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Voice Release, Voice Bio and Portacle Programs

Jan works powerfully with the Human Voice…to understand All about all your systems and then supports you to Open your Voice to sound your Truth Authentically… using two technologies and one natural Voice Release process.

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Voice Release Circles are Available as part of Jan’s Tours, inquire for availability in your area.

What is Voice Release?

 – do you have trouble speaking your truth to others, get fearful and pull back?

– did you know these vibrations are present in your voice and broadcast out your fear and create more of what you don’t want?

– have you had a me singinghard time asking for what your want your entire life?

  • How would your life change if you could speak your truth freely, calmly and safely?

Voice Release will Open your Voice, Heal your fear and allow you to attract what you are needing and wanting into your life! It is the focus of my PhD dissertation and the research shows that it works profoundly.

I have helped thousands of women find their Voice to ask for what they need, share truth, and stand on stages.

Voice ReleaseGives You Your Voice, Soul and Passion Back   Does this resonate with you? Then join me and other courageous people taking the “manhole” cover off your Voice and self-expression and come for a day of opening the mother of all nozzles of truth.. your VOICE.

I developed this method after 20 years of studying Fear as a neurological response, Therapeutic singing techniques, and vibrational healing technologies. It fuses scientific tracking of the Voice, vocal toning with a spiritual process of clearing. While singing at the bedside for Hospice patients I realized that it was the “INTENTION” behind the singing that released fear of dying. I then began studying how to release the Fear of Speaking up for women and applied the same principles. Voila, a Scientific and Spiritual process that profoundly releases old fears and inhibitions. And it’s simple!!

I am renewed to the very core of my being. And since my Voice Release Sessions with you so much has changed in my life…I am more calm and can express anger without fear. My Voice is at a lower pitch, people notice it. Thank you for helping me release deep pains in my heart.”  – Michelle H 2018

 Voice Release How it works:  We enter a light meditative state. You enter the feeling state of when you feel blocked. You sound a vowel and I perfectly lock my voice “into” this exact frequency profile and provide a phase shifting pattern to release the stuck, or trauma energy. We go back and forth on tone and vowels and often there is a profound sense of a release or dissolving of an energy block.

Private sessions are available, Workshops, Presentations small or large Circles….. (Jan has visited Communities with Women’s Circles as well)  zoom or in person

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Experience Voice Release with this Video presentaion for the Feminine Frequency Festival


Voice Bio Computerized Vocal Analysis

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The Voice Bio is a program Jan uses to measure the Voice and see how the energy in your body is doing…balanced, low or high?  We can use Picture 1this in a personal session and make recommendations for diet, lifestyle and belief changes.  Everything is vibration…and we have the tools to support the tracking of your well-being. It correlates all of your vibrational frequencies to your organs and emotions. You can SEE on the graph what is happening IN your body!!  How much energy do you have?  Are your Adrenals tired. We look at imbalances and help you correct the pattern BEFORE illness sets in. It is the health care of the future here now. People are amazed at what they can “See.”
“I don’t have the words to express my joy for meeting you and having experienced your amazing voice and voice-bio session a week and half ago.  I had an incredible emotional breakthrough with my husband the following weekend when we went away for a night– my heart had cracked open and much love and re-connection occurred for us. 

Thank you!  Dana, Hair Stylist



The Portacle

The portacle

The  Computer Program “Portacle” is the Window into your Soul….Through your Voice in Action

– Watch your Voice in Action   – See how you dis-empower yourself through your Harmonics

– Re-Calibrate your Voice to Speak your Truth Powerfully

Does what you say MATCH what you are feeling and intending? Did you know that your Voice is like a calling card to the world and……

 Don Estes Created the PORTACLE…a new Portacle Voice Healing Program: “Spectral analysis of the Voice is the biometric choice for evaluating the physical, mental and spiritual essence of  a human being. Voice is the mechanism we have evolved to communicate who we are and what we want out of life. Brainwaves reveal mostly what a person is thinking, heartbeats mostly what  a person is feeling…the breath and voice patterns weave both together in real time.

You can come have a PORTACLE Session with Jan at her current office….life-changing and inspiring to change your inner world to affect your outer world for greater well-being.

20150104_163738If you would like to sign up for a session or workshop…please call 707-206-5068 or email

The Portacle Voice Computerized system shows the harmonics in action as you speak or hum...It's an interactive program that feeds back into your body the harmonics you are missing to actually manifest what you are saying you want!! Brilliant

The Portacle Voice Computerized system shows the harmonics in action as you speak or hum…It’s an interactive program that feeds back into your body the harmonics you are missing to actually manifest what you are saying you want!! Brilliantworld and we can measure just how you really are feeling, and thinking against what you THINK you are communicating!!!

Often there is a disconnect and you then create mis-alignment. Because other people hear exactly what you are feeling, your fears and your expectation of defeat, etc, even if your words are upbeat and inspiring. The vibrations are living in your body for all that you are and your Voice expresses this….always.

The Portacle SHOWS you your Voice in Action and then has interactive frequencies to re-balance your field so that your speaking lines up with your intention. When you reach 100 percent Dominant field, people trust you, you can manifest!

The Portacle is a system on the Computer created by Don Estes and I can provide you a Portacle Session. They are at least one hour in duration.
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Imagine and then Manifest is the natural flow of creation. But we humans have many ways to interrupt this cycle, and the resistant harmonics can be tracked and resolved through our voice!! This new technology is astounding. The Portacle was developed by Don Estes and is a computerized program that re-patterns your system for green light alignment.

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