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Specially designed Tools to help you to  “Become Light”


Original Paintings by Jan are in the GALLERY

Untitled - Sign

Products with Jan’s Designs at Vida Link

Jan's Products at Vida

Browse umbrellas, plates and clothing all bright with Jan’s original designs!  For gifts or for yourself, these energetic pieces carry wonderful energy for healing, for activating and feeling great.



“Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine”  can be ordered at  Learn how the  Guys Guide book smallVoice of the Awakening Divine Feminine is change Relationships..and how to navigate.
Written for the Guys, but the Women will see themselves too!  Simple, straightforward, answers you didn’t even know you had questions for!

“Passion Healed Me”  is available on CreateSpace. And just what happens when Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 5.29.20 AMspirit tells you are in the wrong life and movie? You begin the path of inner and outer exploration. This is a 3 year journal of figuring out who I am, why I am here and you will see yourself in here…what is personal is universal. Funny, poignant and you won’t put it down. Like living inside a black and white movie that turns very colorful!


As Above So Below CD  Singing, natural chimes, Bazantar and healing original music with

As above so below cd

As Above So Below

vocals by Jan, this CD is based natural tunings and has Meditative, channeled music to alter your heart, body and mind….and your basic human consciousness. With an intention to activate the essence of the divine feminine, this Cd has been played on Public Radio and streamed thru Music Services worldwide. For those wishing to activate their light body and more.

Song thru Spirit Cd   Improvisational songs, toning and healing ways to use the female voice with Jan and others.  Unlocks your creativitycerconejan2

Ave Maria….  Mother and Daughter rendition of Shubert’s Ave Maria solo song

Sarah’s Song  Vocalized Improvisational original song, single

Water of Life  Lucious meditative piece, music and vocals by Claire Victor and Jan




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Activating to Be the Light link

Aligning to Be the Light link

Awakening  Activating  Aligning  and Ascension

…four hours of meditation to stair-step your awakening process

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Watch the  Short Videos Introducing the Awakening, Activating, Aligning and Ascension Youtubes;

Awakening        Activating       Aligning      Ascension


Product testimonials

Jan, I already listened to your Awakening Cd, it was just what I needed..

inspiration and gratitude. Thank you.  Huong Dahn

I just heard your As Above So Below CD and just about went out of my skin in ecstasy. Thank you for your beautiful voice and angelic presence.

Rowena Kryder  May 2012

I started to listen to your light-language CD today, and it is
beautiful! It definitely seems to tap in to an ancient, living vein.
It also reminds me of Tom Kenyon’s work.  Are you familiar with him?
You and he seem to resonate on a similar, very fine plane. Catherine Valentine

Thank you for the courage to honestly share the details of your personal journey which has encouraged others to feel to heal and ultimately remember, reveal and fulfill our essential passion and potential! I admire your authenticity, humility and humanity and feel grateful to share the compassionate wisdom path with you.  HRS, California