Membership Becoming Light Circle

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Membership Becoming Light Circle

Welcome to the Newly Created Membership circle….the why and how of it

Becoming LIght Membership                                                                                                                                                            –       

Raise Your Vibrations powerfully in our Circle of Light with Weekly Healing Sessions

What is my benefit of being in a Healing Circle with other people?Quantum healing

Your name and energy will be placed in a circle and each of you will have personal energy directed to you at least once a week for balancing and shifts. Simply email me for any special requests. Science now shows that through entrainment that if one heals, we all shift. Quantum Field theory explains why the healing in groups is exponential. If one member of the tribe has grief, the healing energy is broadcast out powerfully and shifts everyone’s heart who has that same problem. Receive special Blogs, education about the process of Healing to expand your own tools whether you are a healer, teacher, or just beginning your spiritual path! You will learn and grow quickly.

 Activate your highest Consciousness.

How does it work?

 We can draw in higher energies and carefully guide them with through our being. It is palpable and energizing. When we embody these frequencies we have a specific pathway of awakening in the physical that then allows us to access higher states of consciousness. You will be given support and guidance through phone discussion, community on Facebook and emails with Jan. We will use the simple Be the Light 3 pt Process that thoroughly re-designs your body, mind and soul for repeated upgrades and integration. Source energy is drawn down into the circuitry. It sounds as if I am simplifying a very majestic, multi-faceted process and I am. It is grace that allows it all to flow and you will experience relaxation, bliss and releases. Jan has worked with large classes on the internet with students spread throughout the globe and each student had profound shifts due to the quantum field.

Get a Feel for Where you are At in your Life

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To Become a Member Go Here

       Become All You Can Be and join the New Paradigm

We are shifting as a species to higher vibrations and new ways of expressing our humanity. To be part of the new creations we must find consistent, reliable ways to discern this path of “lightening up” to accelerate your process safely and sanely. With so much change, the support and confirmation of the often confusing processes is priceless.We use the scientific and spiritual methods gained over 30 years of study in the music, sound and consciousness field to develop these simple meditation techniques you will love and use everyday.

We are coming out of a very Confused Mis-Guided Time for Humans on Earth…the beginning of a NEW Era!!

Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ


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