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Divine Time Circles

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Divine Time

Divine Time

Divine Time Circles …Learn to Make Miracles in 2024
it’s your time to become a creator being with intention

Get on Board with the Queens Caravan on-line

Divine Time…re-calibrating to wholeness
in Sacred Circle with Jan

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– Are you questioning your spiritual gifts?
– Are you confused about your true purpose and mission?
– Have you lost your way and feel heavy with the earth changes?

Join Jan, a true Visionary with a gift for seeing you, and telling you what you higher self wants to tell you!

Spend time with Jan in a small group on zoom…..
Perhaps we met in a Queens Caravan Circle….
So here we are together again.
3 weeks of diving into Divinity, yours

Strengthen your connection to spirit

Remember your mission
Connect with like-minded messengers
Learn how to set and hold a sacred space
Review of energy principles, sound healing
Release old patterns and Raise your Vibration!!
Learn where you are from out there

Group guided topics, lots of Q and A.
Develop your skills to become the leader, lightworker or whatever it is you want to be. We will learn and practice the tools of change.

1.5 hours each session
$150.00 for all Three  ($175 after Dec 31)

Dates and Times for Zoom Live Participation Sessions::

Saturday  January  6   10am to 11:30 pst
Saturday  January   13  10am to 11:30 pst
Saturday   January 20  10am to 11:30 pst

How to Rsvp:   email me at this link:
Pay partial or whole pmt here at this  pay pal Link

Can’t come to the Zoom Sessions??
I have a pre-recorded Three Sessions, about 3 hours you can enjoy the workshops at your pace at home. $99 for all Three
Send an Email to SOARGlobalVision@amail for the link after payment.
Pay $99 to paypal link

“Jan has the phenomenal gift of holding immense Light and bringing it forth to share in an amazingly grounded and easily understood manner. The Divine Time Circle was pivotal along my journey of self-discovery and healing. I learned even more about my purpose and how I am to share my gifts. Connection, clarity, and confidence are my biggest takeaways from this powerful gathering. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jan and all attendees!”
Hilary Brumley
Founder, Sound Healer, Vibrational Channel, Intuitive Holistic Wellness Guide

Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, PHN, CMP, PhD, Rev has connected the dots for Vibration, Consciousness, Intention, and our upcoming needed co-creations to activate the Divine Plan. Studying the importance of our Voices, she developed Voice Release and lectures, and provides workshops, and Intentional Creativity sessions to remind people of their innate power and divinity. She taught at the Sound and Consciousness Institute and is a frequent speaker at Unity and New Thought Educational Centers. Her PhD dissertation is focused on the Voice Release process she created.   A recording artist, author, TV and Radio host, Jan is currently on Tour to activate Light in Circles in Community. Email:
About Jan

Building Community…..Together we Rise

….from Pam Douglass Smith, Unity Minister of Port Townsend

If you want a truly spiritual companion to assist you in evolving your soul and expressing your deepest callings, Jan Jorgensen is one to trust.  As a Unity minister and Spiritual Pilgrimage Tour Guide, I’ve met many individuals with a wide variety of gifts and of clarity in their expression.  Jan not only has amazing talents but continues to evolve and integrate them.  Most of all, she listens to Spirit as she lovingly connects with others in authentic service through her sound healing, music, art and meditations.  In both private and group settings, she is truly a channel of Love and Light in these times of evolutionary shift for us both personally and globally.  If you have an opportunity to spend time with this dedicated Sister of Spirit, gift yourself with it.  It will bless you and send you forth to bless others.

Personal Sessions:
Voice Release

           Do you feel                                                    
– You are invisible sometimes
-You can’t quite express yourself, and get flustered
– Life would be better if you could speak up

                                           there is the problem and here is your answer….Voice Release
Voice Release is a Scientific Spiritual process that can Release Fear from your Body and Voice

– Regain confidence in personal communication

– Share your deepest Truths calmly and confidently

– Share your spiritual intuition with no fear

– Become an authentic natural leader

Appointments are about an hour
zoom or in person
schedule here

Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP, PHN, Rev
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