Ever Wonder Why you are Here?

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Aligning yourself at the Light Loft in Nevada City

Aligning yourself at the Light Loft in Nevada City

YOU are here for an important reason…if you are reading this you might be suspecting that you are more like a “visitor” here than a regular person leading a Normal life!!

…and that would be perfectly true!! For this time in history there are certain people who are being Called to action to re-create earth by bringing through new frequencies through their intentional meditations.

– Would you like to be a co-creator of the New world?
– Would you like to make sense of the spiritual path?
– Do you not know which end is up sometimes and like you are living with one foot in the spiritual world and one foot here in the heavy world?

Well you are in the right place. We have simple programs and processes to help you FIND and BE the light you are!
See the little geometric globe I am holding? each little node is a Person, or you, and we are each needed to bring our light to a pretty crazy world. We are the ones. Begin now. 707-206-5068

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