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The Vibration of Truth

The Vibration of Truth

Posted By on Aug 8, 2014

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How to discern what is true in our confused world……

I would like to talk about truth.
You know it when you hear it,…because you Feel it. It just “rings” (vibration) in your body. Amid the seduction, salesmanship and manipulation of almost every person, corporation and business our hearts are so hungry for truth and goodness. We are starving for a correction. It’s here. The wake-up call of humans calling out the fakes, the users and the smoozers. The big espresso of our times. We “see you” and you know it.
  Feels like a tsunami of truth is washing over mankind now. No leader, country or person is immune to this as one by one we discover, like the emperors nakedness…reality is NOT what we were programmed to think it was. Our tame behavior was crucial to prolong it. But that time is over and we are  finding the truth is bursting everywhere. And things you believed in are melting, and your beliefs are melting and it’s all because of ONE thing. The Divine Plan is having it’s way with this wayward little planet and her people.’s well underway and this plan is built on the principles of creation:
                                                                       IMG_9224   Truth…beauty…love…goodness
It’s as simple as that. Vibrate with those qualities and principles and you will easily attract in your new co-creation tribe. Staying stuck in business practices, relationships and confused alignments and your discomfort level will just rise and rise.
Truth has an actual vibration. A confirming sense. Even if I read something brand new I don’t understand, I can tell if it’s the truth and my perceptual reality hasn’t caught up yet. It’s not what the internet says is true. Or your mother. It’s your navigational sense of truth in any given moment that will guide you to the next best choice to escape illusion.
Truth is contagious
Often outrageous at times
  Takes courage to say truth among sleepers
Truth will set us free, thank you Martin LK
Truth is our best antidote to everything….It is the WAKE Up CALL!!!
We don’t have to say all the truth we know
all the time..just appropriately
There is no replacement or compromise
Science is divided on truth and facts

So where do we find truth?…in the eye of our heart where there can be no violation or manipulation. Our inner, pure knowing. Non-negotiable. You are free in this space to discern. To see and know truth. It is a VIBRATION of peace and reassurance when you hear it.  So if you want to know how to discern truth…go into a meditation and turn off your mind. Just feel. Put the question in your heart. Look at the question through the eye of your heart. You will KNOW.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 5.02.24 PM

Often people say they are amazed by the seemingly “wild” things I say at times, yet they never say it doesn’t “ring” true. I say, well if I lie I lose my Messaging Guest Pass from the creation team!!

Now think of these terms…mis-truths, half truths, and how it brings up the vibration of MIS-trust, or missed trust. We cannot trust our experience if we are not based in truth. All is up for wobbly mis-undertanding, drama and mis-creation. More MISSED opportunity to drop in and work withing a deeper more nourishing reality based on actual truth. Keep thinking about this. It’s worthy of our thoughts.
Namaste……Jan Jorgensen Cercone
Jan Jorgensen Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary Vibrational Specialist at As an Author, Recording Artist, TV Host,  Inspirational Workshop leader she brings the magic of how to create with Intentional Vibration alive. She is the Director of the Solara Quantum Healing center in Pt. Richmond, Ca and has been on National TV, Radio and Newspaper as a recognized expert on Sound Healing.

Events – Education – Inspiration ….. New Vision through Vibration for Earth    The Solara Center – Healing – Women’s Retreats



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Staying “Present” is the Key to being Happy and Productive

….a timely blog written for our Being Light Coaching Community and beyond!

You cannot divide your attention continually like a chariot driver with horses going into two directions and expect to get anywhere. Where your attention is, that is where you are. There are SO many ways to say this simple truth. Where we put the focus of our consciousness determines EVERYTHING.  Absolute fact. According to Einstein “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.”

And this has everything to do with your spirituality. To be connected to our creator and the matrix, you will need to be anchored into the here and now to fully embody your full self and essence. The Divine you in a physical body in full operation.  The being that you are is SO powerful and alive and unstoppable and it is available to you at any given moment. You are at choice. You can Tune Out, or Tune  In.

I am not talking about healthy day dreaming while we are in-between activities or resting or finding new solutions through fantasy and problemHeart Expanding at Nexus solving. I am talking about our confused usual way of creating conversation, projects, or work from a mind that is half present and distracted and worried about to do lists, money or any one of  the ways we humans experience constant stress and fear. To achieve, create and speak our truth we need to focus. To be in our body and feelings and to not be distracted.

We cannot create from a place, or relate from a place of cohesiveness if we are not fully present. When we leave the ZONE of presence we divide our thoughts, our power and not only do we suffer but whoever is with us loses our presence as well. So often we “tune out” and let our consciousness move out of our physical space when we are uncomfortable or habitually absent. Often children will use this as a defense mechanism in an unsafe world and they don’t even know they are setting habits that will follow them into adulthood. Lets face the truth, it is painful to live and operate in a fear based world. Yet, if you are reading this you know you are not only “stationed here” as a change agent but you contracted to allow the transformation of the world through your active participation. So staying here, fully present is the best way to really find your sense of yourself and build a life that is truly you. Sourced from a oneness that is connected to the bigger grid of truth and reality. Something you can trust.

Every moment we have a choice. Consider how many conversations and things your do everyday. Now think about how fully focused you really were. Dropping into the zone of full presence that allowed you to really feel and know at a deep level of aliveness you are connected to your spirit self.  I offer a third choice to the Tune Out or Tune In. You can Tune UP. Go vertical and get the calm, the focus and the navigation system to coordinate all the aspects of human presence into harmony and positive directionality!

We do not need esoteric years of spiritual training to find our way and we do not have the time or money to devote extensive chunks of energy to spiritualize our life by living in a temple or cave. We are needing real answers now,  when we need them while living in this reality that we wish to change. The fabric of reality that is a mis-creation at it’s core. The reason we are unable to focus is that we are out of alignment with our truth and the fundamental living principles based on vibrational divine alignments. We are distracted by fear which is an illusionary construct implanted by the egoic structuring of our functioning. This is all now up for re-organization and re-structuring on the personal, social and global levels. It’s been a long time coming for the pendulum to shift but it is indeed swinging back for earth to be in harmonic alignment with the galactic and universal tracks of  truth, beauty, love and goodness.

So when I say you can Tune Up instead of Out I am recommending you simply connect with your higher self who is connected to the creator all that is, and there you can have full brain full on focus, clarity and profound knowing. You do not have to splinter your thinking and be drained by second guessing and fear. Imagine a seasoned athlete beginning to take their first action as they slip into the “zone” of movement. Any second guessing or fear or confusion will trip them up. Or a musician begins their groove and their brain chemicals begin to allow them to shift into the zone and create spontaneously and deliberately. Imagine if they suddenly had their attention shifted by their crying baby in the front row of the auditorium. This divided attention would fracture the container of “connection” within and without that artist is experiencing. In your everyday life you can attain this seamless state of connection with the magic, the zone aspect simply by tuning your consciousness to your higher knowing and guidance that is always connected to source. The headquarters for this circuitry of connection is in your heart.

Our everyday habits create our reality. Was it Aristotle that said we become the thoughts we have over and over? Feels true. So why not lift our thoughts and ask our higher self for guidance and change our experience from distress to relief? Simply ask and intend to know and understand what is the highest, easiest approach to your life in every moment. And being present with THIS, this asking and listening and responding we can lift up our life experience to a new octave. A place of peace, surrender and ease that will not only bring a new joy and peace but will support you to live longer as well as your physical body balances out and heals. The higher vibrational “field” of your body, mind and spirit working together can elevate you and those around you for a more loving, quality experience of even the smallest aspects of daily living.  And the Change for the World begins with you. It is the only place it could ever begin.

The Three Point Be the Light Meditation process I work with is the core of every group, healing and presentation I participate in because it lays the foundation for this simple spirit connection. Here it is:

1.  I ask and intend to set a sacred space

2.  I call in my spirit guides and connect to my creator

3.  I make an intention and then allow the answers, energy and guidance to come.

We live in complicated, off-kilter times yet we have never had such an acute understanding of the energetic field and our potential to masterfully re-create reality on all levels. This too, you shall do and more is coming to fruition as every person has the ability to simply ask and receive higher guidance. The transformation of our human experience is accelerating as more and more people are taking the reins of their own life and destiny in their hands by understanding metaphysics and sustainable living principles.  It is actually very simple to turn our attention upwards to our creator and ask for the right answer as we keep our focus unwavering on the task at hand. No more confused energy, divided and spread out. We feel, sense and discern. Our attention stays permanently connected upwards and our pipeline to our highest best truth guides us effortlessly. Then we are attracted to and become attractive to others who are in their zone and we can create powerfully and seemingly effortlessly without ego or power in the mix. Our work and aim is to do good. Be of service. And feel good.

We are turning a corner together as more of us are “waking” up to the power of intention and coming together and using our prayer and meditation to  change reality. A Washington DC group filled a gymnasium and prayed and significantly decreased crime and experienced meditators can even change weather activity. Why? Because the speed and power of higher frequency vibration has dominion over earth-based density. That is how healing works overall. Lower vibrations (disease, disorganized systematic chaos…will entrain with and align with  more harmonic higher vibrations) The Quantum zone is scientifically validated and lets use this information to lift our lives and humanity beyond the illusion created by fear. If we can change anything and everything….lets do it. Let’s dream a new dream for us and earth with new focus, love and determination.  I invite your comments and please share your miracles of intention in the comment box below! We can inspire each other!!


Here’s a little Youtube to enjoy on this topic and do sign up for my mailing list at the link upper right…Namaste!

Every Wednesday I offer a mediation call to lean and master these simple steps to “Be the Light” and I invite you to join me.

Lastly, perhaps you would like to practice the Be the Light Meditation? another good youtube at this link.

Blessings on your journey to the light. It does not have to be so challenging. Tune Up, not Out.

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary Messenger specializing in Energy Heaing and Consciousness. She is an Omnium Graduate, Avatar Master and Stuided Anthroposophic singing for 30 years. An Ordained Minsiter, Recording Artist and Author, she offers inspirational Workshops and Events to inspire Divine Connection. She is a gifted Healer and Master at running energy and can teach you how.

She offers a 3 month Coaching Program for individuals seeking to become connected to their life purpose and truth.

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Becoming Light Blog with Jan Cercone

……music is universal, soothing and affordable. Music is good medicine!

Cheri Gross of Paramount International Interviews Jan Cercone on the Healing Power of Music

Check out our informational interview at this link

 Topics Covered in this Recording…..

– How you can use your Creative Imagination to boost your artistic work into the Zone.

– How Artists Can heal the world thru Music  to bring a new consciousnessJan in Ashland

– How Sound and Music impact our emotions, and energy field

Sound and Music shape the experience of our daily life. Thru understanding the landscape of our vibrational world we can make adjustments and protect our sensitive natures from overload.  This awareness leads us to enhance our lives by surrounding ourselves with the sounds of nature, loving voices and safe environments where we can flourish.

The ancients knew this. The lyre soothed the agitated king, shamanic healers chanted and drummed while invoking the healing powers of the gods they believed in. Pythagoras trained his followers to heal with a simple seven stringed lyre. And now in 2014, musicians are taking to the bedside like never before in modern history to deliver profoundly healing music on a variety of instruments.   What is old is new again, and science, technology and spirituality are meeting up through healing music. Just watching this amazing video of sung tone turned into color shows the advances we have made in making the invisible comprehensible!

Sound Made Visible Video

Because humans entrain with the music and the musicians they hear, there is a great potential to bring very high healing vibrations through at concerts simply by setting an intentional field. The future is here and Quantum Healing is quite accepted now. Just think what we artists can accomplish now that we understand our masterful use of Sound, light and color can transform human consciousness for good. We can decide which emotions to experience and use binarual beats to shift our brain into the creation “zone.” All Available on youtubes at no cost.

Maybe you would like to participate in some way in this work, or just learn a bit more about it.  Perhaps you are already a musician and would like to perform in Healing Concerts and the new Events that fuse Healing and Music? Check out Blue ambiance at NexusParamount booking where Cheri Gross is bringing new initiatives and I wrote the Sound Healing Protocol for her Musicians. I hope you have developed an interest in looking into the possibility of expanding your music work.  You have more resources than ever before to explore this wonderful world of service through music. Good luck becoming a Sound Healer!

AND… can join my new Membership Program that not only includes weekly healing thru the internet…but you will receive educational videos that take you step by step thru the many processes that I am an expert at!  Take a look here!

Namaste,  Jan Cercone



Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Visionary Sound Specialist with a focus on Health Care, Entertainment, Women’s Leadership and Divine Partnership. A creative Workshop facilitator, she also has a gift for healing through her voice and teaching others how to Guide the Energetic Field.  Jan is a recording artist, Omnium Graduate, Uncovering the Voice Graduate, and Director of the Solara Healing Center. She Leads Women’s Leadership Initiatives thru SOAR, creates events and is active with the Paramount International Booking Agency to “Heal the World thru Music.” A Performance Artist and Minister, she travels worldwide speaking as an activist for the Divine Plan for Earth thru the Artists.

Her healing CDs can be found at

Paramount Booking teaming up with Sound and Light Healing arts!!

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Yes I am the Calm in the Storm

This week I found my head swimming…too much to think about. To do. And you know what? It will get worse unless I STOP and re-wind the spool of thread. Take a breather. That can include a little walk, touch a tree, or dance around the room. Look up from the computer for at least 10 minutes. Have something good to eat. And breathe.

These little activities are just a circuit breakers though. It is the way we actually hold our sense of self we can correct. Imagine that you are not your thoughts or your busy list. Your physicality does not need to follow these prompts. You can instead imagine:

–  Your core is stable and Calm

– You have an endless core of energy that is resourced from above and below

– Thoughts, people and tasks come and go…your CORE is calm and stable

See how it good  it feels even just thinking about this. It feels like things can expand, that they will be ok. And it is just changing your perspective. I bet your muscles released a bit. I bet you just became a bit nicer to be around and have more of your own energy to give your loved ones, enhancing your presence with them. Yes, we can change in an instant. So the Theme this week for the Becoming Light programs is:

I am Calm in My Center, My Core

All Revolves around my Calm Core

I am Strong, Safe and Stable at all times

  Enjoy this I Am Calm in My Core Youtube

Yes it is that easy. Now here is another thing to think about. Part of you is regular human. Part of you is morphing and waking up to be a light being to help create a new world. So, you are indeed experiencing new electro-magnetic very energizing fast thoughts and energies. The angelic and other realms are light speed. So give yourself some credit. You are simultaneously acting, thinking and behaving the best you can in this slower very dissonant world while taking in very high speed encodments, ideas and upgrades. No wonder your nervous system might feel like IMG_6637a bees nest sometimes. More reason to practice these grounding centering affirmations. They take the “attachment” and pain body aspect out of the equation. I used a Buddha idea and Eckart Tolle principle in that last sentence. Yes, release the sticky strong ideas and just let your core rest in it’s beingness at your core.

Here is a little youtube above with the Becoming Light update for this week. It describes how we all affect each other and can grow and heal faster in community. We don’t have to be thrashed around by our wayward thoughts. We can get support, get vibrational alignment from someone else who has already mastered what we want to feel confident about. And we don’t even have to talk about it. These are attitudes based on vibration that yield to dominant thought. So let your Dominant thoughts revolve around the three sentences up above and have a blessed, stable grounded week. You never know what adventure is around the corner. So stabilize yourself and the resilience is there to take you through any wave easily.

Namaste,  Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP  Becoming Light Programs

1. Community Newsletter  2. Monthly membership Healing Circle    3. Intensive Angels in Flight 3 month intensive

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might benefit!!

Jan Cercone RN, MA, Music/VoiceBio Practitioner,  Specializing in re-balancing Human health and spiritual ascension. Workshop leader, International speaker, Author/ Recording artist. Her Women’s Voice Release is a powerful tool for women to re-find their voice and empowerment. Jan is the Director of the Solara Center. She authored “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” to assist women to articulate to their partners what they are going through as they progress through their Spiritual Awakening!

  Join Jan for a beautiful Women’s Retreat at Ananda Sept. 26-28.

Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

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Being light 4


     I became a nurse to relieve the pain I “felt” when around others in pain. I was surprised to find, after 4 years of Nursing study, that the patients I encountered at the hospital often did not WANT to get better, (of course this was subconscious) but had somehow contracted energetically with their disease process to get….ok, hold your breath…..more love. It’s an unconscious drive to everything actually. Even when it appears the opposite, it’s the road home always.  All move towards love.  Sally Stanford, the famed Sausalito Madame Mayor would check into Marin General for some R and R. I was not amused. Why didn’t people stop smoking, eat better?   There must be a new way.

     People have habitual ways of being in this dissonant world. All forms of love-blocking strategies. And they created them unconsciously along the way and after awhile it catches up and they get sluggish, unhappy and reactive if they haven’t done any healing. And their resistant patterns have caused structures so rigid in their body and beliefs they will not even hear good advice or know how to shift.

   Stuck energy takes the form of:

   1. procrastination   2.blaming others  3. eating to relax  4.never taking risks  5.orienting yourself to outside structures

And of course, since all of this is vibrational, however unconscious, it can be changed!! By moving it!!

Ways to move energy include:

    1. deep breathing   2. touch   3. new-high octane foods   4. sex   5. trying something new  6. trying positive thinking

     What do YOU do to re-align and let go? I prefer soaking in hot tubs forever till my skin wrinkles and my muscles melt. But there is a fast, highway to releasing stuck energy. And it is by using our “intention” and the power of our consciousness aligned with the will of the creator to be a laser beam to kind of break up energy forms. It is mysterious magic and scientifically provable all at the same time. And if you are moving ahead with the New world, time to get serious about what you are holding and doing. Getting clarity of consciousness is getting your house in order to move with the new creations that will be taking over the present operations on earth.  I had no choice but to create a Comprehensive Program for healing that will prepare us to enter the new Paradigm.

      I became a healer after my divorce at age 50,  to my surprise, and learned to shift energies in the body. Just by focusing on the intention. Think about it, we create every minute of our day by choice and intention. But most of us are asleep to the possibility of of really learning to heal themselves and believe they can.  I saw people could be passive and expectant I could take away their pain yet going deep into their causative patterns was not comfortable for them.  Then I remembered something I had read about the greatest healer, Jesus himself. He felt like he had failed his mission!!! Why?  because he knew how easy it was to bring thru divine light, sift it over the physical body and heal and he felt he failed because he could not teach this to other people. They did not GET consciousness, or or how to exercise their will energetically, or the power of  high frequency vibration. They didn’t have sophisticated enough thinking processes 2 thousand years ago.   All of this is now changed. With all the scientific proof showing us all how to harness the healing light of creation. So, my new work is to focus as  Messenger, the facilitator and I will use any means at my disposal to support YOU to entrain with your ability to heal YOU.  …sound, meditation, arts, music, movement with the Basic 3 Point Be the Light System as the basis. And honestly, people are often not really getting the language my friends and I use anyway. Let the vibration just carry the information.

  The new focus is to give everyone the tools to heal themselves. 

 Time to bring it HOME, self empowerment on all levels.

And I just learned what that means…

   Here On Mother  Earth

Going inside yourself is a place where you come home to your health. To take responsibility for your life, choices and energy. At Solara, our Quantum Energy center here on the SF bay, we are experts and can show you how, hold your hand and walk you through. We even have you communicate your commitment to us on a scale of one to ten after we have created your program WITH you.This is the new way, We are coming out of a society of being “handled” and controlled and taking back our innate power and Our Right  to have CONNECTION TO our own DIVINE powers and healing processes.Here is the process I use on every session, circle and workshop…it works.   
                    Join me for my BEING LIGHT 3 Month Coaching Program …and see you life change!!
                                                                            Namaste,  Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP
fancy be the light
Join our Healing Circle..Becoming Light Monthly Membership showers you with Healing sessions, Education and being
part of a larger Community of Awakening Individuals. We can make walking between the worlds not only possible by enjoyable as we create a New Paradigm together based on Energetic Principles of Truth and Personal Empowerment.
                                          Take a look at the New Way of Community Healing

What do YOU think true healing is?

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Gifted Healer, Singer and Inspirational Speaker making the Divine Healing Vibrations of Source a simple concept. An author, recording artist and educator, she is a Minister, Avatar Master, and Omniumm graduate. She creates new initiatives in Health Care Models, Entertainment and Women’s Leadership. Her goal is to create a school in Southern France where individuals can learn to heal with simple powerful techniques and then go home and serve their community. She taught at the Sound and Consciousness Institute and developed Music Programs for Hospice and Hospital settings working with staff. Jan Created the SOAR initiative, Sounding Our Authentic Resonance, that brings powerful women healers together to share their knowledge and establish a Divine Healing Arts Mystery School in France.
She received a grant for Music in the Schools, has worked with the elderly in Long Term Care settings, and has created Community Music Events for over 20 years. She is a recognized pioneer in Vibrational Healing Arts with a specialty of “Women’s Voice Release.”   She is the Director of the Solara Center…healing with a Feminine Touch in Pt. Richmond, Ca and travels widely.

Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

Jan Cercone’s story of leaving safety and tradition to find her own voice and wings is an inspiration to women. She offers a heart-centered message full of hope.” Marci Smirnoff  #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason.

Jan Cercone’s work brings in intuition and sound healing science to help women use their voice to empower themselves.” Steven Halpern   Grammy nominated recording artist and sound healer

“The Holy Spirit directed me to a sound journey with Jan Cercone. Her singing releases all my tension and relaxes me like I have never experienced in my life. My voice bio and sound journey were amazing. I did not want  the state of blessedness to end.”

 —Pat RN, VoiceBio client

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The Three Keys to Getting More Fans for your Music and Art...

….is actually the Law of Attraction at work. In the Podcasts with Cheri Gross of Paramount booking we investigated the Power of Intentional Vibration to be the key to effect of anything. Nowhere does this apply more powerfully than when working with music.

  Watch this  New Youtube on how Resonance can bring you more Fans and Success

     Music is the vehicle of the “Force” of the Universe and is the harmonizing, awakening, and aligning mechanism for humans. Personal or Globally, applied music as the innate power to heal and inspire and uplift. There is no doubt to this fact. The recent technological advances are able to show us the irrefutable why and how as well.

     If you are a musician you have one goal… to live and share your passion of the music that is flowing through you. This energy sustains you and also confuses you at times. Why can something so fabulously divine also seem to keep you separate from what you really want? A stable, Tiny Lynnsconsistent base of income and stability for your life. Because music is divine and the divine is somewhat under-valued in our society. But it is JUST what is needed for our world now, and especially to create the New Paradigm. Your music and the passion behind it holds the fuel, the signatures, the fuel for burning up the old, the energy to awaken, the …. you fill in the blank. Music is IT. So no matter where you are with your music making, or art, GO For IT. Fully, Without compromise or apology. The world is counting on you. And you know you will never be happy with not doing your art and music.

So what are the 3 keys to getting more Fans?

1. Being more you. Only certain people need your resonance, your message at certain times. Are you clear and defined on your vibrational message?    Resonating out your song, your vibration like a beacon. Can you trust that if your inner drive to do it so strong it guides you that the universe will meet you?  That people are WAITING for your signature, your message and song. If the re-creation of our world is like a baking a cake, your ingredient is needed. Do not adjust or dim your vision and message. You might learn how to articulate your work in ways people can “meet” it, or find ways to share it in venues that are similar to your resonance, but always keep your truth.

2. Using your Intention, not mildly but willfully, boldly and consistently. What do you want to convey and to who? If you have thoughts of fear, and how to get this or that thing happening you are slicing up the creation. Intention is simple. All you thoughts will obey your intention. People will see and feel you intentionality. People feel and sense non-intentionality and won’t trust you. Do you stand behind what you say you are? Do you just ooze belief and power in your creation?   Why not grap the reins of creation and just do it and love it. Yes, it IS that easy my friend.  Just use these words

“I ask and intend to…. and let the self-commands define, delight and guide you. You being you. You following you. You.  You might say “I ask and intend to find three new gigs this week” or I ask and intend to drop into a Zone of creation that brings the highest best new music out of me. Then do the 3 point process below, the very easy way to connect with your higher self supporting and guiding you.

3. The 3 Point Meditation Process that will Support you to Attract more Resources, Fans, everything…. for your work is easy…and you can do it anywhere. Especially good right before performance to settle your nerves, align with your goal, connect with your audience and let the force of the universe flow through you. Your fans will feel it and want MORE of you, more of your connection and they will take this light and excitement home with them and figure out how to get more of you and your music afterwards too. Success.

Now you might find going over this with the Youtube helpful!! so here is the link to do it with me…..and here is the text to look at:


Getting to the light….and staying there when you create or perform your music or art: 

it is a process of healing and releasing all that binds you

Then you allow yourself to go into the light, which you can call “Source” and then you make an INTENTION….

The process of “BE the Light”

Set a sacred Space…..… say “I ask and intend to set a sacred space,  I call in the holon of balance. (Put yourself inside of it with your mind.)  Only energies of the highest light may come here now.”

Invokebring in your higher divine self, guides, angels, ascended masters

Intention… specific about what you are doing. Always use the words “I ask and intend” to….heal, or release, or_______

The Holon of Balance, put yourself in the inner diamond ,a pyramid shape

3 Point Be the Light Holon of Balance


Allow yourself to be filled with the Divine energy from above, just open the top of your head and imagine light coming in

Allow yourself to be filled with Divine energy let it go down through you into the center of the earth and then back up through your body back up to source. Plug in. And wish away, Say “I ask and  intend ______________”

We always had this ability, to bring in the higher energies. Somehow we just forgot and now it is time for us to remember. And what better people than artists who already work from divine inspiration?  We know how to go into the zone. So this process just puts it all in  a higher octane and we can bring illuminating energies to ourselves, our family and also to the the fans you will be attracting..

                                                                                 Keep doing it….Namaste, Jan Cercone


The Paramount booking International Sound Healing Protocol Video

Untitled 3 - Sign

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Become a Member of our Sound Healing Community…Becoming Light Monthly Membership!!Be the light for website

Paramount Booking International  Specializes in Entertainers who are bringing a New Vibration for the New World!and Lastly, take a look at this previous blog on Fusing Healing Modalities and Music.

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Jan Cercone RN, MA, Music/VoiceBio Practitioner,  Specializing in re-balancing women’s health and spiritual ascension. Workshop leader, International speaker, Author/ Recording artist. Her Women’s Voice Release is a powerful tool for women to re-find their voice and empowerment. Jan is the Director of the Solara Center. She authored “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” to assist women to articulate to their partners what they are going through as they progress through their Spiritual Awakening!

Sound and Light Healing

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