sound events, many recordings demonstrate the effect on the human spine of these pure, divine transmissions of tone freed from human ego. Her realization that it is the human voice itself that is the sword that creates the new reality, she developed the “Voice Release” technique that re-establish the harmonics in the voice that are lost through trauma and illness. She studied Therapeutic Singing with Thomas Adam of Germany for 4 years and incorporates this in her Sound Healing.

In addition, her work as a leader in the Divine Feminine field as Performer, Speaker, Producer of events has placed her as a specialist and initiator of the many important initiatives emerging at the re-birth of our planet. She is a Priestess and had 15 women Ordained through her trainings and leads Ceremony in the US and France.
Jan senses she is building a way for Women in Their Mastery to provide a new foundation for social living  that can be replicated in communities worldwide. She established a Women’s Leadership Mystery School called “SOAR” with 3 retreats per year to prepare for a larger Global Program. She and her partner, An International  Global Events producer  “United Networks” live in Olympia WA and are committed to being transitional agents for the New Paradigm.

    As a visionary, the premise that man can be healed and made whole through divine vibration guided by skilled facilitators, has prompted her to create and lead the new model for complete healing. Her work with Sound Light and Color and leading scientists led her to create 3  Healing Centers and Environments.  The potential for the entrainment of human consciousness to a state of peace, self alignment and extraordinary health is her passion and she has taught her techniques and tools through Workshops, Intensives and Concerts globally. Her Core tool is the BE THE LIGHT 3 point meditation. Easy, anyone can master this and become the center of their universe in ten minutes and feel great!!

Paramount Booking International PodCast with Jan: Entrainment for Musicians and how to Lift your Performance to the Next Level

   Nexus-Sound Journey- 1-23-11 CStar (85)   First she founded the Song and Spirit Center, then collaborated at the Crystal Chalice with Women’s Events and built an African Earthen Sound Dome, then the Flowersong Store and  finally “The Solara Center Model” that features credentialed providers delivering transformational services in a distinctly feminine setting was born in 2013. In 2016 she founded the Light Loft in Nevada City and provides local services at the Mountain Temple Gallery and Innerpath Centers. She also collaborates with Paramount Booking to create high vibration fusion events worldwide with a Unesco base focus. Jan has led Sacred Tours to France and Mt. Shasta and Nevada City, and is an Omnium Graduate, Master Avatar and a Ordained Minister. Because she extends herself in a multitude of directions she  considers herself a Vibrational Telephone Operator for other team members for change:  assisting fusion, communication and synchronicities for new human endeavors! She presently lives in Pt. Richmond CA where she oversees the Solara Center and holds Regular gatherings, Personal Healing Sessions and Special events right on the edge of the SF Bay.

Jan Cercone’s work brings in intuition and sound healing science to help women use their voice to empower themselves. Steven Halpern   Grammy nominated recording artist and sound healer

Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique  path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

                                     Click on this Ave Maria Montage to hear Jan Singing Ave Maria


  • Television Puerto Rico
  • Lea Chapin, Magdalene Channeler, Minsiter
  • Nevada City Pubic Television NCTV
  • Oakland CA Channel 4
  • Seeing Beyond Radio with Bonnie Coleen SF
  • Public Radio Station SF
  • Radio KEST, KPFA
  • California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) presentation
  • Feminine Mystique Radio Show with Heather Salmon
  • Newspapers: Marin IJ, The Union Nevada City
  • Women of Wisdom Blog Talk Radio
  • Solara Show at KVMR with Jan Jorgensen
  • Co-Host Ordinary Miracles Internet Radio
  • Host, Producer “Just Jan Show” RHB Women’s Internet TV, Voice of America
  • Creatrix Magazine, NY, Top Ten best new Artists

Platform and  Social Media Reach

  • Debra’s List Postings
  • Women’s Collaborative Internet Speakers Events
  • Unity of Marin, Olympia, Chehalis
  • Feminine Frequency FB
  • Red Thread Café, Intentional Creativity FB
  • Collaborations with Leaders Sahar Nafal, Katie Ketchum, Katie Cercone
  • Certified Music Practitioner and Lyre Newsletters
  • New Life Model, Illuminariam, Soulful Leader pages collaborations on FB
  • Jan Jorgensen Personal FB Page
  • Meet-ups author leads or is associated with 5,000
  • LinkedIn
  • Women of Wisdom PNW Postings, newsletter, and Workshops
  • Women of Wisdom Interviews, Watering Hole discussions
  • YouTube views on 2 channels: Women Helping Women SOAR
  • Sound and Light Healing Arts Newsletter
  • Women Rock Project featured and listing
  • SOAR FB page: 400+ members, cross postings on other sites
  • SOAR Gatherings (100 live, FB postings, plus YouTube views) 1,000
  • Magdalene’s of the World and Guys Guide Divine Feminine FB
  • Featured in Creatrix magazine
  • Architects of a New Dawn Website
  • Global Center for Christed Consciousness Sedona

Ave Maria


Jan_Cercone_Gong_7x10_300dpiJan Cercone is one of the gifted voices on our planet today as both a transmitter of wisdom and a vibrant sound healer. Her ideas are powerful, and infused with the kind of love that we all need to advance to the next level of human understanding and relating. As a leader in bringing in the energies and intelligence of the Sacred Feminine, in particular, she is on the forefront of the movement to usher us into the new era.  Marguerite Rigoglioso  Founding Director, Seven Sisters Mystery School


Jan singing at UnityMy audience loved Jan Cercone’s compelling presence! Warm-hearted and clear, she created genuine connection with the audience and between audience members. She was interactive and the energy in the room was rich and vibrant. What I loved about Jan was how she embodied what she taught, in every moment! I got such wonderful feedback from the audience after the event, I will truly be honored to have Jan Cercone on our stage again.
– Jessica Hadari
Founder, FEM Talks
Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators


The service was filled with wonderful energy, grounding and so much heart. You definitely made a difference in creating an evening to remember and I look forward to working with you more. As we continue to grow and build a stronger community together I say thank you. Blessings, Love and Gratitude, Lisa Starbird Unity in Marin


Slider Placement : About Jan


Untitled 11 - Sign

Books:  Passion Healed me, with meditative CD

Youtube Channels…Be the Light World Tour, Song and Spirit, Women Helping Women SOAR


Events and Projects      Jan Jorgensen Cercone

Events and Workshops at Jan’s Center:  Song and Spirit March 2008 to Feb 2011,

Sound Event in Canary Islands with Pierre Lavagne, Whale Project 2011

Hired by Globe student to do Sound Healing Class in Dubai via internet.. 2010

Interviewed for movie by Tessa Shields,  “Out of the Silence” about Sound Healing

Led and Created Sacred Divine Feminine tour to France 5-2010

Many Vocal youtubes,   an example: 10 - Sign

Birthing the Divine Feminine Event at Unity in Marin, Produced, performed, Sound, Music 12-2010

The Shape of things to Come, Sound Event, Produced, performed at Nexus Venue 1-2011

Passion and Grace Book Tour, Passion Healed Me, Sunrise Center, Sebastopol Center for the Arts,

East West Book Store, Speaker, Workshops, SF Expo Booth and Speaker, KEST interview  3-2011

Global Internet Voice Healing Class through Globe institute to 2012

Opened with Sound for Sha Na Ra. internationally Famous Crystal Skull at the Crystal Chalice in Marin

Article in Marin IJ…    3-24-11

Built first Sound Healing Dome in Marin County

March 2011.Led Women’s Sound Journey Event

Saturday Healing Appointments at East West Bookstore monthly 2010-12

Sound Circles at Chalice, weekly for one year Oct. 11- Oct. 2012

Led Monthly Priestess training..leading to Ordination Oct. 12 of 15 women 2011

Feminine Mystique Talk radio Show, guest,  with Heather Salmon March 2011

Interviewed for “love” project by Hunting Happiness Sara Lahey 2-2011

Opened with Sound, Crystal Chalice, for Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso, Divine Feminine talk

The Women’s Voices Event, Produced, performed, Nexus Venue 4-2012

Radio, KPFA show, guest for 1 hr, May 2011 with Jane Heaven

May 2011 Released New Youtube, Voice Release process

Pleidian Seven Sisters Sound Event with Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso,

August 2011 Montana Be the Light Tour
Viva Sara Show, Produced, Sang…Nexus in Pt. Richmond 8-2011

Learn to Get what you want with your Voice, Workshop at Crystal Chalice, Fairfax

Isis Oasis, Led sound Ceremony Oct. 8, 2011    Sound Event, South Lake Tahoe  with Gabriel 9-2011

Led Sound Journey World Sound Conference Reno, Nevada 10-2011

Visited Healers in Ireland, France to network, healing, visiting Sacred Sites as part of Global Be the Light Tour:

Grotto Concert, France, Vernet Les Bains..  November 11, 2011

Open House Flowersong Dec. 2011, Sound and Community Celebration at my store

Solstice Event at Flowersong, Produced and Sang at Dec. 21, 2011

 Radio interview x4,  Bonnie Coleen, Seeing Beyond, SF Bay Area

Women’s Networking Marin guest 1-2011

Sound Circles Every Tuesday at Flowersong 10-11 to present

Speaker Womens Church Group Pt. Richmond, the Neighborhood Business Association. 4-2012

Training and Group Facilitator “Be the Light” at the Center for Heart Inspired Living x3 with Community, Leadership, planning, circles.

Lead, co-produce and do Sacred Divine Feminine Ceremony with Christy Michaels and the Marin Priestesses of the Round Table, 2010 to present. approx 5 X a year… Unity Church, Sunrise Center.

Improvisational Sound Events Monthly at Flowersong Store, Sundays. Unesco concert, talks.

Sound of Love Concert Soloist, Globe Sound Recording SF

Awakenings Festival, Puerto Rico Speaker, Guest singer, and Special Presentation at the Puerto Rico university by grant. 3-2012

Presentations Women’s groups with Monet Brooks, sound and women’s voice release in Marin county, private groups x4.

Collaborations with Santon DeLa Vie of the Global Healing Forum, event in SF 6-2012

Paramount Booking Event, World Jazz Day celebration at Flowersong, Sound healing, speaking, hostess  4-2012

East West Bookstore talk and seminar,  Sound Healing and Voice Release  (ad to 50 thousand) 4-2012

May 2012 Trip to St. Maries de la Mer, Renne le Chateau to meet with authors, healers, strategic planning for the Sound and Light Healing Arts program planning

Solstice Event at Flowersong, Produced and sang at 6-2012

Women’s Circle presentation, Dental staff, Pinole, Voice Release 6-2012

Paramount Booking Podcast for Musicians

Table and Networking at the Goddess Collective of SF bay area 6-2012

Created 4CD series set, Be the Light, and put on

Over the Rainbow, Produced, sang in Original Musical. Preview at Flowersong 7-2012

Creativity Talk with Davin Infinity at Open Secret Bookstore, Sound, Healing. 8-2012

Mt. Shasta Event, Speaker and Sound Healing  8-2012

Mitsuyo Moore’s Healing and Art Event, Quantum Love Fundraiser, Oakland Ca. Sound, singing  8-2012

Over the Rainbow Musical Event, Produced, performed, Nexus 9-2012

Be the Light Talk at SongBird Center, Cotati Ca. 11-2012

Ions Divine feminine Event, Sound Healing, singing 11-12

Hawaii Women’s Conference, Sound Healing, talk, 11-2012

New Paradigm, 5D Transition Support Group, Speaker 11-2012, and 1-2013

Alturra Cafe party, Singing  12-2012

Center for Heart Inspired Living Sunday Services, Speaker, singing, 12-2012

Fem Talks, Women’s Networking SF bay area. Ceremony, open with Sound.  12-2012

Dec 21  Solstice Nexus Event, soloist, Ceremony,  at the Nexus Venue

Open House at Flowersong Store, Sound Healing Event  12-2012

Trip to Ecuador with Pachamama Foundation, Sound Healings, study.

Resilient Circles Event with Han Bishop of Awakenings Radio Show, Opened with Sound. 2-2012

Opening with Sound Fem Talks Women’s group in Oakland, Ca. Panelists, taped.

Northwest Spring 2012 Visited Grants Pass..Talk at Science and Consciousness Group on how Sound Heals. Expo in Portland booth and Speaker on the Divine Plan through Sound.

 Mt. Shasta Presentation,“Quantum Physics on Estrogen” Power Point presentation.

Preview of The Secret of Dorothy’s Slippers, Created, produced and performed Inspirational show

   At the Center for Heart Inspired Living. Center for Heart Inspired Living April 14, 2013.

   Presented at Truckee Center, for Goodness Sakes Song bird Center Summer 2013.

Flowersong Store and Sacred Garden Fall 2010 to Spring 2013, my store and center for education,

Developed and put on a set of four wonderful Meditation Cds, with youtubes to introduce, Spring 2013

Sound and Meditation at the Center for Heart Inspired Living Services summer 2013, Pt. Richmond

Easter Event, Divine Feminine at Unity with the Priestesses, Sound, Ceremony.

Soloist, Sound, Sldes at Mary Magdlane Feast Day July 22, 2013 in Marin County CA.

Radio interview Sonoma County Radio Station, Yerevan Host August 8, 2013

Sound Journey at Peace Like a River Retreat, with River Guidess at Stanislaus 8-2013

Paramount Booking events…Created sound healing protocol and Youtube  with artists in large venue concerts. May 2013

Peace Village Festival  Ashland Oregon Presenter and Workshop Summer 2013

Produced Sara Book and Youtube Summer 2013

Unity Sound and Healing Event Oct. 27,  2013

Gather the Women Event Ceremony and Program Oct. 2013

The Divine Feminine and the Crop Circles Event, Sound Sept. 2013

Open Houses with Sound and Education at Solara Center, Pt. Richmond 8-13, 9-13

Organized and Delivered Women’s Leadership Retreat in Nevada City Ca. Sept. 2013

FEM Talks invites MEN to be on the Panel and I introduce my new Book:  “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine”

Book Talk, Guys Guide at Open Secret Book store

Two Divine Feminine Events coming up 1-11 and 2-22 in Sonoma County

Developed and lead a weekly Be the Light Meditation on Conference Call, taped and logged.

Booth at the Rise Braveheart convention in LA November 2013

Led meditation, toning at Mary Magdalene event Sonoma county Nov 2013

Produced Youtubes on Creating a New Vessel of Relationship, for Guys Guide

Oasis Event in Berkeley, led Ceremonial Sound Oct. 2013

Sophia Event with Dan Craig Morse, opened and closed with Sound

Workshop Nevada City Ca. Sounding with Angels Dec. 2013

Singing for Solstice Event Chrissy Field SF Dec. 22, 2013

Unity of Napa Sound Journey May 2014

 Sonoma County Divine Masculine Knighting Event 1-11-2-14 and 2-22 Event for Divine Union, Speaker and Solosist

Guest Presenter at Women’s Event, Tea and Self Care in Santa Rosa  Jan 2014

Creating and Leading Women’s Leadership Retreat at Solara Center Feb 2014

 New book:  Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine

Developing the Solara New Well-being Center Model with Global leadership program for the feminine

     See the youtube to see the scope of this magnificent project:

Solara on facebook:

Speaker at Ashland Science and Consciousness Group 2013

Solo Singer at Easter Event  Unity of Marin 2014

Unity of Santa Rosa Presentation April 2014

Created and led two Women’s Leadership Retreats at Solara Center 2014, SOAR project

100 Leaders Speaker Spring 2014 Lydias in Petaluma

Presenter at Unfolding Feminine at Donal Neale Walsh new Center in Ashland, Oregon

Presenter at the Jackson Springs Music and Art event Summer 2014

Open Secret Bookstore Sound Circles Fall 2014

Keynote Speaker, What Truly Matters and Developing Alliances Women’s Group 2014

Developed Being Light Coaching Program, 3 months to Transformation

Produced two Webinars:  Living Everyday with the Divine Feminine and Speak Your Truth now on Youtube, Fall 2014

Guest Panelist for “Bright Side of Life” with Sahar Kodahi Oct. 2014, and Workshop on Nov 7 for Souled Out Events

Presenter at the “Speak your Truth” Conference in Oakland, Ca   November 2014

Healing Music Festival Headliner:  Paramount booking in Los Gatos October 2014

Global Healing Forum Unified Field of Love every other week in Sausalito 2014

Quantum Love Collaboration Event Nov 23 with Mitsuyo Moore, We CARE

Special Guest Speaker Marci Sminoff (Happy for No Reason best seller) Weekend VIP workshop

Portacle Vibrational Program facilitator Open Secret..on-going Jan 2015

Unity Martin Luther King Celebration Singer …Jan 10, 2015

Producing Tour to France for SOAR Women’s Leadership Initiative May 22-June 4

Creating and running SOAR gatherings for the Community first Tuesday of the Month at Serenity at Larkspur Jan 2015

Sound Journey Fundraiser in Scotts Valley, CA Feb 18, 2015

Unity of Marin Healing Wednesday Services Participant, Facilitator Jan 2015, March 2015

Aging Commission Talk in Sonoma County April 15, 2015

Opening Ceremony for Joyce Brodskys Community Gathering Feb 21, 2015 and April 2015

Voice Release Workshop at Open Secret January 4, 2014  and March 2015

Guest Panelist, Global Seminar “Women Entrepreneurs Over 50” Feb 2015

Presenting Open Secret Community Sound Circles…twice a month with Sound, Community and Healing

Easter Divine Feminine Event Opening Singer at Unity of Marin…..April 2015

Women’s Webinar Panelist with Devorah Spillman, International Women’s Event

Women in Transition Guest, led meditations Walnut Creek Spring 2015

SOAR Women’s Gathering Event Marin County April 18, 2015 Facilitator

Voice Release with Rev Monet Brooks April 6, 2015

Gong Bath at Open Secret May 6, 2015

Voice Release with Sahar’s Building Community Workshop April 2015

Led Sacred Women’s Leadership Tour To France May 2015

Opened the Light Loft Healing Center downtown Nevada City, Ca.  August 2015

Voice Release for Peace Event at Rick Lukens Mountain Temple Gallery  Sept. 20, 2015

Opening Invocation for the Peace and Justice Event at the Vets building, Sept. 20, 2015

Guest Speaker at the Bright Side of Everything with Sahar Kodali, Concord Sept. 25, 2015

SOAR Women’s Gathering In Marin, Organizer, producer Sept. 26-27

Sound Education at Inner Pathways Nevada City 1x month

Sacred Sound Circle at Mountain Temple Gallery 1x month

Guest on Voice of Change Blog talk radio with Sharon Wicoff

November 2015..Featured on Women Rock Project with Award Winning Authors, Visionaries and Authors

Opening Invocation for the Peace and Justice Event at the Vets building, Sept. 20, 2015

Guest Speaker at the Bright Side of Everything with Sahar Nafal, Concord Sept. 2015, and Jan and May 2016

Sound Circles in Marin 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Open Secret….beginning August 2015

Sound Education at Inner Pathways Nevada City 1x month

Worked with John Ernsts at Innerpath to bring Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Education to NC

Featured in Union Business Section: “Sounding the Way” at the Light Loft in Nevada City with Jan Cercone

Women’s Voice Release Workshop Larkspur Landing at Serenity Marin March 2016

Teaming with Michel Dimartino to develop Radio and Edutainment Initiatives in Nevada City, Puja’s Live Event Participation, formulation support.

Led and Produced SOAR Women’s Leadership Retreat at Ananda Feb 2016

Unity Church in Novato Easter Event Soloist with Award Winning pianist Gary Malkin March 2016

Accepted into KVMR Public Radio station to be an intern for training. April 2016, certified Radio Broadcaster September 2016. Created Sunday Showcase:  Women Helping Women SOAR 2 hour program.

Webinar Educator:  Live it and Learn begin date April 2016

Fall 2016 Channel Owner at RHG Network, Voice America Internet Television, developing the Channel and producing the “Just Jan” Weekly Show

Created the SOAR Leadership Summit with TV, Radio and Newspaper Leaders Nevada City October 21-23 2016. Filmed for Documentary.

C0-Created the SOAR documentary for telling the SOAR Story with Ron Coquia of Transformational Productions.

Speaker at the Bright Side of Life with Sahar Nafal, “Building Community”  October 27, 2016

 Studied Opera with John Hudnall, Ian Alexander Vocal technique with Wolfgang Streubing and Christiaan Boele, Thomas Adam of Europe.                  

Palm Drive Hospital Integrated Care Team: Music Care Program  Developer, Provider           

                       Adjunct Faculty SRJC, Therapeutic Music with Seniors: original programming          

                       Developed curriculum of interactive classes for the aged, Alzehimers, pre-schoolers

Music for Joy and Healing: Private practice: Voice Bio and Sound Journeys

Lecture/workshops for groups, Music for Healing in Traditional

And Non-Traditional Settings, Staff Retreats. The Wonder of Music classes

Werbeck Singing Workshops, Hospice volunteer trainings.   Vocal, lyre, gongs. Bringing grace and song to medicine, technology

Leadership  Positions   

California Parenting Institute:  Served as Board Member. Special Events. Public Relations: arranging television coverage, public speaking and funding activities. Contact: Robin Bowen

 Santa Rosa Childrens Chorus: Special Events Coordinator, Volunteer. Auditions Coordinator, Chief Fund raiser for Trip to Italy 1998. Public Relations: arranging press and TV. coverage, Arranged special appearances, Public speaking, Grant proposal development;( presentation and follow-up.) Raised over $80,000. Worked within musical community to facilitate support.

Redwood Empire Dental Society Alliance:  President 1988, Prev. VP, Legislation, Membership,Development of Long and Short Terms Goals            Facilitated winning of numerous Dental Health Awards Produced Events, fundraising,

            -Co-Leader in the development of Choosy Chester and the Great Snack Race  Presentation, training, marketing.

Liason to the California Dental health Education Committee

Resource Person, Advocate for Special Needs kids,Active Parent in Parent Groups, ADD, Aspergers Autism.

 St. Patricks Health Ministry Volunteer

                        Assisted with development of respite protocol, policies

                        On-call for therapeutic musical visits

The Childrens Village Project  Advisory Board/active volunteer   (building a permanent home for Foster children)            Co-chair Village Kids Doll Project. Major Donor Task force member Public Speaking, development of  materials/ presentation. Grants, Press coverage, Special events.

Member of Stitch and Bitch 17 years                        Womens support, resource group

American Association of University Women Active previously in Educational

Foundation, Liason to the Status of Women Commission.

Founding Parent of Willowood Educational Cooperative Waldorf School

            Development activities. Secured grant funding for gardening projects

Thank you so much for everything Jan.  You are a gift to the Universe and especially to “Awakening Women”.  I really enjoyed our session and our talk together.  Your toning is so very healing.  It was also helpful to take the Bio Voice test, hear about your experiences, and learn how you do the toning.    What a blessed and Sacred Space you have created.  Client, October 2

View Jan singing with Eliana Gilad at the Well at Galilee where Christ and Mary Magdalene met

Faculty The Center for American Studies at Concord graduate program for Spiritual Studies.         (this program is on hold at present)

Jan Jorgensen from Sound & Light Healing Arts was in the house last Monday! She played a beautiful crystal bowls for us. By listening to her beautiful music, we were all transported to another world. Everyone just enjoyed her sound. It was a great way to welcome the lunar new year! All the unnecessary energies were just washed away… Thank you, Jan for coming and pouring the beautiful healing sound on us!! We all had a wonderful time. Shinobeau McConney