Becoming Light…The New Sound of Healing, Concerts and Hands on healing

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The New “Sound” of Healing… intentional fusion concerts feature massage-music-GLOBAL healing!

Paramount Booking Agency and Sound and Light Healing Arts devoted to “Sound Healing” the Globe!

     I met Cheri Gross on a yoga mat  across a huge empty room where we both were taking solo vacations in Hawaii to get a new direction in our lives.   Cheri, Director of Paramount Booking entertainment agency, and I bonded over talking, raw foods and exploration about our futures. My Song and Spirit Sound Healing Center intrigued her. After we parted, each year Cheri was given spiritual direction to move towards “high vibrational acts” then finally, to fuse Music and hands on healing in transformative concerts to shift the paradigm. Whew…alignment with my visions.

     Cherri and I created a Jazz Event at my Flowersong Store that had hot jazz bands playing on stage in the garden while guests enjoyed massage, reiki and energy attunements. As you can imagine, everyone was happy. In heaven actually. It reminded me of that statement,

                   Music is the only thing that is unchanged from heaven to earth.

      Music holds coherent mathematically precise patterns that work within to move, relax and open channels of our energetic geometrically patterned energy field. We now know the auric field or matrix  is the generator and “holder” of the physical body. Everything in this dimension is energy first and then is down-stepped into a physical form. So the energy of music dynamically engages our subtle energy field to re-create our emotions, body and mind. AND….because energy is endlessly subtle studies show it is the actual INTENTION and thoughts of the musician that are broadcast right into the hearts of the audience and receivers.

    This makes one wonder what Jim Morrison of the Doors was thinking! Turns out, a lot. I recently met David Chiang, world specialist on the Doors, and we and we discussed how many of our musicians did have a shard of divine inspiration that was coming through powerfully to shift huge crowds during the big concerts. Sound Healing!!!   David’s book “Jim Morrison and the Infinite Goldmine” delves right in to the mystery.

   Just think of how you feel after a pristine Puccini aria (my choice) or a smooth riff by Carlos Santana…  you feel GOOD.  Yet, not all musicians perhaps are not in a place to “broadcast” their consciousness in a way that is uplifting. That gave Cherri and I a brainstorm. What if we could create a video meditation that helped align each musician with their own highest intention to be a messenger for change for good?


Blue ambiance at Nexus

    If music be the vehicle of the Gods..why not harness the hand, mouth and heart up to the intention of the divine energies to flow through them? First, it would make them feel fantastic, erase all fear. Fear and love cannot exist simultaneously. I had such stage fright when singing Cabaret in SF sometimes I would write across my music

                                                    ONLY LOVE exists…

    Second, musicians who focus their message will gain fans as their non-distracted elated state is a deep magnetizer for those who resonate with their message. And of course, in our resource driven society, there will be more sales!

     So we made up a Video.  Sound Healing Protocol for Paramount Booking and here is the rough video for all you musicians to share. How to focus intention for a great event. And it was made in Nevada City. Interesting, as Edgar Cayce said that is the first city to “pop” with pure light on the planet and begin the new world paradigm! Things are quite connected these days.

      So I invite you artists to just Do it!!  Enjoy!! Break free of structures and just burst with your own Joy and that’s the ticket.  Did you know Rodolf Steiner said it would be the ARTISTS who transform our confused little planet back into glorious harmony? And this is how we will do it, one concert at a time, one event, one painting. Remembrance of our innate divinity one person being lit up at a time by art. Our vision encircles the world…. Cherri and I visited UNESCO in Paris and discussed worldwide concerts at Heritage Sites, and this week Cherri is in conversation with Stanford Well-being Center to incorporate her programs. My Women’s Leadership program SOAR includes world-wide music-making. Who has time to sleep when we are having this much fun?  Just step into your bliss and everyone benefits.

                                      Make music, make art, it is making more Love on the planet…

                                                           oh….yes….make more love too!!  (that’s 732 hz theshold)

                                                       Namaste     Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP, PHN

                                                                      Visions for a New Earth through Sound

                                                                                           Solara Center, Pt. Richmond, CA

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