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VIP Pure Light Program……. “Tune Up” with Jan Cercone

VIP Tune Up Day with Jan in Olympia or at your Place!!

Perhaps you are ready to take a Quantum Leap into Wellness…and you are ready to just jump in with all you have to claim your right for your natural ability to be well and happy…..This Program is an intensive ONE on ONE activity whether it is at the My place or at your home for a full day. Three follow-up 15 min phone conversations are included.. You just decide your timing. Miracles….and breakthrus of a profound magnitude….call for pricing and information. Limited to a few per month.  707-206-5068

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What can you Expect on a VIP Day with Jan?   Imagine one on one intensive healing and support of a divine nature…..

–  Deeply de-stress and go to levels to pain, resistance you have never accessed

– Work through any Physical or Emotional Issue Deeply for significant shifts

– Learn the Be the Light Healing Process to use it on yourself

– Receive insight and tools to shift your major life issues

– Experience breakthrus at the root level      – Take Quantum leaps in your spirituality


VIP Services for Sound and Light Healing Arts with Jan Cercone

VIP Program for with Jan Cercone

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