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Gallery, Paintings and Sacred Mini-Altars

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 Painting Gallery of  Jan Jorgensen

Each painting holds a “World of Healing Energy” and had an original intention at it’s inception. Trust your instincts of how you feel about each one as they hold messages for you.  Each Piece is Named…don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss a piece.   Giclee and Prints are available upon request, inquire at Canvas copies of any image are available as well as these originals. Each Painting is  multi-layered and HERE is an example of how they are formed as unique carriers of intention. Take a breath and see what the colors and movement are communicating to you.

The Sacred Mini-Altars are only sold at events…..each one is handmade and takes at least 2 hours.








Nurse Maid 16x20 $500

Nurse Maid 16×20 $ Sold


Queen of Juggling Plates

Queen of Juggling Plates 30×40 $3,900


Healing from the Fall Not for sale 30x30"

Healing from the Fall 30×30 NFS



Spiral of Light 16x20 $450

Spiral of Light
16×20 $450


IMG_2008 2

Living from the Heart   16×20 Acrylic $425  2020

New Beginnings 16x20 $333

New Beginnings 16×20 $333


Heart Open $275

Heart Open $275


Father Earth..Abundance and Renewal 16x20" $325

Father Earth…Abundance and Renewal 16×20″ $325


Raphael Healing Angel

Raphael Healing Angel, using the Master as image  16×20 Acrylic $450


Iona the World Card 30x40 $880

Iona the World Card 30×40


I AM a Divine Son, Sahar 30x30 $2,500.00

I AM a Divine Son, Sahar 30×30 Prints available


Healing the spine with Intentional Energy.16x20" $325

Healing the Spine with Intentional Energy 16×20″ $325


"Healing for Criticism" when we are criticized we wilt...she can absorb the pain 16.20 $425

“Healing for Criticism” when we are criticized we wilt…she can absorb the pain 16×20″ $425


Cosmic Harriet 16x20 $425

Cosmic Harriet 16×20 $425


Our Lady of Healing the Heart. 36x36" $5,000.

Our Lady of Healing the Heart. 36.36″ $5,000.


Both Sides of Me 14x14 $200

Both Sides of Me 14×14 $200


How we look energetically when we make music. 22.30 $850 Sold

Muse of Music: How we look energetically when we make music. 22×30″ $850 sold, canvas copies are available



Finding Gold …when she sings the dove of peace song, we find Gold. 16×20″ $325.00


She kept saying...I AM beautiful 16x20" $325

Black Beauty. She kept saying…I AM beautiful 16×20″ $325


Mona Lisa Modern 16x20 $450

Mona Lisa Modern 16×20 $450


She is ready to emerge... 16x20" multi-media $375

Black Madonna Emerging….She is ready to emerge…
16×20″ multi-media $375


I am Earth, See my Body 22x28" $350

I am Earth, See my Body 22×28″ $350





Healing Spine Spiral 16x20" $325

Healing Spine Spiral 16×20″ $325


Pearl of a Girl

Pearl of a Girl 16×20 $450



Attitude 16×20 $450


Visionary check for price

Visionary check for price


Painting by Jan

Colorful Home Lady 16.20 $450


Resist Conformity 30" x 30" $650

Resisit Conformity 30×30″ $650


Avatar Woman 16x20" $450

Avatar Woman 16×20″ $450





Covid 2020 16x20 $400

Covid 2020 16×20 $400


Loving Earth...Soul Fire 22x18" $950

Loving Earth…Soul Fire 22×18″ $950


Crazy Sarah Muse 30x40" $5,000

Crazy Sarah Muse
30×40″ $5,000


Legendary Woman 30x40" not for sale

Legendary Woman 30×40″ not for sale


Sara Solara 30x30 3,333.00

Sara Solara 30×30 3,333.00


Amazon Queen 16x20" $425

Amazon Queen 16×20″ $425


Eye and World of Truth 16x20 $325

Eye and World of Truth 16×20 $325


Ancient Woman 30"x30" $850

Ancient Woman
30″x30″ $850


Earth in Pieces 16x20" $357

Earth in Pieces 16×20″ $357


Funny Kelly Soul Portrait 16x20" $350

Funny Kelly Soul Portrait
16×20″ $350


Moon in her Eye 16" by 20" $195

Moon in her Eye 16″ by 20″ $195


Earth and Space Visitor, he travels to where he is needed. 12x14" $300 On Heavy Paper

Earth and Space Visitor, he travels to where he is needed. 12×14″ $300 On Heavy Paper


Totally Katie Soul Portrait..16x20", nfs but you can have your own painted!

Totally Katie Soul Portrait..16×20″, nfs but you can have your own painted!


Artificial Intelligence 16x20

Artificial Intelligence 16×20



Sold 16×20


I AM 12x12 $225

I AM 12×12 $225


Talisman...Holy Grail on Wood 36x24" not for sale

Talisman…Holy Grail on Wood 36×24″ not for sale



Always YOU God 30x40 $600 it's a bit wider than photo

Always YOU God 30×40″ $600 it’s a bit wider than photo


Omniverse 16.20 $1,000

Omniverse 16.20 $1,000


Soft Curves 16.20" $190

Soft Curves 16.20″ $390


Muse Fire 16x24" print with paint over $333

Muse Fire 16×24″ print with paint over $333


Rosy Future 9x14" $160

Rosy Future 9×14″ $160


Past Future 14.9" $160

Past Future 14.9″ $160


Grid Lady 14.14" $60

Grid Lady 14.14″ $60


Golden Ratio and The Feminine...16x20 $425

Golden Ratio and The Feminine…16×20″ $425


Original Muse 16x20 $275

Original Muse 16×20″ $275 on Wooden board


Asian Empress 36x24 $775

Asian Empress 36×24″ $775


Earth Grid Revived 16x20 $275

Earth Grid Revived
16×20″ $275


Stones Have Tones 16x20 $325

Stones Have Tones 16×20 $450


The Nature of Mother Sold 16x20

Sold 16×20


Tigress Lady 16x20 $325

Tigress Lady 16×20 $450


Chartres Our Lady of Truth Not for Sale

Chartres Our Lady of Truth 30×40″…not for sale


Ancient Peruvian Woman 16x20 with rhinestones $250

Ancient Peruvian Woman 16×20 with rhinestones $250


Dove and Woman 16x20 $325

Dove and Woman
16×20″ $325


Sweet Madonna Face 16x20 $325

Sweet Madonna Face
16×20″ $325


AI 16x20 $450

AI 16×20 $450


Smart Lady 16x20 $400

Smart Lady 16×20″ $400  discounted to $200


Honey Bee Maven 16x20 $475

Honey Bee Maven 16×20″ $475


Embellished by History $325

Embellished by History $325


16x20 $450

Jan of Montmartre 16×20 $1,500


Queen of Life 16x20 $425

Queen of Life 16×20 $425


New Paridigm Open Heart

New Paradigm Open Heart 16×20 $400


Cosmic Lady Bug Eye 16x20 $300

Cosmic Lady Bug Eye 16×20 $300


Magdalene Lineage 20x40 NFS

Magdalene Lineage 20×40 NFS


Sarah in Purple 16.20 $333

Sarah in Purple 16.20 $333


Busy and Blue 16x20 $350

Busy and Blue 16×20 $350


Indigenous Woman LIstens 16.20 $420

Indigenous Woman LIstens
16.20 $420


Whispers of Grace 16x20 $350

Whispers of Grace 16×20 $350


Who We Really Are 16.20 $450

Who We Really Are 16×20


Heart Reaching Out 16.20 $200

Heart Reaching Out 16.20 $200


Too many thoughts 16.20 Gifted

Too many thoughts 16.20 Gifted


Randiant Blonde 16.20 $350

Randiant Blonde 16.20 $350


5G Frieda gets Fried, painting put into an app. inquire for pricing

5G Frieda gets Fried, painting put into an app. inquire for pricing

13 Core teachings of the Intentional Creativity Method from Shiloh Sophia…….

CURIOSITY – Enter into the space of inquiry-inspired wonder

ACCESS – Journey and establish pathways of connection with your heart and soul

AWARENESS – Inquire within (you are not who you think you are): “Who lives in here?”

CONNECTION – Claim that you are a co-creator in the greater circle of sacred life

INTENTION – Activate quantum consciousness through mindful creations

INVITATION – Allow discovery, and allow being your own witness to enter into your processes

CREATION – Alchemize your content across the veil into form, and practice regularly

CATALYZE – Choose to continually move out of default settings into possibility

COMPASSION – Lovingly collaborate with the collective through your offerings

AWAKENING – Explore and expand the infinite palette of your many senses

COHERENCE – Create alignment between your gifts, your Source, and Creation

BELONGING – Choose to be embodied, and belong to a tribe of creatives

CEREMONY – Design experiences which both mark transitions and celebrate!



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Intentional Creativity Paintings by Jan Jorgensen

Intentional Creativity Paintings by Jan Jorgensen

Soundandlighthealingarts in Olympia WA.

Intentional Creativity Painting

Intentional Creativity Painting