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Solstice 2020 with Jan Jorgensen


   Are you feeling the “Shift” and know you are part of the new Paradigm for earth and are longing for answers, connection and support?  Learn how to get your own guidance and clarity in this transitional stage.  Join the growing Family of people speaking up to BE the Change!

If  you are a Healer, Visionary or Artist… you are a messenger for the new earth!   We provide Support and Inspiration to break down your walls to become WHOLE and to Lead for the New Paradigm no matter where you are  on your path! Learn about Jan’s Journey at this Mystic Magazine interview.

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Release your Fear and VOICE with Jan.

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Perhaps you are ready for Jan’s 3-Month Coaching Being Light CertificationSOAR Logo...Sounding Our Authentic Resonance. We share simple Energetic Tools  and Coaching at the Olympia.  Center to unlock your inner light.

Join our the SOAR  Women’s Leadership Project,

It’s time to reclaim our own ability  to heal ourselves.  Jan is an Educator, Speaker, Recording Artist, and Gifted Healer and has developed programs that are supportive and joyous for you on your path to complete wholeness. Enjoy her Ave Maria  A gift to you

Here is a flow chart of the ways we are bringing more light with the End Goal of having humans live in sustainable, bright new Communites world wide

Overview SOAR foudation

Over the years the focus of the work has shifted to include more tools. Jan learned about Vibrational Healing working Hospice patients where she witnessed miracles of peace and pain relief by singing with “intention.” She went on to study Sound and Consciousness from a deep scientific AND spiritual aspect and then taught at the Institute focusing on Releasing the Human Voice from Fear.  Adding the Painting aspect, the Intentional Creativity Process now enables us to SEE ourselves, and during the painting we can Release or Add anything to our energy field. She is a recognized specialist in helping people learn to release and heal themselves thru a simple 3 point Be the Light Process.  Miracles are part of this simple harnessing of energy through our creative intention.

In 2018 she began Paining actual Limiting Human archetypes and they are healing simple by looking at them.  See them all, and yes most can be purchased,  Gallery of Photos

Can Creating ART related to an issue or problem Heal?  YES, YES, YES see the report.

Life or things can seem overwhelming…..a good motto is “don’t faint, Paint!” Lets paint your story and shift your experience.

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“What a delightful presentation and wonderful, uplifting data you’re bringing to the world, right when we need it most. You’re a wonderful presenter and we’re so grateful for you taking the time’  Judy Kitts, Interview June 20, 2023 Foundation for Mind Body Research

WE Can Create Miracles now….and science even states this:

A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel in 1997, has shown that while the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second, someone who meditates on their heart center and sends love and light to others emits an amazing 100,000 photons per second. That is 5000 times more than the average human being. Numerous studies have also shown that when these photons are infused with a loving and healing intent, their frequency and vibration increases to the point where they can literally change matter, heal disease, and transform negative events.
The Heart also Loves, feels, thinks and remembers and communicates with other Hearts. It stores information and continually with each beat pulses this information through the body. It is far more than what modern science would have you believe. It is also a pump that pumps the cellular symphony that is the very essence of your being and it is a magnetic and radiating vortex and the true source of human power.”
– Puran Bair, M.S.

Healing Painting

Healing Women’s Heart towards Men Painting

Video of Sound Made Visible 




Welcome to Sound and Light Healing Arts  where we teach you to “lighten up” with Jan  providing guidance and tools for the journey!! Advanced Quantum Vibrational Shifts are the norm here…and you often you can experience perfected bliss and stress relief on the first visit. The most important part is that you will learn how to keep yourself tuned up….…What can you expect from working with the principles of Healing Jan uses?

 light in dome–  Deep De-stress and re-setting of your nervous system and systems to a new set-point    –  Defining your identity and life belief constructs that do not serve you and dis-creating powerfully  –  Evaluation of your spiritual path and processes and support for advanced, safe connection to spirit –  Perfecting your physical body through energy-balancing, measuring through the Voice –  Removing hot buttons of emotional response that keep you stuck in patterns that are outdated  –  Designing a Life Style based on your authentic profile for work, play and loving for the New Paradigm

 You hold the answers within you and my job is to support you in being in charge of your life experience   Together we create healing restorative initiatives for you, our community and the planet. There IS a New Plan for Earth in alignment with divine creation principles for sustainable, compassionate living on earth once again.  We can transform anything when Science, Spirit and Sound work with our intentional consciousness for good.

Every thought, every project moves us forward…join me as we grow stronger together so we can create circles of new Light around the Globe through these new initiatives: Becoming Light Programs,  SOAR Women’s Leadership Initiative and  support tools:  Books “Passion 284272_251819178180880_240272159335582_988413_1233455_nHealed Me and Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine    “Awaking, Activating, Aligning, Ascention cd set….. Global Tours, Inspired Workshops, Art and Music Fusion Concerts, Paramount Concerts Sound Healing Protocol.  You are automatically part of my Community when you sign up for the Newsletter, and I invite you to Join our Membership Circle for more Education, Healing and Support!   This is the time….

The Bigger Picture…What do Vibration, Divine Plan and You have to do with the new Paradigm?

All is BECOMING light on earth. Can you feel it? Everything living is always moving and vortexing. Sorting, breathing, dying and interacting vibrationally. Even our thoughts are vibration and affect everything. The new quantum science shares that we are Co-Creating a new reality on earth!

And how can you move from one way of thinking and being to another?  The Be the Light Process does exactly this. This is the core of every program I bring…it is the core of all the Becoming Light Programs. We freeze the moment in a kind of capsule, pull in our higher powers, angels, whatever you call source and it’s helpers and then we make an intention. And we can un-wind, enhance, restore and the ability grows and grows with each day and a mastery of your own life and creation sets in.IMG_4280

We can include a crystal bowl and tones, or chimes to also distract your busy mind, and help you relax and shift your stuck emotions, pain, physical conditions and re-balance yourself powerfully. When we come to this alignment within ourselves then we can actually find it easy to commune and be guided by our own inner guidance at all times. I just consider myself a tuning fork, or a telephone operator to hook you up to the bigger system and help you remember your connection cables. Powerful and simple. Anyone can do it.

Whether we are focusing on the four main areas of life:  Relationships, Physical Vitality, Right livelihood, and Spiritual Sacred Living or a present concern…. the main fix-it tool is the Be the Light Process that puts you in touch with your own Divine Power and Guidance. We offer fun creative workshops, books and tools to help you get your life and direction together.

 I am here to guide, assist and support you on YOUR path and I use a concierge system of small voice for Newsletterassessment. What do you want and need for your wellness and wholeness?  Let’s design your program together.  You can visit me at the LIGHT LOFT in Nevada City or on the Internet for sessions.

A natural outcome of this work is to teach and empower others what I know:  to heal and re-create their lives. The SOAR Women’s Leadership Initiative envisions networking Visionaries, Leaders and Healers to be confident and share their gifts powerfully to a world in need.


    I look forward to hearing from you wherever you are                

                                                                   Namaste, Jan

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…..finding your perfect fit in the Divine Plan