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Intentional Creativity Painting

Intentional Creativity Painting Circles on the Queen’s Tour

an Artistic process Integral to the SOAR philosophy “Sounding Our Authentic Resonance”

SEE The Light

Our Lady of Healing the Heart

Our Lady of Healing the Heart


  • Ask Jan about coming to your Workplace or group to conduct a group session
  • Experience DEEP alchemical positive changes thru the Painting Process


Painting is now incorporated into the Sound, Light and Color Healing methodologies of Sound and Light Healing Arts!  We are incorporating the beautiful Intentional Creativity methods of the Color of Women Program with Shiloh Sophia.  

Access your deep inner seeing and bring forth that which you see with your Divine Eyes. We simply make an “intention” and write it on the canvas…and then express ourselves thru simple guided layers to un-earth a NEW Story!  A sacred ritual. See it in action in the videos below. Anyone can do this!


and a Link to a YOUTUBE about the Painting!

information contact:    SOARGlobalVision@gmail  

View the Gallery of Jan’s Paintings here and feel the energy they emit! Contact Jan for prints

See and order the beautiful “Be the Light Divine Alchemy Cards” here:  LINK

Sometimes we Paint our Smash Books learn more here

See many beautiful Products here with Jan’s designs

  • Contract with Jan to Paint your Soul Essence, or get guidance to paint your own  LINK for Portrait

You do not have to be a painter. It’s experiential!!!


If you are a loved one is Ill or in Hospice Care, the painting is very powerful and I facilitate individual or family, friend sessions.

How Painting Helps Patients

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“Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring Painting day I will never forget as long as I am alive! I am renewed to the very core of my being.”  Michelle 2018

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful time painting in the forest at your beach home in Olympia.  Being with such a connected group of women, who were so accepting, loving and kind was really exceptional. I have not removed the red thread. It makes me smile when I see it on my wrist.
On another note, I watched and participated in your meditation last night. It was absolutely beautiful. I would love to thank you for that too. Angela 2021

Thank you Jan! It was wonderful learning about all the extraordinary information you taught us, and the sound circle and painting times were potent. I’m grateful I got to learn from you this weekend and I hope to again someday! Your presence speaks for itself in terms of the potency of the practices you offer. WOW workshop participant 3-2019

Our Temple Savior

Healing the Original Fall

Red Thread Circle Painting Sessions

….are a joyous expressive experience. We gather in Sacred Circle and find our intentions within our hearts for personal change. Or perhaps focus in on a much needed change for the world or our community. We can shift things through our thoughts and then painting. Or have a personal healing session AND painting session…big healing.

Learn how Jan uses the Be the Light Processes of shifting energy paired with the Intentional Creativity painting at this New York Magazine blog

And…Intentional Creativity meets “Be the Light” Project Report

Please call to reserve a personal painting appointment with Jan or get on a list for the next Circle.  707-206-5068 or email at

Expressing yourself thru ART is healing. For you and for the planet. We use a sacred space concept of accessing your inner knowing and painting with our intuition and moving thru 13 steps of Intentional Creativity developed by Shiloh Sophia and the Color of Women Program.  A moving, transformative experience within a container of safety.

All sessions are held in person in  Olympia or we can meet on the internet in the “Zoom” Conference room.

Soon, I will be going out into YOUR Community to share the love of painting.

JOY Wagon

Learn more about Intentional Creativity Painting  HERE

Listen to an interview With Women of Wisdom Founder Kris Steinnes HERE

Chartres Our Lady of Truth

Chartres Lady of Truthsee it in process at this link!

You can make a meaningful masterpiece in 3-6 hours…see the painting just pours out!

 What is creativity?  Learn from the Master Sue Hoya Sellers and Intentional Creativity Program developer Shiloh Sophia…LINK

Watch this to see what our first-time painters created!!!

….and our Second Painting day for the “Sisters”   Link to Video

The Intentional Creativity process of painting

The Intentional Creativity process of painting

learn how to express your inner world thru paint.

learn how to express your inner world thru paint.

HOW does ART change your experience!  Here is the science

and WHAT do the STEPS look like??  You begin with an intention and then go thru steps to articulate your feelings, dreams, visions about this subject or issue. Things begin to resolve…then congest, then resolve and at the end you have been through a very transformative JOURNEY!!!!  See the images below and how it all unfolds.  Between “layers” of painting many more feelings and ideas come up related to the issue. See the last right photo is not quite finished but she has her infrastructure complete…she still needs more face highlights. But you get the picture!!

This method is used therapeutically in Hospitals, Hospices and with all types of groups. Imagine a work group bonding through this experience of painting together. Somehow the resultant painting is more than just a painting. It is a piece of ourselves…our history AND our hopes and dreams.  There is just something so powerful when we enter the world of intentionality. Miracles happen. Things shift. The colors have power but it is our own inner psyche that is re-created thru self expression.

Art Heals…Painting Heals….Join us!


The Steps of Intentional Creativity....This is my painting and upper right is the Master Teacher of Intentional Creativity Shiloh Sophia!!

The Steps of Intentional Creativity….This is my painting and upper right is the Master Teacher of Intentional Creativity Shiloh Sophia!!

Intentional Creativity Guid