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The Healing Moment…the method Christ Used!


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“The Frequency Method of Healing Christ used, and YOU can too!

…..and this too you shall do?         Enjoy this Video: How Miracle Healing Occurs!


How Does a Miracle Healing or Moment of Divine Alignment Occur?

In our times we are jaded. We have forgotten that it was always a human birthright to be able to work with divine energies and when Christ said this too you shall do…he meant it. He left a legacy that is ours to finish. His words “this too you shall do and more” rang in my ears my entire life. Was he speaking to me? And what did this mean?

I became a nurse just like my grandmother and aunt because of the drive to help people. Standing next to a beeping IV machine with doctors delegating allopathic prescriptions to patients who I saw as needing just a “soul” infusion drove me to find answers. I didn’t realize as a child that others did not FEEL the feelings or thoughts of others the way that I did. It wasn’t till after I became a nurse, then an inspirational singer late in my mid-life that I put the whole picture together. The way in to the human heart for healing is vibration…guided by a huge intention that is then given the grace of spirit to shift, lift and heal the human body, mind and soul. I learned this profoundly  in my six years of working with Hospice patients at their homes. Even with a life well lived, surrounded by loved ones, they healing handswould resist death. The fear of the unknown was a vibration dominating their entire being. I drew a picture one day of the patient lying in their bed surrounded by six beings, all wearing pastel robes. There was an empty space in this ring of “angels” and I asked what that was. I was told by my own inner guidance that it was me that sat in this empty space connecting the circuit of heaven to earth through my hearing and singing the tones of the angels. And thus, the vibration of my voice formed a bridge, an invitation to the unknown that was peaceful, beckoning and was somewhat like a golden chariot. The power of intentional Sound, tone and Vibration had caused a healing moment that dissolved fear.

For 10 years I studied the mystery of the Healing Moment…where the divine meets the physical. I learned about the time and space continuum and how shamans and scientists approach healing. My own expeiences of teaching students how to powerfully Heal themselves and others with my Three Poiont Be the LIght Healing Meditation became the entire foundation for every workshop, talk, or healing process. It is so easy I can’t imagine why others do not know this and do it!! In fact, it is how all great healers, even Christ healed. I know. for I have witnessed and participating in the miracles I never would have imagined. My mother was right, prayer (a vibration) DOES move mountains…and despair, and anger, and grief.

So here distilled into simple terms is how we can bring the Divine Healing Light into any human for any reason!!!

All Healing begins with a contract. Between the Healer and the Healee. There must be the following conditions present for the profound change that can occur when all points are connected! The Healing Moment where all lines up.

1.  The person has a problem, disease or imbalance and comes to a healer, There is an energetic permission given for the healing. A trust.

2. The experienced Healer asks Spirit…Has this person laid down the problem or grievance that brought this into their body? if yes, the process can continue. If there is a karmic reason, or some holding of the beliefs and emotions tightly, then the body will not stay well after the healing. They have to be willing to “release the quagmire.” Or the master healer will help them release this, when they are ready!!!

3. The Healer then brings in a very high frequency of energy from Source and mirrors this back and into the entire physical and etheric field of the client. The IMG_4021client must allow and surrender to this light or energy.The divine blueprint of perfected health is a higher vibration than the existing state, and the body entrains with the new energy. Lower energy Always entrains with a higher energy if not blocked.

note: Healers have varying degrees of light available due to their skills, experiences, etc so obviously some healers are stronger than others. Some healers use their consciousness alone to guide the energy, some use sound, or rattles, or other tools they feel comfortable with.

4. The Client then must BELIEVE and hold that this healing is present and final. With no questioning thoughts, as thoughts create reality.

note: if the client feels so perfect, happy and throws his crutches away, as we hear in stories he might be confused when his family says, this is NOT possible, so he picks up his crutches. We have little in our society to support this type of possibility, complete miracle healing. Yet, as I have described above, it is all about our belief systems and our own personal ability to surrender and allow. It is a time clock for each person to open up their minds to something so new and powerful. The problem with “instant miracles” is that often the client places their power into theJesus arms up hands of the healer, and not remembering that they activated and held the healing. At this time in history, the  healers must  teach the client how to heal themselves to keep a clean relationship. In the olden days, a person would “test” a healer and not want to get better and then accuse the healer of being a fake. As a nurse in the hospital I would often “feel” into the patient’s need to stay ill, often subconscious programming. My first major miracle client seemed to be angry at me for taking away her source of attention, being sick. Spirit said, it can backfire! Help people help themselves. If they are not really ready, no green light!

The New Healer seems to me to be taking up what Christ and Buddha began….lead the way and teach how to access, use divine energies confidently and powerfully for everyone. It is just guiding energy with our creative imagination, it’s a skill anyone can do. Often our hands hold the greatest amount of “charge” and this makes sense as it’s the way we can share it…perfect vehicles to focus the emanation from. Reiki uses this principle very powerfully. How would you like to hold and use YOUR light?

No more mysteries, no more is the doctor or healer more important than each other.

My own Be the Light 3 Point Process uses simple steps to bring this to every human in a simple powerful way. First we set a Sacred Space, simply by asking for it. We ask that our spirit family be present and we call in the light of source through our Body. Guess what? It always comes because it’s a universal law. Bet you didn’t fancy be the lightlearn that in School! Well, then the healing can flow according to your intentions. I in fact, am creating a “Mystery School for Divine Healing Arts” to make the process of healing not so mysterious. A place where Healers can go hone their natural skills. A new paradigm, but the light of Source is not new. We just were feeling separation…for way to long. This too we can do, and the time is Now. People did not have the sophisticated knowledge of the quantum field or vibration back in Christ’s time. What we know now, and if we actually use it and do it, will change the face of reality on earth. I’m in, are YOU?




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What do YOU think true healing is?

Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP is a Gifted Healer, Singer and Inspirational Speaker making the Divine Healing Vibrations of Source a simple concept. An author, recording artist and educator, she is a Minister, Avatar Master, and Omniumm graduate. She creates new initiatives in Health Care Models, Entertainment and Women’s Leadership. Her goal is to create a school in Southern France where individuals can learn to heal with simple powerful techniques and then go home and serve their community.