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SOAR OZ Women’s Leadership Initiative

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About SOAR…Sounding Our Authentic Resonance

SOAR is a Educational Initiative……..Finding the Courage to Lead the World with your Voice of Truth

SOAR Supports Women to become Become an Ambassadors of Light and Love for the Planet Connecting them with Communities or “Centers” where they visit and teach.

SOAR Mission:  Creating a Global Leadership Training  and Ambassador Visitation Program to take the new paradigm consciousness out into Communities Worldwide. Providing a Directory and soon an “app” to visit and teach anywhere on the grid thus creating a “web” of places to go to and share the New Initiatives for living on earth peacefully, collaboratively. THIS is the purpose of the Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour!!

  • Encouraging Individuals to get into a Circle of Support and provide templates
  • Encouraging the development of Centers or homes for visitations by others and listing them
  • Identifying and Listing a Global community of Specialists in these 3 areas to go out in trios to visit communities around the world. Ambassador Teachers, Masters.

–      Natural Healing Arts and the Arts      song, dance, cooking, Intentional Creativity painting, cultural exchanges

–      Sustainable Living Principles               permaculture, community, resource management, food and roof

–      Leadership and Empowerment           speaking, supporting, traveling, sharing, models

 Contact Jan for how to begin your own Circle Gathering Template!!

The SOAR-OZ Foundation is an initiative to help realize the creation of Community Centers and fund the outreach arm of the SOAR template, the Queens Caravan Spiritual Walkabout Tour.


Getting in Your Circle or Creating One

  • find others through your friendships, family, social Media and form meeting times
  • join an existing Circle or invite others to create your own
  • meet in person or on zoom
  • share meaningful questions and pose answers to each other
  • provide a check-in, pose questions, a meditation for about 1-1.5hr weekly
  • watch the upcoming live sessions on FB Jan will lead to talk with other Circles
  • decide if you want to create an actual Center
  • contact Jan for help to form or continue a Circle group

SOAR Centers, creating yours and finding Others

  • a SOAR Center is a hub, with a woman who created it, she holds the Circle
  • you have a physical home, or space for others to live with you or visit
  • you create a space for exchange, of food, stories, culture and maybe even have events and sponsor a traveling Teacher SOAR sister
  • education or experiences in ART, Sustainability or Leadership
  • you have an extra bed for other traveling SOAR women to come visit, share, teach
  • contact Jan if you feel you already HAVE a SOAR Center set up and just need guidance
  • get on the SOAR center resource list so people can find you
  • Learn how to create your listing at this LINK and find Other SOAR Centers

Becoming an Ambassador Educator

  • do you have something you love to teach and would love to teach it?
  • Are you an Art, Sustainable Living or Leadership Educator?
  • would you like to talk to us about being listed on a Global Directory?

Contact Jan at


           Inspirational Song….the Mary Magdalene Song from As Above So Below

There is a revolution on this planet and it is occurring through the Voices of the Awakening Women. Mothers, Sisters, SOAR feb 14Healers and Visionaries who are hearing the call to step up and become who they promised to be to help shift the earth and her people back to her senses. As each woman becomes aligned with her intuitively guided higher self all her actions and decisions become purposeful passionate and joyful. Naturally,her rising vibration affects her family, community and global activities. The SOAR participants are active change agents in their community. Our organization  encourages you and teaches how to set up a SOAR Women’s Circle in your area…to link up with the bigger geometry of Awakening Women!!

SOAR Core Training

SOAR Virtual Gatherings 2020


  Women Helping Women SOAR on Youtube


SOAR Centers to Visit and Share Yours

You can list your center if you have:

– a place for one or two people to stay overnight for at least 3 days you decide the fees

-you are sharing something about your life, culture of community with this person. A trip, song, event or co-creation

Location-Name                     Contact                      Amenities             Suggested Donation            information

  1. Send us YOUR information at

Voice Release


Watch Interviews, Meditations

The Goal for SOAR is to make available education for any woman to be in mastery of her energy field and to be a creator being.  The “Being Light” principles will form the foundation of our education together and we can facilitate empowerment of each other. A Fear-based society can delude us into thinking we are powerless but the truth is we never lost our right to connect to Source…our Divine light that is powerful and compassionate. Through song, ritual, movement and sharing we make a circle of safety where each can emerge and birth her own divinity and Voice of authority. You can join us at our retreat/workshops by watching your newsletter and following the events page.

The Long Term Vision is to create a roster of Women in their Leadership Mastery who will go out in the World Visiting Circles of Emerging Leaders. We can travel Globally meeting with Women who are ready for the new Resonance and we will accomplish the exchanges through dialogue and the ARTS.

We have had many  Training Programs/Retreats over the years to Introduce you to the Core Principles of SOAR and support you in your becoming an Ambassador.   Join us for a free Internet Session Meditation and Global Connection!!! Wednesday am 9:00-10.  Check out the Webpage for all the how-to information for Meditation – Chats

Visit our Olympia Center in Washington where we host gatherings in the Forest and Downtown!


For  comprehensive Personal Healing and Alignment and Certification, please consider the  Being Light Coaching Program.

Get on our SOAR Mailing list by emailing your email to Jan at

                                                      Take a look at our SOAR Trip to FRANCE Video 2015

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Can you imagine a Voice of Truth Mystery School  to create the possibility for many women to gain skills, confidence and the tools needed to be part of this team of Awakened Feminine Ambassadors?  Our truth, wisdom, beauty and love must be unveiled to the point where we command reality back to her senses. We are watching for the perfect School Building and eventually the type of funding that would allow resident staff and rotating teachers to create a year round training program. Women from around the world would come stay for 7-10 days and learn from masters how to shift their community for New Paradigm living and there would be a natural interchange taking place. When the Women return to their country they will take the new information and “vibration” back into their homes and communities. If this calls to you, please email Jan to be on our special mailing list for meetings. To be honest…this is just a VISION to inspire everyone to move towards their own mastery and SHARING it.

          Thank you so much!!!!!

The Soar Vision Youtube

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                                  How the SOAR ambassador program will work…..Video

                                  Take Intentional Creativity Painting Classes as part SOAR!

Best flyer

Dear Jan, 

 What a great weekend Jan.  I was very excited to see in my aura reading that my crown chakra was 100%!  and my solar plexus was 80%.  That is very validating for the work that I did with you during our retreat.   Talk about raising my vibrations!   You are very talented as a facilitator Jan, you really help amplify people’s soul progress, I am so happy that you are in my life. Also, we did enjoy the ambience of the Gaia house, what an amazing building Tree at Ricksthat is, so many fascinating architectural features.   I am having a CD of my photos done for Jody, who I understand is going to send out a compilation for the group.   If you like I will do one for you too to use as you wish?   So enjoyed Jody’s part in the program, she has a lot of good ideas.  See you soon dear Jan.  Namaste,    Sue H.

Dear Jan,
To be able to share just two days was  a gift for me. To be with women who are so gifted and dedicated to their individual goals in the light is completely over whelming and I savored every moment of the days we shared. I have never considered myself a leader or claimed that position in life. If it means that I am to be someone who might lead in any way I of course. will be ready to accept the challenge. Your leadership is an inspiration to anyone who follows the path of light.  Much love, LaVerne

Dearest Ones,

This ranks in the Top 10 of the coziest, most loving, magical, heart-opening weekends I’ve spent in my lifetime, and I’ve been part of a LOT of heart-opening gatherings..Thank you to each one of you for dancing in our exquisite mandala together.   Jan, thank you for creating the cosmic container.  Your vision is so deep and so clear. Blessings to all, Michele Hodah Heart


 IMG_8385  SOAR and the ARTs at 12.13.46 PMIMG_0191



Gaia House dinner

Dear Sisterhood of the Heart and Soul,

Thank you for your beautiful PRESENCE and open hearts to give , receive, co-creating  setting a  beautiful energetic tapestry  of leadership in such a joyous love field way.Each of you have touched my heart with your courage , tenderness and  vulnerability.I am grateful for this opportunity to get together in such a Sacred way.Deep gratitude for Jan Cercone to have listened to the call , trusted and obeyed the guidance of Spirit to hold the space both physically and energetically for this gathering to unfold.Jan led us with the rains of love and kindness, and set a beautiful example for Woman’s leadership .Jan Cercone  navigated  the logistics and interactions ,maintaining her poise , calm ,fun authentic SELF.What a beautiful leader! Inspiring by BEING!!!
 Throughout the weekend , I watched her expressing the message and the needs that would arise with  clarity , gentleness and Heart connection.
There are Mighty shifts, interruptions and terminations along with Mighty birthings and blessings that will occur FullSizeRender-1simultaneously internally and externally throughout this year, and into the next, that may appear to obstruct or challenge us at deeper levels than previously experienced.
Through it all, if you focus on ‘the awareness of the blessings,’ you will notice your human nature, with its tendencies, fading ever deeper into your background, as you begin to feel your true life (and all of Life) move like a great wave beneath you, preparing to erupt within you. Breathe and move with the wave. It knows where to take you.To “navigate ” what may appears as rough seas we are asked to  connected  and  be rooted to the Christed HEART of mother Gaia , our hearts and the Might IAM, this vertical connection is the calm in the eye of any storm.This is the movement from “doing ness” to  BEIN NESS.You each have a magnificent unique  contribution to this mighty birthing that is taking place.I am  privileged to witness your birthing, and it’s expression through your Soul gifts bringing  more of your Divine nature into the world.In deepest gratitude and appreciation,
IAM fulfillment, BEING present all along the way.   Carla  Luminous Sound Weaver

Loving envelope smallgenerous envelope smallmusic-006spiritual envelope

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