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Manage Sound, Manage Stress

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  Manage Sound……Manage Stress…

  Our bodies are made to respond…to keep ourselves out of harms way, to reach out to a loved one, to entrain with a noisy work environment!! What?  Yes, our bodies do this all automatically, every minute of everyday. To maintain balance, our nervous systems must receive and process hundreds of bits of stimulating input  from internal and externals sources simultaneously. No wonder we feel stressed and overwhelmed, especially at work when we are surrounded by sound, and we are required to think sharp and behave well.So here is a tip from a Music Practitioner who works with Children, the aged and dying and those using Sound to Heal…To manage your stress at home or work, manage Your sound environment.  Your sound environment Includes the human voices,background music, sound from the streets outside, the air conditioner, your chatty Co-employee. You make the list.  And then take a good look at it. 

     Is it a healthful palate of sound, with gentle relaxing modes?  Not likely.  So where can we make changes?  First, address the things you can change. You can close your door to keep noise out. You can change the channel for music that is soothing and balancing.  You can ask others to interrupt you less, with less chatter.  (You can visit in the breakroom) Bring in CDs that enhance mental activity while Relaxing the body.  Address the issue of extraneous noise with your co-workers. When you have made some simple, basic changes you will notice subtle differences in your energy field….most likely you will be breathing a bit more deeply, have more energy, and you will feel more UPBEAT. And that’s what it is all about,  having the juice to fuel your life for the good things.

             De-clutter            Have quiet times        Ask others to be more mindful     Listen to Peaceful Music     Have Peaceful thoughts….

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