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3 keys to Getting more Fans for your Music and Art

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The Three Keys to Getting More Fans for your Music and Art...

….is actually the Law of Attraction at work. In the Podcasts with Cheri Gross of Paramount booking we investigated the Power of Intentional Vibration to be the key to effect of anything. Nowhere does this apply more powerfully than when working with music.

  Watch this  New Youtube on how Resonance can bring you more Fans and Success

     Music is the vehicle of the “Force” of the Universe and is the harmonizing, awakening, and aligning mechanism for humans. Personal or Globally, applied music as the innate power to heal and inspire and uplift. There is no doubt to this fact. The recent technological advances are able to show us the irrefutable why and how as well.

     If you are a musician you have one goal… to live and share your passion of the music that is flowing through you. This energy sustains you and also confuses you at times. Why can something so fabulously divine also seem to keep you separate from what you really want? A stable, Tiny Lynnsconsistent base of income and stability for your life. Because music is divine and the divine is somewhat under-valued in our society. But it is JUST what is needed for our world now, and especially to create the New Paradigm. Your music and the passion behind it holds the fuel, the signatures, the fuel for burning up the old, the energy to awaken, the …. you fill in the blank. Music is IT. So no matter where you are with your music making, or art, GO For IT. Fully, Without compromise or apology. The world is counting on you. And you know you will never be happy with not doing your art and music.

So what are the 3 keys to getting more Fans?

1. Being more you. Only certain people need your resonance, your message at certain times. Are you clear and defined on your vibrational message?    Resonating out your song, your vibration like a beacon. Can you trust that if your inner drive to do it so strong it guides you that the universe will meet you?  That people are WAITING for your signature, your message and song. If the re-creation of our world is like a baking a cake, your ingredient is needed. Do not adjust or dim your vision and message. You might learn how to articulate your work in ways people can “meet” it, or find ways to share it in venues that are similar to your resonance, but always keep your truth.

2. Using your Intention, not mildly but willfully, boldly and consistently. What do you want to convey and to who? If you have thoughts of fear, and how to get this or that thing happening you are slicing up the creation. Intention is simple. All you thoughts will obey your intention. People will see and feel you intentionality. People feel and sense non-intentionality and won’t trust you. Do you stand behind what you say you are? Do you just ooze belief and power in your creation?   Why not grap the reins of creation and just do it and love it. Yes, it IS that easy my friend.  Just use these words

“I ask and intend to…. and let the self-commands define, delight and guide you. You being you. You following you. You.  You might say “I ask and intend to find three new gigs this week” or I ask and intend to drop into a Zone of creation that brings the highest best new music out of me. Then do the 3 point process below, the very easy way to connect with your higher self supporting and guiding you.

3. The 3 Point Meditation Process that will Support you to Attract more Resources, Fans, everything…. for your work is easy…and you can do it anywhere. Especially good right before performance to settle your nerves, align with your goal, connect with your audience and let the force of the universe flow through you. Your fans will feel it and want MORE of you, more of your connection and they will take this light and excitement home with them and figure out how to get more of you and your music afterwards too. Success.

Now you might find going over this with the Youtube helpful!! so here is the link to do it with me…..and here is the text to look at:


Getting to the light….and staying there when you create or perform your music or art: 

it is a process of healing and releasing all that binds you

Then you allow yourself to go into the light, which you can call “Source” and then you make an INTENTION….

The process of “BE the Light”

Set a sacred Space…..… say “I ask and intend to set a sacred space,  I call in the holon of balance. (Put yourself inside of it with your mind.)  Only energies of the highest light may come here now.”

Invokebring in your higher divine self, guides, angels, ascended masters

Intention… specific about what you are doing. Always use the words “I ask and intend” to….heal, or release, or_______

The Holon of Balance, put yourself in the inner diamond ,a pyramid shape

3 Point Be the Light Holon of Balance


Allow yourself to be filled with the Divine energy from above, just open the top of your head and imagine light coming in

Allow yourself to be filled with Divine energy let it go down through you into the center of the earth and then back up through your body back up to source. Plug in. And wish away, Say “I ask and  intend ______________”

We always had this ability, to bring in the higher energies. Somehow we just forgot and now it is time for us to remember. And what better people than artists who already work from divine inspiration?  We know how to go into the zone. So this process just puts it all in  a higher octane and we can bring illuminating energies to ourselves, our family and also to the the fans you will be attracting..

                                                                                 Keep doing it….Namaste, Jan Cercone


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