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Painting Your Soul Portrait….

Who are you Really? How does the Creator see you? Do you seek Healing of any Kind?

Painting your Intentions is a profound Alchemical experience….Healing, Releasing or Accessing a new field of possibility …Miracles!

By Appointment, Jan can paint your Essence on CanvasIMG_2809

  •  drop by the office or send a photo
  • Tell us what you are working on or wishing to manifest and it will be inserted into the process
  • your portrait will be an alchemical, transformative vibrational experience thru intention, paint and magic

$250 for small- $ 350 medium to $500 for larger sizes, includes a Be the Light Healing Session. See why the session adds to the healing within the painting:

Video: Experiment-Healing Painting and Personal Session create Profound Results

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Or Paint your Soul Essence with Jan Guiding you for an hourly fee of $75….it’s like therapy, transformation and painting your new you all rolled into one. In person or over the internet.

Watch These Videos to Feel the Magic of Transforming a photo to a Portrait  Arian’s Soul Portrait

Kali Soul Portrait 

How does Intentional Creativity Work?  here is the explanation….

Learn how healing works thru the painting process

Learn how healing works thru the painting process

Intentional Creativity Website

A Recent Soul Portrait Recipient shares her experience:

…What surprised you about the process?

How people are responding to me is different.  (better)
…Have the changes been different than you envisioned?

They have been faster and more powerful than I imagined. This was a powerful healing process and you helped me break through two very stubborn issues, to freedom. I feel blessed to have worked with you at this time in my life, when I needed a big boost and new perspective!

small copy small

“I had a healing with Color of Woman graduate and sound healer Jan Jorgensen. This is the soul portrait she painted of me. It’s even more beautiful in person. I had a couple of issues that I’d worked on but after working with Jan on Zoom and email, they have been healed. Really remarkable!! For two years I’ve had leg pain and have done tons of physical therapy. After Jan Jorgensen healing, the leg feels like I never had the pain. She also healed me of chronic regret with my career. Now I’m so busy planning songs to write, paintings to paint and presentations, my brain won’t go there! There were other more private issues….healed. A musician and painter myself, I am totally blown away by Jan’s abilities to heal. Thank you Jan!!!!”  Katie Ketchum, Composer and Artist 2018

painting her soul essence was a joy

Soul Portrait of Mary


small katie

Soul Portrait of KatieOur Temple Savior