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SOAR Centers and Homes to visit…we are Better Together!

SOAR Centers-homes to visit



1.New York, USA    Hawk Circle  Trista  Phone Number:  607-264-3910 Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 6.20.30 Retreats, Classes for Youth, Adults, nature acreage, a very good place with good people upstate NY and More LINK

IMG_97202. Olympia WA, USA  Legacy Cove  Jan  SOAR Global Vision Waterfront and forest Sacred  Experiences, double bed room, Voice Release, Painting and more. Women’s Sacred Retreats. Inviting the leaders. You can check about a private respite retreat for yourself, or a SOAR exchange gathering or a Retreat with Jan’s Services. Reasonable rate packages.Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 7.00.43 PM

3. Maui, Hawaii  Black Swan Temple Heather Salmon
808-269-4333 $250/nite  Sound Healing, Retreats, Healthy foods,Yoga, Alchemy Retreats


            Note…..we will be going operational after the pandemic….right now this information is fyi and you can contact anyone to discuss a trip in the future

The SOAR Model

A Home away from Home


….what makes a SOAR destination?  if you have a room, bed, or center where you can host a guest for a stay over and offer them an experience of your area, culture, exchange, an event…and you have complete control over who, when, any cost involved. Choice based on intuition and resonance.  We need connection, quality destinations with enriching exchanges when we travel to grow and expand.

  • Encouraging communal living and exchanges, can you imagine a world where people live in community and travel to other communities where there is a bed and wonderful experience that enhances all?
  • Imagine your home or property becoming a place where your values are sacred and you set a standard of beauty, integrity and activity and welcome others to enlarge the circle whether living or visiting
  • See a world where Leaders of Centers, SOAR destinations visit other Centers and teach…bringing a wealth of love and knowledge to a new community, and exchange happens naturally and often.


How to List Your Place on SOAR

Send this information to

Location of Place  Name of Place        Name of Contact and how to contact

What is available       Additional information, add price range if you wish        a photo or two

Will you have visitors during the Pandemic, or only after it’s all a memory?


    SOAR chooses special homes and centers, but it is up to all those involved to see if it is a match.

SOAR Centers-homes to visit