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I am Calm in My Core….and everything can just pass by

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Yes I am the Calm in the Storm

This week I found my head swimming…too much to think about. To do. And you know what? It will get worse unless I STOP and re-wind the spool of thread. Take a breather. That can include a little walk, touch a tree, or dance around the room. Look up from the computer for at least 10 minutes. Have something good to eat. And breathe.

These little activities are just a circuit breakers though. It is the way we actually hold our sense of self we can correct. Imagine that you are not your thoughts or your busy list. Your physicality does not need to follow these prompts. You can instead imagine:

–  Your core is stable and Calm

– You have an endless core of energy that is resourced from above and below

– Thoughts, people and tasks come and go…your CORE is calm and stable

See how it good  it feels even just thinking about this. It feels like things can expand, that they will be ok. And it is just changing your perspective. I bet your muscles released a bit. I bet you just became a bit nicer to be around and have more of your own energy to give your loved ones, enhancing your presence with them. Yes, we can change in an instant. So the Theme this week for the Becoming Light programs is:

I am Calm in My Center, My Core

All Revolves around my Calm Core

I am Strong, Safe and Stable at all times

  Enjoy this I Am Calm in My Core Youtube

Yes it is that easy. Now here is another thing to think about. Part of you is regular human. Part of you is morphing and waking up to be a light being to help create a new world. So, you are indeed experiencing new electro-magnetic very energizing fast thoughts and energies. The angelic and other realms are light speed. So give yourself some credit. You are simultaneously acting, thinking and behaving the best you can in this slower very dissonant world while taking in very high speed encodments, ideas and upgrades. No wonder your nervous system might feel like IMG_6637a bees nest sometimes. More reason to practice these grounding centering affirmations. They take the “attachment” and pain body aspect out of the equation. I used a Buddha idea and Eckart Tolle principle in that last sentence. Yes, release the sticky strong ideas and just let your core rest in it’s beingness at your core.

Here is a little youtube above with the Becoming Light update for this week. It describes how we all affect each other and can grow and heal faster in community. We don’t have to be thrashed around by our wayward thoughts. We can get support, get vibrational alignment from someone else who has already mastered what we want to feel confident about. And we don’t even have to talk about it. These are attitudes based on vibration that yield to dominant thought. So let your Dominant thoughts revolve around the three sentences up above and have a blessed, stable grounded week. You never know what adventure is around the corner. So stabilize yourself and the resilience is there to take you through any wave easily.

Namaste,  Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP  Becoming Light Programs

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Jan Cercone RN, MA, Music/VoiceBio Practitioner,  Specializing in re-balancing Human health and spiritual ascension. Workshop leader, International speaker, Author/ Recording artist. Her Women’s Voice Release is a powerful tool for women to re-find their voice and empowerment. Jan is the Director of the Solara Center. She authored “Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine” to assist women to articulate to their partners what they are going through as they progress through their Spiritual Awakening!

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Jan’s presence, voice and inspirational nature bring a refreshing wave of new possibility for women emerging onto their unique path. Her passion is contagious and ignites the imagination, heart and soul to bring real change to individuals and groups worldwide.  Jill Lublin international speaker and 3x best selling author

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