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She SAID Talks…… “SOAR” Voices of Truth thru the Divine Feminine Lens

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 in Process:   We KNOW we are in the Midst of Change.

Who can we trust with the Truth?

Listen in for the Voices of Truth in the alternative to Ted Talks!!

Women are invited to be interviewed with this in mind:

  • How has their work or focus through the Lens of the Divine Feminine brought different outcomes?
  • What is the puzzle piece, or mastery, they are bringing to the whole for Planetary and Human healing?


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Jan Jorgensen RN, CMP, PHN, PhD As a Voice Specialist with a focus on removing Fear of Leading for the Feminine I am very interested in sharing Voices of the brilliant and kind women I meet. They are holding a beautiful energy field in a crazy world. How do they do it?  Listen in and Learn!!

and…..Angela Isaacs….


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What is the point of an interview? To highlight a special person. Give them a megaphone for their Voice. A person who is an example in some way. They have ordinary and exceptional qualities and they help us all want to be a better person. Sometimes they have vital information for us to help us expand our thinking and open our hearts. I have chosen people to interview who are living lives of grace even if not perfect. Yet they are living their life in alignment with their inner compass. When you watch an interview you will automatically begin to review and question your own over-all life and choices. And learn to grow and glow with the best of them. That is the goal. Our Voices are very important!!! Join the Channel, Make comments. Thank you for watching

Creating New Pathways through the Voice of the Feminine


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