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Day 21 of Staying at Home

Posted By on Mar 27, 2020

After the first few days it felt like we had been in our staying home mode for a month already. Now at day 21 we feel like we have been basically inside forever on a cruise ship out to sea. We can’t get off.

We watched our neighbors and family have their own decision timeline for when to stay in. Some balked for a variety of reasons. One neighbor still sneaks out to McDonalds. With our infinitely creative human imagination we now have delivery services from large companies: Amazon and Target. We are looking at a 9 month period before vaccinations and the hospitals are fillilng and peoples’ lungs are filling and dying. Society is clean out of alcohol wipes and manufacturers are making face masks at their factories and toilet paper is a prized commodity.

Unemployment is rising wildly. Our president wants to open things back up by Easter and the health officials are saying 2-12 months. Conspiracy theories are flying and the air is cleaner because life has slowed down. Dolphins are swimming in Venetian canals. People are saying maybe grandparents should sacrifice themselves for the economy.  My sisters’s husband demands to get his diet coke habit fed at 2 liters a day and that chew tobacco stuff and commands my sister to go risk her life to go get it, or he threatens he will go out and risk both their lives. I am noticing that we all are looking in the mirror of the life we have created with who. When I was in second grade Miss Cline would make me stand in front of the triple mirror for awhile to consider what my behavior had caused. I feel we are back in 5th grade.

My partner is his usual loving self, and we alternate from fun humorous activities to bringing up our habits we can’t stand.  He just admitted he hates it when I smack gum. I do some gardening for fresh air and sometimes a neighbor appears and we keep double the social distance and say how weird it all is, but somehow kind of nice too. I did a meditation yesterday and it was entitled the Best of Times from the Worst of times. It’s like a personal, social, and global re-set of immense possibilities. Will we rise to the occasion to re-organize our systems to be fair and sustainable. Or are we being quarantined to fulfill some unknown agenda to control, contain and chip?? or whatever??? It is this huge unknown that I think fundamentally is shaking people’s confidence in our government. As they couldn’t even follow protocols that seem to be efficient in other countries. We are not who we thought we were as a leading nation in functionality and our leadership is divisive and untrustworthy.

How will people pay bills moving forward? Will the economy tank? How will our nation fare? How long will it last. No easy answers. I worry about my 30ish kids who are making their way in the world and this has a great consequence for their growing careers.

For myself personally I have never felt so relaxed. A deep level of non-business is dawning on me and it’s hard to get mobilized to do anything. I just sit in wonder. I look out the window at the sunset. Check facebook to monitor the outrageous, crazy, mean and stupid posts.  Everyone is at their own level of reaction and understanding. When I asked myself what is the best thing I can do? I feel like creating a Council of high vibrational women who are good at energy moving was the most useful thing I could do. So I did, and we meet weekly to actively Pray for beneficial energy movement. I continue my weekly meditations and got a new wonderful clear microphone. But the fun thing is meeting with my sister Martha to choose one person to energetically pray for their well-being. And we visit. Last week I had a fun social hour Zoom party with my older sister in Kirkland. She is really tucked in for safety and doing well. We enjoyed the happy hour a lot. I continue to paint those little Amazon delivery packages and put labels on them: Light Bulbs, Medicines, and then there is one for my chocolate stash that says “Private” and “replace what you take” on the other side! I am running out of dark bars and am not wanting to break into the milk, but adorable, chocolate Easter little chicks or sheep.

Some days I say ENOUGH TV ….as they recount the infection and death rate and unemployment rates….and just put on music.  I painted yesterday morning and asked to see the face of God and a woman swathed in white light emerged on the canvas. I signed up for an akashic reading on FB, not sure why. The woman called me an hour too early today and I realized she was fairly new at this and I said to myself that this will be interesting. But I knew there was a gift in it, not just giving her practice. When she opened the records and what came forth felt more like a soul retrieval activity…seemed to go along with the whitish woman painting.

So I am feeling my intuition is deepening, I can hear words and numbers before people say them with good accuracy. So much just BEING time. Very little doing. Meals are discussed and lots of creativity goes into these main activities of the day.

We are extremely blessed we recently acquired the house next door to ours, as property was originally configured so we can go back and forth from our main home and then to what we call our “vacation home.”  We are in deep appreciation every minute.  My youngest is happily tucked into her studio catching up with sewing and tending her large plant collection.  My NY daughter is in place in a highrise Lower Manhatten with a 3 year old but they get out to the park between the two bridges. Everyone is slowing down and relaxing. Trying to get comfortable with the profound unknown. My son is working from home as an attorney and all travel is curtailed. We met on zoom and told jokes and had a tour of the plant jungle in Hollywood at your youngest’s studio.

So that is today. I feel something big is on it’s way. As the words I got from spirit for this whole things are:

Tribunal, Reckoning, Julilation   and also….Help is on the way.


More later





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Women's Hands in Circle Small284272_251819178180880_240272159335582_988413_1233455_nGrandmother whale

March 11, 2020

Day 7

Just today it went from Epidemic to Pandemic. It was coming.  I feel my partner and I were ahead of the curve at every juncture. the initial impetus was…Get supplies, hunker down and keep your vibration high. We have some boxes checked in the high risk category.

I abruptly shifted the painting courses and meditations to ALL on-line last Tuesday. Strangely, I think it went better than regular classes. Now a week later most gatherings are being evaluated and or cancelled I see on the news.

People made fun of those getting supplies. But as a Public Health Nurse I knew what was coming. I knew the lines that must be drawn for social contagiousness…before it’s too late.    And as a skeptic of this world I also realized that this toxic plague might be of human origin, intention and agenda.

This experience now going on our first week of cutting off contact with the everyday world has many benefits. Like:

saving gas

eating very healthfully with no eating out, losing weight and bloat

more gardening and spending time in nature, collecting wood in our forest for the fire

using the food saver vacuum packer, when I cook a good amount thus being thrifty and honoring food

Finding new ways to say hello to family, actually talking to them more on phone and facetime

Today my next door neighbor and I have an idea to meet at the mailbox and have a chat! She is getting her pantry all cleared out

Because I have TIME.

For painting, sewing.

Time to ponder the bigger meaning of this, How we are all connected. How some people make decisions based on their own beliefs and desires rather than the Public Health Professionals.  I did a little litmus test by having that last client come to work with me in the center. Twice she coughed without covering her mouth and the spew was like a slow moving nightmare in my mind…..was I sitting the protocol 6 feet?  And we had even AGREED to use our best behaviors to not spread anything…just in case. As a nurse I know it takes awhile for people to learn new habits and the protocol for this virus is pretty strict as it sets in.  No more clients. Boarding up.

So…..I decided to get busy in a new way. Devoting myself to creating healthier habits and more focus on the gifts I do have to work with energy. And powerfully Connecting with others on social Media in honest, non-provoking ways. Took a movie of our garden to sent to my sister who is in a high risk area staying home and isolated.

Time. To relax. Sleep 12 hours. Replenish my immune system.  We have it all on the counter..zinc, vitaming D, etc and do take these things to support our systems. There have been a few exhausting experiences that I of course enjoyed doing recently so I am and was tired.  The Conference took me to zer0-point of the Virus in Kirkland and Seattle while the virus was silently spreading.  Time to think about that. Time to remember my sister in Oregon called alarmed there were low flying helicopters all over.  I saw one even on the freeway darting down and flying sideways after a brief hover.  Things are happening. Above and below actually.

I watched how our president cares more about numbers and his re-election and still has rallies past the point of endangering others. Recklessness.  Last night I had a rendevous with him in my dreams, a full day of complete travel together where I showed him love and the world thru my eyes. He changed his clothes and his face became soft and his eyes sensitive and he thanked me for being his guide for the day.  A transformation in the dreamworld. “In my Dreams” you might say!

Now each day the cases grow of the Virus and Deaths.  Decisions, should my grandson come visit?  Flights are $100 from New York!   No. Should my partners grandson? No. No exceptions as they might carry it. A death sentence at worst and a who knows?    People are in their homes now as people over sixty are told to not even go out around Seatlle.  Sick ones are kept in one room and served by one person who must study isolation protocol. Hospitals overflowing. This is just the beginning.

On my weekly meditations I always say….well the answer to anything is just Be the Light. And keep the focus on communing with source for answers.  Never have I been called to this in such a strong way. During a dream I was shown the Tibetan Bell. I used it in the painting class, and in the personal session for a client last week. The Bell of awakening, a reckoning, a calling Home to a higher way, a different way of processing not just global pandemics but how we even LIVE. How we do business, healthy, and shopping and entertainment.  They are all built on money, power and manipulation. It is all SO clear to me this week.  So I called a Council of 8 wise women and me began our Circle of meditation today.

I also offer the StillPoint Meditations, on Meet-up,  with instrumental voice and sound the second Sunday of the month, now on-line in the zoom room to all.  And of course the weekly Be the Light Meditations for those I have worked with over the years. Be the Light Wed am Meditations Library, if you have LOTS of time!  Today’s topic and youtube is called:  Meditation during the Pandemic!

This is the year of the great divide. Seeing the dark (fear based reality)  for what it is and what it creates. It is up to US to bring in the new creations energetically…and then they will be formed into this dimension. We know things are created as thought first in the etheric  and then materialize. It’s time to use these universal truths to the greatest degree possible.  We can create miracles equal to our intention to. By accessing forces within high vibrational fields we only imagine at present. I have TIME now to do this.   It is all choice. Fear, or using our tools of creation.

I had this thought…the toxic masculine is having die-off, like when you de-tox your body and it hurts so awfully at first. We are having a dis-manteling of the present systems and dis-orientation and shattering is part of the re-organization.  Earth is shaking off the fleas that are parasites. It’s all a metaphor and process and we all played our part in this re-orchestration. So lets get on with it.

May this is all a drama to push us towards more truth and benevolence as a Global Family. Pushing those with creative skills and gifts in the spiritual realm to get activated. One World. One Health system. All are our brothers and sisters.

On a practical level, we sit down for all meals. Kind of old-fashioned slowness as we experiment with different herbs, savoring the fresh vegetables I learned to blanche and freeze. Appreciation. And my guy came up with a great idea for today, lets go clamming in the Puget Sound and have clams tomorrow.

See the Artwork on Top? The grandmother watches as the earth burns off the old…the crust must be released of old energy.

Tomorrow is another day.

More later.

Jan Jorgensen


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“I don’t have the words to express my joy for meeting you and having experienced your amazing voice and voice-bio session a week and half ago.  I had an incredible emotional breakthrough with my husband the following weekend when we went away for a night– my heart had cracked open and much love and re-connection occurred for us. 

Thank you!  Dana, Hair Stylist

Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP will bring her bag of Magical Sound Tools, a Powerpoint and Take Individual through the “Voice Release” Process she designed from Spirit and Science.

Workshops with Women to find their Power with Jan

She  joins the Conference with excitement to meet and learn about the Women of Wisdom anchoring in Empowerment Activities for the Northwest.  During the presentation learn about how the Empowered Feminine Voice  is so needed to help us connect to what is real, right and worthy of our time and attention. We ARE the grounding cords for the New Paradigm and we must begin with ourselves. Prepare to be elevated and expanded after our Vocal Release group process. .the Vocal  method Jan uses HERE   and learn more about Jan HERE


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Jan Sara Jorgensen, RN, MA, is a Certified Music Practitioner and Minister. “Healing from the Heart of God through Sound, Science and Spirit,” she is a Messenger and Visionary for the New Paradigm, a Vibrational Field and Healing Specialist Educator, a Speaker on Women’s Media TV and Radio, a Divine Feminine Leader, Author, Recording Artist, and Workshop Leader. Jan Moves Energy and teaches you how to “run” yours. And it’s time to “lighten up.” Let’s run Joy into our life practice and release the vibrations and energies of sadness, anger and confusion. In 2018, she added “Intentional Creativity” Painting to her toolkit for Women’s Workshops. She is a Singer Sound Specialist and a multi-faceted Leader in the expanding field of Vibration and Quantum Energy Transformation. As a “Messenger” of these new principles, her gift is to make the esoteric simple and fun, and empower Community Leaders to employ these tools in powerful Circles for Change. She initiates Creative applications for Healing and Aligning Individuals in Health, Entertainment, Education and Women’s Leadership. Jan is an Author, Recording artist, Professional Singer, Profound intuitive healer and recognized Visionary who is focused on one thing…supporting the transformation of Earth and her people to a higher path. Like a Flower of Life Geometry, we are creating Circles of Light with our Tribes to light up our communities! Her Women’s Leadership project is called “SOAR.”

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My Lineage with the Red Thread Circle and Intentional Creativity

By Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP

There is a red thread that connects all those who shall eventually meet …this is the wonderful message of the RED Thread community. And sometimes we get a little hint ahead of time…even years before we pick up the phone and make the connection!

When something is important and profound my whole body chills up and down my spine. “Pay Attention!” my heart commands. This feeling came to me when I was in an airport bathroom and I asked…”Am I part of the Magdalene lineage?” after I saw the Da Vinci Code movie and I had no idea who she was even. Then, years later this chill came when I saw a painting by Shiloh Sophia. THIS has a history, importance, a golden Key for your soul’s remembrance of your reason for being this chill told me.

Shiloh Sophia Painting

Painting by Shiloh Sophia

I began to see my Women Friends “Shiloh” style paintings popping up on Facebook. I followed  “Workshops” they attended and it was as if they gained their wings of self-expression and a new gracious colorful muse aspect accompanied their lives. Her student’s paintings began showing up at all the Goddess events I sang at!! Busy with my own Vocal Work and Vibrational healing teaching I watched from the periphery for many years. Inviting Shiloh to speak at my SOAR Women’s Circles brought me a bit closer into the inner circle and I invited her to lunch to explore her world viewpoint. Touring her Healdsburg studio I saw a whole world of art making, women’s empowerment and a generosity of spirit and inclusion that was astounding to me. A true Renaissance woman that would historically be credited with lifting up a whole generation of women to do the great social re-weaving that is needed. A role model. And a great artist who is eloquent, humorously honest and articulate to a T. Never boring. She gives us an invitation to BE BIG. How perfectly this mirrors my Divine Feminine Voice work to BE the LIGHT and speak up.

I felt I had done most of my life’s bucket list and was moving towards semi-retirement so in 2017 I made the choice. Part of me was afraid my self-image as a non-artist would block me from having any success. But the other part, the inquisitive, explorative gypsy won out. I could just paint for the rest of my life and have it be a quiet and contemplative spiritual experience. I joined the Intentional Creativity Painting program with Shiloh Sophia McCloud in the Color of Women Program for the 2018 program.

I committed. Soon, I was moving through the steps and painting and drawing so voraciously I wondered what did I do before Art??? The assignments allowed me to go deep into my own processes honestly and SEE the movement of the energetic fields. I began to paint other people, my children and friends and noticed their shifts and decided to offer Soul Portraits to the world. People love them. Far into the program I begin to know why all of this works so well for me this method of Creativity. It MARRIES the Be the Light INTENTIONAL invisible healing work I developed that works so well for healing and brings in the element of Visibility for people to SEE the movement. To my surprise, it strengthens my previous work and adds a crucial element for the world and clients to SEE how intention is expressed through color. That is why I had the Major Chill…this work is an important augment for my life’s work.
The Painting is held within the “Red Thread Community.” A colorful and inspired group of women who connect on FB, in workshops and trainings and classes worldwide thru Shiloh’s work. The attendees carefully send a ball of red thread around the room and…magic explodes as we remember our divine connectedness to the wisdom of the feminine in sacred circle.

Straight from the IC website
13 Core Teachings of Intentional Creativity

CURIOSITY – Enter into the space of inquiry inspired wonder
ACCESS – Journey and establish pathways of connection with your heart and soulColor of Women School

AWARENESS – Inquire within, you are not who you think you are: ‘who lives in here?’
CONNECTION – Claim that you are a co-creator in the greater circle of sacred life
INTENTION – Activate quantum consciousness through mindful creations
INVITATION – Allow discovery, and being your own witness to enter into your processes
CREATION – Alchemize your content across the veil into form, and practice regularly
CATALYZE – Choose to continually move out of default settings into possibility
COMPASSION – Lovingly collaborate with the collective through your offerings
AWAKENING – Explore and expand the infinite palette of your many senses
COHERENCE – Create alignment between your gifts, your Source, and Creation
BELONGING – Choose to be embodied, and belong to a tribe of creatives
CEREMONY – Design experiences which both mark transitions and celebrate!

Who lives in here? ~ Sue Hoya Sellars
What are you here to cause and create? ~ Shiloh Sophia
What ancient knowing lives within these hands? ~ Lenore Thomas Straus

Shiloh Sophia

by Shiloh Sophia

Why is the IC method of Painting so profound? It’s from a long chiseled lineage of women honoring the truth and living thru the lens of art in community. The Red Thread LINEAGE of IC began thru Lenore Thomas Strauss’ original seed in the 1940’s of creating art thru intention and acute sensory awareness. Sue Soya Sellers, Shiloh’s significant mentor, took her cues and truth from Nature having been tutored by Lenore’s philosophies. God’s work defined her building blocks for art. Enter Shiloh as a young woman into this lineage…a fiery young artistic woman and daughter within this bohemian artistic community. She thrived in this honest environment of life inquiry thru artful living with her mother Caron McCloud. She grew and grew and sensed her mission to carry on the Art processes for Healing. She stepped forward with courage and flair and gives us all hope we can be artists even if we feel we aren’t “real artists.” Art is healing and not reserved to any domain or group!

She teaches us Art heals ….it takes us back to our natural state and shows us what is lingering unhealthfully from our worldly encounters ….how to unwind the misalignments in our convoluted fear based society. She radiates the Feminine principles of:    Resilience …Empowerment…Connection…. Leadership. (Her words) She is an eloquent wordsmith for the esoteric and practical all mixed together. Women resonate with her fun hats, big colored clothing and un-apologetic presence.

It is nothing short of a MOVEMENT. As a result she attracts women worldwide to get a hold of that red thread. Because of Shiloh the IC method is practiced in homes, hospitals, shelters, classrooms and at the kitchen tables of the awakening women. Eileen Nash, a TV host on my Women Helping Women SOAR Channel, exemplifies the self-awareness and dedication to make profound art that so impresses me of the COW women. Painting in her early morning “café” she re-aligns the particles of life not just for herself but all the people her life touches as a mother, muse, nurse and educator. I wanted to be like her!  Katie Ketchum’s paintings grace the Her Church in SF and she sings and leads the congregations energetically with these heavenly images of the beauty of the Feminine spirit. These women shine forth with hope and goodness.

Shiloh continued curating the method and birthed the structured organizational aspects to hold the growing community of Cosmic Cowgirls and created a Painting Training called “Color of Women.” Now, all women could learn how to create and heal through paint and connect to a larger circle of the Red Thread awakening women. A planetary blessing of enormous ramifications. Books, Cards, Trainings all flowed naturally like a brook to a parched world. And free videos to make it accessible due to her generous heart and dedication of the spirit of her mission.

In 2015 a nonprofit was formed, the same year she spoke to the United Nations. It’s foundational pillars are;
Enduring Influence + Curating Culture + Global Movement = Intentional Creativity
She took it to the world powerfully thru Internet programs and in person gatherings. She offered it to groups and individuals who are seeking clarity, healing and empowerment in their lives. It grew and grows. She seeks to empower ME, YOU and others to make it our own. There is no competition.

A women's gathering at SOAR

A women’s gathering at SOAR…Jen Duchene, Shiloh Sophia and Jan Jorgensen at Cynthia Welsh’s

To me, most importantly she is fully awakening the Voices of the Women who have sought an outlet for their inner sense of there is something they have to bring to the world. She has given then an entry portal to not only express and release their traumas but to blossom as artists. AND also to offer these services to the world in a contained sustainable business. It’s a true blessing and so needed to mobilize the masses of women who are here to lead the planet back to it’s senses through the ideation of the loving inclusive feminine. Shiloh has presented to the United Nations and is a sought after public speaker globally. You can find her leading Guild Workshops in Italy, France, and from places women circle up to get connected to their divinity through he Arts. She is truly an example of the type of woman I often singled out on my Just Jan TV shows….where the kitchen table wisdom goes viral onto the larger tables of leadership and authority.

Long live Shiloh Sophia. And all the initiates that became and are becoming ambassadors of TRUTH thru art. Bless them all.



About Intentional Creativity:

Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Women Programs:

Color of Women Artists at the United Nations:

Jan Jorgensen See the Light Painting:

Painting merged with the Be the Light Healing Method:


Shiloh’s Mother, Caron McCloud, presents on Beauty in the COW training

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.05.52 PM

COW with Shiloh Sophia

COW with Shiloh Sophia


Painting Workshop Sept 7 and 8 with Jan Jorgensen

Painting Workshops  with Jan Jorgensen


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Science is catching up with what we intuitively know. We feel better when we are creating any type of ART.  Baking a perfectly browned aromatic pie.  Dancing a free form ancient ritual.  Painting a gorgeous red canvas that begins to come alive with living images.  There is a popular saying that Life without Art would be a mistake!!

Albert Einstein said Creativity is Intelligence having fun.  Creating is FUN. When we create we get to choose over and over small katieagain how to experience, deliver and work with the elements of our craft. Feeling in control of a process feels good. We feel excited, proud and anticipate this brain bath of glowing chemicals of feel good endorphins.  So what I would like to share here is, Art is also a powerful HEALER. Of our story line, our self-perceptions, our stress-response, our blood-pressure, heart health.  This is just the beginning of the list. It goes on and on.  Our breathing deepens and our immune system is lifted so we have a buffer against disease and depression. So Make ART=Stay Healthy and Happy.

Now I want to share with you how we can take it deeper. Much deeper.  Traditional healing methods were multi-faceted rituals of sometimes numerous community or tribe members dancing, singing and painting the body to “shift” the client from some difficulty.  They used intentional Vibration to re-adjust that person’s electro-magnetic physical and energetic body powerfully.  To over come the patterning within that person’s body. Then the whole community continued t support that person’s transiton by supportive behaviors and social networking. It takes a Village perfectly demonstrates this concept. Now compare that to the way we today isolate ourselves and take our problems to little rooms where strangers talk to us in freudian conversation for years.

The last few years I have learned that healing is a result of re-alignment of your vibrational field from chaos to alignment. No small Task I know ANY disease has an underlying component that can be examined and dealt with. And, the ARTS are an integral part for the person themselves to be an active part of this inner movement. Now add Intentionally directed therapeutic art, such as Intentional Creativity Painting and something begins really moving.  The colors smash together and express emotions and images. Layer upon layer of change and letting go allow for a cleansing of the psyche and angst right along with the process. It’s a phenomena process catching on globally under the masterful mentorship of Shiloh Sophia.  She invites people in the healing professions to “adopt” or integrate these painting processes into any helping modality they are praciting.   So, my premise is what if we add this phenomenal painting method WITH  a professional helping relationship by a trained counselor could be the very best combination for the best outcome.  Now wait, add one more thing. A healing process that moves a person into the drivers seat of their consciousness where they can activley Choose to get better and command their vibrational field into complete perfection. THAT is or ALL this is my work. To repeat:

  1. Intentional Creativity Painting…tracks the vibrational proile focused on one issue that is disturbing the clients life
  2. A Helping Relationship is formed of talking, deep communication and reflection in a personal session
  3. Implementation of the simple 3 Step “Be the Light” process is used WITH the client

I asked how this would all work together?  I set up an experiement by finding 4 people to take them through this multi-faceted approach.  Over one month I painted their Soul Essence Portrait, kept notes in a booklet for each participant, communicated with them thru email and had a one to one session with each that included the Be the Light Process.      The results were tracked using a questionnaire to be able to use numerical data for statistics. You know what?  The breakthrus, small websitethe release of pain, issues and re-setting of their lives was so much more than I could have ever imagined. Well for 3 of them anyway, as one was a control subject.  One month, a Three-tiered approach and new lives for these 3 women.  You might be interested in hearing all about it with this 15 min video report.  It’s not a tell-all report to guard their privacy, but you will see what happened overall.  Here’s the link:   Report on the Healing Experiment.

One participant said this:

had a healing with Color of Woman graduate and sound healer Jan Jorgensen. This is the soul portrait she painted of me. It’s even more beautiful in person. I had a couple of issues that I’d worked on but after working with Jan on Zoom and email, they have been healed. Really remarkable!! For two years I’ve had leg pain and have done tons of physical therapy. After Jan Jorgensen healing, the leg feels like I never had the pain. She also healed me of chronic regret with my career. Now I’m so busy planning songs to write, paintings to paint and presentations, my brain won’t go there!  There were other more private issues….healed. A musician and painter myself, I am totally blown away by Jan’s abilities to heal. Thank you Jan!!!!   Katie Ketchum, Composer, Performer, Painter
Anything can be shifted. But here is the key. First, the reason the person HAS this issue must be fully addressed. It might be part of a soul lesson or contract with another being. IF the underlying issue is un-earthed and released well them of course what we call a “miracle” healing can occur. So people heal when they are ready and when they believe they can. So I do believe this artistic AND education AND introspective AND healing realtionship is the perfect bridge for people to transiton form one pattern into another. To be free. To live life in the moment without referencing life from their previous traumas or even unconscious or other lifetime issues carried over. After all, we are complex interdimensional beings so I never tire of approaching this topic of healing and humans.
Thanks for reading….  Jan
and one more comment, a long one but good,  from our participant Tish in this experiment…
she was asked this question and here is her answer:
6.  Do you still think this is possible to shift something through conscious art?

Absolutely!  There are infinite methods for evoking healing and change.  God is unlimited; Creation is unlimited; Creativity is unlimited.  What it takes is sincerity, integrity, imagination and opening to the Divine.  Jan has made of herself a wonderful conduit through her life of spiritual explorations and dedication and now has found a mode of work that is truly inspired and unique.   I am particularly impressed with the process she uses, the layering and the multiple facets/modes of approach.  The setting of an explicit goal, the time allotted (neither too short nor too long), the parts of the process, the checks and measures, and the physical product are clearly and discretely defined, but the means of reaching them is not just a single session nor even a single type of treatment.  She uses layers over time, allowing and bringing through genuine perceptions and interpretations in the form of art that can be reflected upon again and again.  She elicits and encourages thought and focus.  She provides so many forms of feedback — the gorgeous art, the journal that records the insights and perceptions she had while making it, the phone consultation and the questionnaires to bookend the project.  There is depth and there is beauty and there is extra-sensory/inter-dimensional perception all together.  Ahhh… and there is something special that is desperately missing or depleted from our lives and society on the whole, and that is HONORING.  What Jan is doing is honoring, greatly, the person she is working with, producing in the end a reflection of the self the person has yet to see, through Jan’s own inner eye and insight.  Anyone who brings more honor into the world has a very special gift and mission.  I have seen innumerable modes and processes and techniques for energy work, for healing, for self-improvement across many cultures and countries.  Each has been impressive and effective in its own way.  I LIKE the way that Jan is doing this the best of all so far.  What is more, her painting of the subject in this spiritually oriented way accomplishes and reveals something all the spiritual teachings try to convey – that you and I are one.  There is something of each blended into this one image and that includes or emphasizes, perhaps, the large one-ness within us.  I can see all that in the image at the same time.  It’s a great visual model of that teaching.
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Your Voice can be the Holy Grail of Truth we need!

Your Voice can be the Holy Grail of Truth we need!

The Western Woman will lead the world home……. to sanity. She will do it first by talking around the kitchen table with other awakening women. As they share and speak there will be a growing sense of how far things have wandered from truth and goodness and then they will decide they have to do something. They will hold a circle, then a gathering. And then they will go out to speak to an authority for change.

Guess what? The women will sit at the tables of “the authorities” at first. But the authorities are SO mired in the status quo details of the old programming their meetings seem fruitless, heartless and purposeless.

So what do we do?  We must take the reins of power into our own hands, or more accurately, our MOUTHS. We can trust ourselves to say the Truth. The Truth compass seems broken in the present media as special interests and mono-owned networks screech drama and broken systems day and night. But there is big Hope! Here in America on THIS day we can still speak up and paint, sing, or speak the Truth in empowering ways. And interestingly, it is the recent welling up of narcissistic leadership that has poked us into action. And the recent exposure of sexual-harassment has opened a new chapter in the media as well.

We need more women

We need more women

There is movement occurring. It is inspiring to see 600 women attending the Indivisible Women meeting in Nevada City and the subsequent preparedness of members running for local office. Something BIG is happening. A stepping forward. It is not that women have been excluded from the media…but the door is open only as wide as the status quo allows for how they look, act and report. But that is changing. Look at the POTUS spokesperson…a woman. But not a regular media woman.

You know what I like about Sarah Huckabee? She speaks in an assured voice, no matter the content. She pauses, takes hold of the current of conversation and makes her points powerfully and unemotionally if emphatically. I forget she is a woman.

What does that mean? it means she does not play to others in a way that emphasizes her need to be accepted by others, or demure or move or present her external self as an attractive vulnerable female as our society often expects of newscasters.  She is an extremely powerful woman and gender-less. I do not agree with her but I respect her ability to hold her power no manner what. How often I turn on the news to see coifed, stiff, face-lifted heavily made up anchors in tight dresses with archetype feminine postures. That is all fine if that is their authentic choice,  but are they being real or are they forming themselves into an acceptable template?

Jacky Rosen, a Nevada Representative,  caught my attention recently with her down to earth feminine frankness by stating that yes, it is the feminine wisdom that is needed. She says it right out. Hearing her speak after the Las Vegas shootings was refreshing and real, like a mother who is saying what we are all thinking. We must stop the NONSENSE, and get real. And see the social flows that are all created by righteous old standards that serve the wealthy and entitled.

Enter this new vibration of Woman speaking from absolute certainty and Truth and we have a game changer dynamic at work.  So just as I found that Susan B. Anthony had her safe house here in Nevada City before the final door opened…I invite all women here to challenge the system, speak up and get video-taped doing it. Share it with the world.

Looking forward to Teams of Women making inspiring videos to change our reality

Looking forward to Teams of Women making inspiring videos to change our reality…Ramona Howard of NCwith the world. We still have that freedom for unbridled sharing of what is good and real and truth. Look at the locals, Devorah Bry helping women get IN their body, Franceska Alexander mentoring artists, Elise Henderson Parker leading powerfully thru events and radio. it’s a long list of revolutionaries right here in our midst. And we have the newly upgraded filming facility thru NCTV where you can go in and film anything, for free actually if you are a member.

For my part….all of the years of studying the Vibrational field and how women’s Voices “give away” their power to self-doubt has led me to processes that lift-up and clear our voice of truth.  Scientific Spiritual processes to light the torch of your Expressing and Delivering your message powerfully NOW to the world thru global channels. State your ideas, your teachings, and we can video-tape it for the world to see. Put your Voice on the computerized Portacle and see where you are leaking your power!   We are thick into the journey and lets support each other and grow collaborative circles of sane impassioned women forming megaphones of Truth.

for….if Truth Be Told….all will wither that is not true, and life will prosper once again.

Jan Jorgensen Cercone is a Vibration Visionary, RN, CMP, MA, PHN, Founder of SOAR: Sounding our Authentic Resonance, TV Channel Owner with Host Training, Radio broadcaster and Author, she resides and works in Nevada City CA.



we don't have to be lead anchors....our voices can get out there

we don’t have to be lead anchors….our voices can get out there

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the stereotypes we are dissolving

the stereotypes we are dissolving

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