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Re-Casting your Role via Divine Timeline upgrade…from rescue Boat to Lighthouse!!

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Are you a “Lighthouse or tired Rescue Boat?”

…….the time-line has shifted and your role is re-cast!!


JanJorgensen RN, MA, CMp, PHN 


Are you a Lighthouse for others or still riding out onto the turbulent waves to help others in your “Rescue Boat” mode?
I felt tired even writing that. Because everyone has made their decision now where they are going, and the timing has now concluded for people getting on the Bus or not getting on the Bus for the New Paradigm. Now we face our choices and live them out.Our roles have changed.  So with this comes a sigh of relief and also reflection.
Did we do all we could do? Were we distracted? Did we answer the call properly to be an agent of transition for earth and her people?We now simply hold still, restore ourselves, ground ourselves and embody the light of higher vibrational fields that are overlapping with other like-minded souls creating the circuitry for the upgrades slated for earth and those that choose to go with her on this new upgrade. New systems. And just being the light and holding it like a lighthouse for those who are going but are a bit confused on their journey. You need to beam out so they can find you.  Just hold your light. No more front line efforting in the chaos. Re-assignment of the troops is in full swing as we focus on the entire Divine plan as it takes it’s next evolutionary turn.


If you are reading this you know I have hoped for and  planned for the implementation of a new way of being on earth and it’s called the DIVINE plan. That means the control of it is actually out of our hands. It’s a pre-ordained plan thru Divine intervention and humans had the choice to go along or ride out the old systems.
We on earth had every opportunity to be in service, shine the light on the new path available and now we do not have to keep speaking to those whose ears are turned the other way. The ways of the sinking majority collective will have natural consequences and the ways of those who have already CHOSEN to do something new have set the trajectories.  But listen, there is more news… is the NEW update on the timing of all this.

The time-line of the actual shift has been updated. Their was so much patience and slowing down for more humans to “get it” and raise their vibrations and feel into and choose a new way of being and now it’s going to come ready or not, within this thicker not quite raised fully enough collective consciousness in place to be a stable change.

Which means the actual shift where it meets on the time-line will be more abrupt and disorienting because the Plan is coming whether we have kept up or not. Imagine a roller-coaster….
So, relief for many that the earth movie is going to have it’s eventful climax!  Yet many will be utterly groundless as the preparation time has been held in resistance and stagnation and disbelief for so many during precious decades of the time we had to get with the program.

Hey, I am just the messenger.  Take this in and see if it feels true.
Don’t you think we have All kept such faith holding the potential for something we could not really see in this dimension, and had spotty support for down here?  To hold the field of potential took a lot of courage, tenacity and I feel the battle fatigue the front-liners feel. It has been quite the journey for the lightworkers. I applaud everyone who devoted their entire life, resources and word to bringing a better outcome for earth. Lie back and breath in the refined essence of a higher life-sustaining oxygen and rejuvenate as we gather up ourselves for the next plot!  I actually dreamed last night of two theaters and woke up feeling how spirit sure works within my perceptual mode awake or asleep!  I saw how I simply had to find my way into the correct theater, even if others had other roles for me to play and took me on the wrong bus ride for a bit!!


So the teaching, gathering, and convincing part is over to help everyone get on board who wants to, the new theaters of players have begun.    rainbows and clouds
It is time to  actively begin playing roles in the actual circles or groups of people who will move forward with the new ways.
How does that feel? Trust your gut. Is this light? Does this feel worth doing?  The old play is over and a new cast of characters and roles is upon us.
What do you feel about this? What may have made you feel safe before is no longer relevant. It will be easier. With more support.To be a stationary Lighthouse holding down the light for those who want to find their way home and you do NOT have to do active duty in the way you have anymore. During this time, just reaching into realms of joyous higher vibration amidst a crumbling social system is your true role. Be steadfast in your choice of things that only lift you. And the Lighthouses, towers almost like satellite systems will forms links of new lighting around the globe and new communications and connections of a higher order will be instituted.
– reach out to other happy people doing what they love
– build on your choices to be happy doing what you love
– keep the fear out of your mind and heart
– simply carry on and shine no matter what
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Blessings on our Journey together,

JanJorgensen RN, MA, CMp, PHN